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5 Ways Clairvoyant Psychics Connect With Spirit Guides and Energies

Psychic empath readings can be mind-blowing; how can psychics know so much about you if you’ve never met before? Clairvoyants often get information from their spirit guides, which are protective spirits offering wisdom. Psychics can connect with their spirit guides in various ways, but these five are the most common.

1. Visions/Dreams

Spirit guides often visit in dreams, especially if they have to deliver an important message. Clairvoyants may keep a journal by their bedsides to write down these dreams, as the messages may not make sense until they meet the person the message is for.

Some psychics have visions, which feel like dreams but happen while the person is awake. Clairvoyants may see their spirit guides during these visions or simply know that the vision comes from their spirit guides. Visions are often symbolic and require some interpretation to understand.

2. Crystal Balls

During clairvoyant psychic readings live online, you may notice the medium looking into a crystal ball. A staple in popular depictions of fortunetellers, crystal balls are a powerful psychic tool. Quartz is the most commonly used crystal due to its channeling qualities.

Clairvoyants often gaze into crystal balls as part of a ritual to contact their spirit guides. They may see visions or simply use the ball as a focal point during meditation.

3. Signs

Spirit guides and deceased loved ones can send signs from the other side. These can take many forms:

  • An animal associated with a loved one or a symbol
  • A particular song
  • Coins

Spirit guides often send the same sign to ensure their wards recognize their presence. Don’t be surprised if you’re in a psychic reading and suddenly smell a strong scent or notice a feather that seems to come out of nowhere.

4. Automatic Writing

Mediums are a particular kind of psychic who can channel spirits through their bodies. Some mediums allow spirits to speak through them, while others utilize automatic writing.

Automatic writing occurs when a spirit takes control of a medium’s hand and writes a message. The handwriting looks different from the medium’s and may include details the medium could not know.

One of the benefits of automatic writing is that the clairvoyant is alert the entire time. When mediums allow spirits to use their voices, they often go into a trance and aren’t aware of what’s happening around them. During automatic writing, the psychic is aware enough to see what the spirit wrote and to ask follow-up questions. This way, mediums can converse with their spirit guides without disconnecting from the mortal plane.

5. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most reliable ways to connect with spirit guides because it puts the practitioner into a trance. Meditating is so easy that even young children can do it. Most techniques focus on breathing and visualization exercises to relax practitioners and boost their moods. For mediums, it allows them to enter a psychic state between the mortal and spiritual planes.

If you feel like you’re stuck in life, talking to a psychic may help. Real destiny psychics online can reveal hidden truths and impart essential wisdom, helping you regain your path.

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