The Best Places in London for Luxury Experiences

When it comes to luxury experiences, London is a city that never falls short of the mark. After all, it’s a city that’s been long known for its elegance and glamour. That’s what makes London the perfect destination if you’re looking to treat yourself or celebrate a special occasion. Unsure where to find the best places in London for luxury experiences? Here’s a list of the top spots and activities you shouldn’t miss out on when in the city.

Sketch London

Sketch London doesn’t only pack multiple luxurious dining experiences within its walls, but it also contains some of the most interesting and aesthetic restaurants in London. The best part is, regardless of which room you choose to sit or eat in, you’ll be guaranteed a marvellous experience. Sketch contains four rooms or restaurants in addition to their East Bar:

  • The Gallery 

The Gallery is the place to go for afternoon tea. Once you set foot in the place, you’ll find yourself surrounded by bright and warm golden hues, from the furniture to the walls. To balance out the atmosphere, you’ll also find interesting årt pieces and props. All in all, it’s a perfect mix of cosy and exciting, and a great place for a cute date as well. Once seated, you’ll be approached by a tea master to help you pick from The Gallery’s wide tea selection. With that, you’ll be on your way to a memorable afternoon.

  • The Glade

The Glade serves breakfast and lunch during the day, and at night it serves as a bar. Nevertheless, it’s recommended you try the breakfast there. Designed to resemble a garden, or a glade to be exact, the restaurant is as colourful as it is dark and mysterious. Overall, it’s a whimsical choice for an elegant breakfast.

  • The Lecture Room & Library

Holder of three Michelin stars, The Lecture Room & Library is Sketch’s crown jewel and renowned lunch and dinner spot. A fusion between baroque and contemporary styles, the interior is lush with details and a delight to explore. Needless to say, dinner at The Lecture Room & Library is a must.

  • The Parlour

Similar to The Glade, The Parlour serves breakfast and lunch by day and is a bar by nighttime. During the day, it’s a colourful, whimsically decorated room famous for its pastry selection and waffles. During the night, you can expect a carefully crafted drink menu with lively beats to get you in the mood for a proper party.

Tape London

Tape London is one of the best nightclubs and celebrity hotspots in London. Overall, the club is known for hosting some of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world, including Travis Scott, J Cole, P Diddy, Cardi B, and the list goes on. In other words, a Tape London table booking means you could be partying next to some of the hottest celebrities out there. More than that though, since the club is used to hosting VIPs and A-listers, it’s a given that they know how to curate an experience down to the finest details.

In addition to its celebrity performances, Tape is also famous for its elegant champagne shows and dance performances. Every night you can expect the Tape girls to perform one of their raunchy and exciting routines, adding some spice to the party. As for the crowd, Tape is famous for its sophisticated and elegant crowd: socialites, models, and influencers from all over the world. 

The Dorchester Hotel Spa

The Dorchester is where you go to get pampered beyond all expectations. One of the most luxurious spas in London, the Dorchester Hotel Spa packs a whole experience from the moment you enter and long after you leave. It all starts with the Art-Deco influence that inspires the spa’s interior design; simple and classic thirties luxury.

As for the treatments, the spa offers a comprehensive treatment menu that covers everything from facials to oncology touch therapy. Nevertheless, The Dorchester Spa’s speciality is its decadent Carol Joy hair treatments.

Now if you ever get a craving for a luxury experience while you’re in London, you know where to go. If you want to party the night away, the best nightclub is Tape London. If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious meal, Sketch London is the place to be. Last but not least, if you want to dedicate your day to self-care, you can book a treatment at The Dorchester Spa. One thing to remember is that those places are high-end luxurious venues, which means that a booking is required if you’d like access. That way, you’ll be able to avoid any disappointments and guarantee the smoothest experience.

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