Why Do People Hate Aamir Khan?

Aamir Khan is one of the most popular and influential actors in Bollywood. He has delivered some of the biggest hits in Indian cinema history and has a huge fan following.

However, in recent years, Aamir Khan has also faced significant backlash and criticism from some sections of the public. In this article, we will explore the major reasons why Aamir Khan evokes such extreme reactions from both fans and critics.

Reasons for Dislike Towards Aamir Khan

Perceived Arrogance and Controlling Nature

One of the most common grievances against Aamir Khan is his perceived arrogance and controlling attitude. He has often been accused of interfering too much in his films and being too perfectionist.

Many collaborators have complained about his need to control every aspect of his projects. This rubs some people the wrong way who feel he does not give due credit to directors and other collaborators.

He has also been accused of manipulating awards shows and media coverage in his favor. Some feel he cultivates a holier-than-thou image to portray himself as a crusader of social justice and mask his flaws. All this contributes towards perceptions that he has an arrogant and megalomaniac personality.

Fixed On-Screen Image

Another criticism against Aamir is that he has a fixed on-screen image that lacks versatility. He is often accused of playing the same righteous, moral characters in most films, which puts off people who want to see more range from him.

Many believe he seldom takes up complex, grey-shaded roles and prefers characters that reinforce his good guy image. There is also a sense that he lacks the raw star power and charisma compared to the other Khans like Salman and Shah Rukh. His intensity and serious acting style may appeal less to those who seek more entertainment and heroism from their stars.

Views on Social Issues

As an outspoken celebrity, Aamir Khan frequently voices his opinions on various social issues. However, his views are not always popular and have kicked up controversies at times.

For instance, his remarks on topics like rising intolerance in India, treatment of minority communities, etc. did not go down well with certain political and social groups. They accused him of defaming India globally by exaggerating issues.

Similarly, his advocacy for causes like Narmada Bachao Andolan has also been contentious. In the eyes of detractors, he comes across as uninformed, preachy, politically motivated, or dishonest when speaking up on such sensitive matters.

Personal Life Controversies

Aamir Khan’s personal relationships and life choices have also contributed to negative perceptions among some sections.

He has been accused of ill-treatment of his first wife Reena and alienating his children with her. His decision to do a nude poster shoot in the early days of his career also did not sit well with conservative audiences back then.

Overall, there is a sense among critics that Aamir does not live up to the virtuous image he portrays on-screen in his real life. Rumors and controversies related to his personal affairs have turned off people who expect higher moral standards from someone who lectures others frequently.

Reasons for Popularity of Aamir Khan

While Aamir definitely evokes extreme reactions from both admirers and critics, he also has a long list of qualities that contribute to his massive popularity:

Choosy Filmography with Strong Script Sense

Aamir Khan has a reputation for working selectively in films with strong scripts, regardless of commercial prospects. Right from his debut film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak to recent hits like Dangal, he has shown the ability to identify and deliver high-quality cinema.

His script sense, judgment of roles, and creative vision are very well-regarded in the industry. He can bring unconventional, socially relevant films to mainstream audiences. Films like Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots etc. have defined his career as an actor who takes risks with experimental cinema.

Versatile Acting

While his on-screen image may seem limited, Aamir Khan has actually played a diverse range of memorable roles showcasing his acting chops.

As examples, his performances as a street hustler in Rangeela, an alien in PK, a college student in 3 Idiots, and a wrestler in Dangal demonstrate his versatility. His ability to get into the skin of characters has earned appreciation from critics.

Extensive Preparations for Roles

Aamir is known for his meticulous preparations and extreme professionalism when it comes to portraying characters authentically.

His transformations for films like Ghajini and Dangal by achieving the perfect physique through months of training are now legendary. He immerses himself completely into roles and goes the extra mile to learn skills and conduct extensive research. This level of dedication is unmatched among his peers.

Promoting Social Causes through Films

While accused of preaching at times, Aamir has also leveraged his star power effectively to bring positive social change through his films.

Taare Zameen Par promoted understanding of learning disabilities like dyslexia. Dangal challenged gender discrimination in sports. Films like Lagaan, Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti etc. have highlighted important issues creatively on screen.

His ability to address relevant social problems through commercially successful films has increased his popularity and respect.

Goodwill from Industry Peers & Associates

Despite controversies, Aamir seems to enjoy significant goodwill and popularity within the film industry based on his interactions and work relationships.

Many co-stars and directors speak positively of his dedication, creative vision, and supportive attitude during collaborations. His nurturing of talent like Rajkumar Hirani and newcomers has earned appreciation.

Industry insiders respect him for taking a stand on issues like safe work hours, profit sharing, etc. for improving industry conditions. This goodwill from peers also contributes to his enduring popularity.


Like most public figures, Aamir Khan has his share of die-hard admirers and vocal critics. His image as a controlling perfectionist, activism on issues, and personal life have attracted controversy at times.

However, his cinematic achievements, script sense, acting skills, social impact through films and professionalism have earned him significant respect over a successful career.

He evokes extreme reactions because he is a star who defies convention and takes risks. But there are arguably more who admire him for his craft and body of work than those who engage in Aamir Khan bashing. His ability to balance commerce and cinema has made him one of the most prominent faces of contemporary Indian cinema.

FAQs about Why People Dislike Aamir Khan

Is Aamir Khan arrogant in real life?

Ans. There are differing perceptions – some collaborators call him interfering & controlling. But many co-stars also speak of his professional attitude and helpful nature. The truth likely lies somewhere in between.

Why do critics say all Aamir Khan films are the same?

Ans. He is often accused of playing similar righteous characters. But he has demonstrated versatility through diverse films like Rangeela, Earth, PK etc. His signature does attract some criticism.

Did Aamir Khan abandon his first wife Reena and kids?

Ans. His divorce from Reena caused controversy. But they maintain cordial relations, and his children also appear close to him. So claims of abuse or abandonment may be unfounded.

Is Aamir Khan wrong to speak up about social issues?

Ans. His critics accuse him of selective outrage, hypocrisy and defaming India. But he has also leveraged stardom effectively to highlight important social causes through his films.

Q5. Why does Aamir Khan manipulate the media according to critics?

Ans. Some claim he cultivates a holier than thou image and suppresses negative publicity. But such PR management is common for stars of his stature in showbiz. Claims of media manipulation may be exaggerated.

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