Why Do People Hate Anitta?

Anitta is a Brazilian pop singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and businesswoman who has become one of the most popular artists in Brazil and Latin America. With over 50 million followers on Instagram, she is the most followed Brazilian on the platform.

However, despite her immense popularity, Anitta is also a divisive figure, with many critics and detractors. In this article, we will explore some of the main reasons why Anitta generates so much hatred and controversy.

Why is Anitta So Divisive?

There are several factors that contribute to Anitta’s divisiveness:

Her Provocative Image

One of the main reasons why Anitta generates so much criticism is due to her provocative public image. She is known for wearing revealing outfits, being overtly sexual in her music videos and live performances, and unapologetically expressing her sexuality.

This has led many to accuse her of being indecent and a bad role model for young girls. Her detractors feel that she perpetuates the oversexualization of women in the music industry.

Perceived Lack of Talent

Another common criticism of Anitta is that she lacks real musical or artistic talent. Her critics argue that she relies more on her sensuality, flashy videos and choreography rather than the quality of her voice or songwriting abilities. She has been accused of being “all image, no talent.”


Some accuse Anitta of being fake or inauthentic. From undergoing plastic surgery to supposedly fabricating details about her humble origins, detractors feel that she has manufactured an image that does not reflect her true self.

This ties into the belief that she uses sensationalism and sexuality to cover up her lack of real talent.

Cashing in on Controversy

Anitta’s opponents also argue that she deliberately stokes controversy to get attention and stay relevant.

This includes feuding with other artists, making provocative political statements, and constantly reinventing her image in outrageous ways. She has been accused of being an opportunist who cashes in on quarrels and shock value.

Reasons for Anitta’s Haters in Brazil

There are also some Brazil-specific reasons why Anitta has attracted so much hatred and criticism in her native country:

Perceived Lack of Brazilian Roots

Unlike many beloved Brazilian pop stars, Anitta did not emerge from Rio’s favelas or low-income communities. She was born in an upper-middle class family in Rio’s West Zone.

This has led some Brazilians to accuse her of not being authentic to Brazilian culture or its roots.

Moving Away from Traditional Brazilian Music

Early in her career, Anitta sang traditional Brazilian pagode music. But she soon shifted to globalized pop, hip hop and EDM sounds. This led to accusations that she had abandoned her Brazilian musical identity in order to achieve international success.

Beef with Other Brazilian Artists

Anitta has been involved in public feuds with several major Brazilian artists like Ludmilla, Luisa Sonza and Zé Neto from the sertanejo duo Gusttavo Lima & Zé Neto. This has alienated fans of these artists against Anitta.

Perceived Arrogance

As she became more successful, Anitta developed a reputation for being arrogant, self-important and disrespectful to other Brazilian artists. Rubbing people the wrong way has increased ill-will against her.

Anitta’s Controversies & Scandals

Throughout her career, Anitta has been involved in various controversies and scandals that have added to her notoriety and hatred:

Plastic Surgery

  • Anitta has been open about getting several plastic surgery procedures done, including a nose job, breast augmentation, liposuction and fillers. This has led to accusations that she is promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

Racism Accusations

  • In 2013, Anitta was accused of racism after posting a photo with a black model and comparing her to a “monkey from Angola”. She apologized but it added to perception she is ignorant.

Cultural Appropriation

  • Anitta’s video for “Vai Malandra” generated accusations of cultural appropriation of black culture by wearing baiana hip outfits and braids.

Merch Design Theft

  • In 2019, Anitta was accused of plagiarizing merchandise designs from Salvadoran illustrator Mrs. Yeto without permission.

Alleged Affair with Married Man

  • Rumors have swirled that married Colombian entrepreneur Maluma had an affair with Anitta. She denied it but was criticized for supposedly enabling adultery.

Licking Stones at Historical Site

  • During a video shoot at a historic site in Salvador, Anitta provoked outrage by provocatively licking one of the carved stone columns while filming her “Me Gusta” video. Many saw it as disrespectful.

Impact of Anitta’s Haters on Her Career

Despite all the hatred and criticism, Anitta has managed to thrive as an artist. However, the constant negativity has had some impacts:

  • She has been snubbed from major Brazilian music awards and events.
  • Her divisiveness has limited her ability to secure major corporate endorsement deals.
  • Anitta has been blocked from performing in some Brazilian cities due to protests against her overtly sexual content.
  • She has been targeted by hackers who leaked private photos in attempts to embarrass her.
  • Anitta has lost endorsement deals, partnerships and sponsorships over various controversies.
  • Her critics have affected her ability to be taken seriously as an advocate for political causes in Brazil.

Can Anitta Overcome Being So Divisive?

Looking ahead, there are a few ways Anitta could potentially overcome her divisiveness and repair her image:

  • She could release songs showcasing more vocal talent and artistic depth beyond flashy videos.
  • Getting involved with charitable initiatives could soften her image and show different sides of her persona.
  • Avoiding feuds with fellow artists and controversies could slowly rebuild goodwill from detractors.
  • Investing more into Brazilian culture, communities and spotlighting local artists could offset criticism she has abandoned her roots.
  • If she tones down her hyper-sexualized content and reinvents her style, public perception may begin to shift.

However, given how entrenched opposing views are on Anitta, it would likely take time and a sustained effort to change haters’ minds. But focusing on her music and artistry could help in the long run.

Table summarizing key reasons for Anitta hate

Provocative imageRevealing outfits, overt sexuality seen as indecent
Perceived lack of talentConsidered all flash, no real singing or writing ability
InauthenticityFake persona, manufactured life story
Cashing in on controversyDeliberately stirs feuds and shock value for fame
Lack of Brazilian rootsNot from favelas, abandoned pagode for pop
ArroganceDisrespectful attitude toward other Brazilian artists
Plastic surgeryPromotes unrealistic beauty standards
Cultural appropriationAccused of appropriating black culture
ScandalsRumored affair with married man, licking historic site

Table of Anitta’s major controversies

2013Racism accusationAnitta compared black model to “monkey from Angola”
2017Cultural appropriationWore baiana outfits and braids in “Vai Malandra” video
2019Merch design theftPlagiarized designs from Salvadoran illustrator
2020Alleged affair with married manRumors swirled of affair with Maluma despite his marriage
2021Licking historic siteProvocatively licked stone column during video shoot at historic site in Salvador


Anitta generates intense passion from both fans and critics. Her provocative persona, alleged scandals, outspokenness and reinventions have made her one of Brazil’s most divisive stars.

While her haters have valid criticisms, the extreme vitriol she faces also reflects Brazil’s cultural and societal divides. Anitta’s ability to straddle national and global pop markets will continue sparking both adoration and contempt.

Her quest to become Brazil’s biggest pop export will be bolstered by her fans but undermined by her detractors. Ultimately, Anitta’s divisiveness reflects deeper debates within Brazil itself about culture, values, gender and identity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anitta Haters

Why do some Brazilians dislike Anitta?

Some Brazilians dislike Anitta because they feel she lacks authentic Brazilian roots, has abandoned traditional Brazilian music genres, and projects an arrogant attitude. Her overt sexuality and provocative image also bothers more socially conservative Brazilians.

Does Anitta bring hate on herself?

Anitta’s critics would argue she invites hate by deliberately using shock value and controversy to get attention. Her constant feuds, plastic surgery, provocative persona and scandals seem engineered to court controversy. Supporters feel she is unfairly targeted though.

Is Anitta hated throughout Latin America?

No, Anitta’s hatred seems concentrated among certain demographics in Brazil. She has millions of fans across Latin America who appreciate her music and see her as empowering. But her divisiveness is more prominent in her native Brazil.

Will Anitta’s career be ruined by haters?

So far, Anitta has managed to succeed despite constant criticism and hatred from detractors. While it has impacted her negatively in Brazil, her global profile continues rising. She seems set on using controversy to advance her career regardless of critics.

Does Anitta bring criticism on herself?

According to her critics, yes – they feel Anitta deliberately manufactures controversy and uses sexuality to compensate for lack of talent. But her fans feel she has the right to express herself artistically however she wants without deserving such hatred.

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