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Why Do People Hate Ansel Elgort?

Ansel Elgort is an American actor and singer who first gained recognition for his supporting role in the 2013 dystopian thriller Divergent. He has since starred in major films like The Fault In Our Stars, Baby Driver, and West Side Story.

However, in recent years, Elgort has become a controversial Hollywood figure due to allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate interactions with underage fans. This has led many to develop a strong dislike for the young actor.

Why Do Some People Dislike Ansel Elgort?

In June 2020, a woman named Gabby came forward on social media accusing Elgort of sexually assaulting her in 2014 when she was 17 years old and he was in his early 20s. She alleged that he knowingly had intercourse with her despite her not giving full consent and also requested threesomes with her underage friends.

While Elgort denied the assault claims, he did admit to having a “brief, legal, and entirely consensual relationship” with Gabby. His statement was criticized for being dismissive of her allegations. The misconduct accusations have been damaging to his public image.

Inappropriate Interactions With Underage Fans

Besides the assault allegations, Ansel Elgort also faced scrutiny in 2014 for his interactions with young female fans online. Screenshots emerged showing Elgort direct messaging underage girls, asking some for their Snapchat names and nude photos.

While not illegal, many considered this inappropriate behavior for a celebrity in their 20s to exhibit toward minors. This further added to the perception of Elgort as predatory, making people dislike and distrust him.

Perceived Lack of Remorse

After the allegations emerged, some felt Elgort did not show adequate remorse or accountability for his past actions. His statement denying the sexual assault claims was seen as dismissive. And he did not address the leaked direct messages with underage fans.

This lack of a sincere apology led many to believe Elgort was not truly taking responsibility. Without properly acknowledging his controversial behavior, people remain unwilling to forgive his past transgressions.

Do People Have Valid Reasons For Disliking Ansel Elgort?

There are good-faith arguments on both sides of the Ansel Elgort debate:

Reasons For Disliking Him

  • The sexual assault allegations are extremely serious and disturbing if true. Some believe accusers should be believed and supported.
  • Even if the allegations cannot be definitively proven, his interactions with underage fans were clearly inappropriate by any measure.
  • As a public figure, he should be held to a higher standard of conduct. Fans, especially minors, are in a vulnerable position.
  • His response has seemed more focused on denying serious allegations rather than sincerely apologizing for unacceptable behavior.

Reasons Against Disliking Him

  • The sexual assault allegations remain unproven in court. Some argue the public should not rush to judgment without due process.
  • While inappropriate, his direct messages with young fans were likely not with malicious intent and do not constitute criminal misconduct based on available information.
  • He was in his early 20s during the known controversies – still young and immature enough to make poor decisions, which he may have learned from.
  • Widespread public condemnation could be disproportionate if he has genuinely learned and changed from past mistakes. People deserve opportunities for redemption.

Assessing the Nuanced Perspectives

There are valid perspectives on both sides of this issue. More information may still emerge. In the meantime, individuals can thoughtfully assess the known facts and complicating nuances before forming their conclusions.

The degree of forgiveness may depend on whether Elgort continues to reflect, takes accountability, and demonstrates meaningful growth. The public backlash also serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of responsible conduct in positions of power.

How Have The Controversies Affected His Career And Reputation?

Elgort was set to star as Tony in the Steven Spielberg directed musical West Side Story. However, after the allegations surfaced, there was widespread speculation that he would be replaced in the film.

Spielberg and the producers ultimately chose not to recast the role. But the premiere was delayed a year from 2020 to 2021, which some saw as a response to the controversy.

He also exited a planned television adaptation of Tokyo Vice where he was slated for a lead role. Studios now seem hesitant to take on projects with Elgort attached in major parts.

Declining Popularity and Public Perception

Elgort’s popularity with audiences has clearly taken a hit over the last two years following the allegations. His social media following saw a decline, he gets omitted from promotions for West Side Story, and his name now provokes very negative reactions from the public.

Whereas Elgort was once seen as an up-and-coming star after the success of Baby Driver, now his reputation is tainted by the claims of sexual misconduct and predation. Brands are unlikely to want to associate with him going forward.

Career Downward Trajectory

It seems unlikely that Elgort’s career will rebound quickly to its former trajectory anytime soon. Major studios will probably be unwilling to take a chance by casting him as a lead. He may be relegated to smaller supporting roles in indie productions going forward.

Given that Elgort is only in his late 20s, there is a possibility for him to slowly rebuild his career over time if he acknowledges his past actions. But the severe backlash has derailed the momentum he had built.

How Has Elgort Responded To The Public Criticism?

When the sexual assault allegations first emerged in June 2020, Elgort posted a statement on Instagram. In it, he confirmed having a relationship with his accuser but denied any assault took place. He stated it was “brief, legal, and entirely consensual.”

Many felt his statement showed a lack of empathy for the accuser. Elgort deactivated his Instagram account shortly afterward when backlash ensued.

Lower Public Profile Since Controversies

In the two years since the controversies began, Elgort has avoided media interviews and maintained a relatively low public profile. Besides promoting West Side Story, he has largely stayed out of the spotlight.

He seems to have taken an approach of waiting for the controversy to dissipate rather than directly engaging with the public criticism. Some have criticized this response as evasive.

Focus on West Side Story Press Tour

Leading up to West Side Story’s release in late 2021, Elgort participated in the film’s press tour alongside his co-stars. He was noticeably absent from much of the event’s promotion and premiere.

During interviews, he did not directly address the allegations or backlash. Elgort mainly discussed the process of making West Side Story alongside his castmates.

Some felt he should have taken the opportunity to more explicitly acknowledge the concerns about his past conduct. But his team likely advised keeping the focus on discussing the new project only.

What Could Elgort Do To Potentially Rebuild His Image?

If Elgort wants to rehabilitate his image, many feel he will need to shift course and directly address the biggest controversies head-on. This would involve clearly acknowledging and apologizing for any misconduct towards both his sexual assault accuser specifically and underage fans generally.

Being evasive makes him appear guilty and unremorseful in the public’s eyes. A sincere apology and recognition of wrongdoing – not excuses – is the first step many feel he needs to take.

Commit to Making Amends

Beyond just words, Elgort will need to back up an apology with actions demonstrating he has learned from past mistakes and changed for the better.

He can commit to causes related to sexual abuse, consent, and supporting young Hollywood hopefuls. He should provide platforms for survivors to be heard. Donating time and money to relevant organizations can also help show he is committed to making amends.

Keep His Head Down and Focus on Work

Trying to aggressively reclaim the spotlight too soon would likely backfire. Elgort may be best served by keeping a low profile and focusing on strengthening his acting abilities for a slow career rebuild.

Smaller roles in indie productions for a few years can help demonstrate he still has dedication to his craft. With substantive apologies and not rushing back into the public eye too quickly, he may be able to slowly shift perceptions.

Summary of Controversies and Response

ControversyResponsePublic Reaction
Sexual assault allegation by GabbyDenial on social mediaAnger at dismissal of accusation
Leaked DMs with underage fansNo public responseOutrage at inappropriate conduct
Delay of West Side Story releaseLimited promotion or interviewsDisappointment at lack of accountability


Ansel Elgort’s reputation has taken a massive hit in recent years due to disturbing sexual misconduct allegations and his evasive public response. While no charges have been brought against Elgort, many feel his behavior was unacceptable regardless and deserving of stronger condemnation.

For his career to recover, Elgort will need to directly address the controversies and make amends through both words and actions. Simply waiting quietly for the backlash to blow over is unlikely to change public perceptions. How he handles this crucial inflection point will determine whether he can rebuild his public image or fades into obscurity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main allegations against Ansel Elgort?

The main allegations are that he sexually assaulted a 17-year old girl in 2014 when he was in his early 20s and also had inappropriate interactions with several underage female fans online during the same period, including requesting nude photos.

How old was Ansel Elgort when the alleged misconduct took place?

Elgort would have been around 21 years old in 2014 when the reported events occurred. The age of consent in New York is 17.

How has Ansel Elgort responded to the sexual assault allegation?

Elgort posted a statement on social media denying the assault but admitting to having a brief, legal relationship with the accuser. He has not directly addressed the allegations since then.

Why do some people think Ansel Elgort’s response was inadequate?

Many felt his statement was dismissive of the accusations and lacked empathy for the accuser. They believe he has not taken full accountability for the alleged actions or properly apologized.

What effect have the controversies had on Ansel Elgort’s career?

Elgort has lost major roles in upcoming projects, his popularity with the public has declined, and his reputation is badly damaged. It may be difficult for him to rebuild his career momentum in the near future.

How can Ansel Elgort start to rehabilitate his public image?

Experts say he needs to directly and thoroughly address the allegations, demonstrate remorse and commitment to change through both words and actions, avoid the spotlight for a time, and focus on rebuilding trust through his work.

Should Ansel Elgort be forgiven and given opportunities to rebuild his career?

There are reasonable arguments on both sides. Some believe public condemnation has been disproportionate, while others feel it is deserved and he needs to show substantive personal growth before forgiveness.

What are the main lessons from the Ansel Elgort controversy?

The controversy highlights the importance of responsible conduct in positions of power, belief in and support for survivors, skepticism of quick fame at young ages, and providing paths to redemption through demonstrated learning.

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