Why Do People Hate Aubrey Plaza?

Aubrey Plaza is an American actress and comedian known for her deadpan style of comedy and roles in shows like Parks and Recreation and films like Safety Not Guaranteed.

While Plaza has many fans who enjoy her sarcastic on-screen persona, she also has her fair share of haters and critics. Here’s a look at some of the main reasons why some people dislike Aubrey Plaza.

Common Reasons People Dislike Aubrey Plaza

She comes across as rude or mean

One of the most common complaints about Aubrey Plaza is that she can come across as rude, mean, or dismissive in interviews and talk show appearances.

Her dry, sarcastic sense of humor doesn’t always translate well in short TV segments, and her awkward or curt responses can be perceived as her being a jerk. Some feel her persona mocks or belittles others.

Her style of humor is off-putting

Related to the point above, many find Plaza’s deadpan and uncomfortable style of humor to be off-putting.

Her inclination towards dark or crass jokes, crude humor, and purposely awkward situations induces cringes instead of laughs from some viewers. Not everyone appreciates anti-comedy.

She doesn’t show much variety in her acting

Critics of Plaza say she essentially plays the same moody, disaffected character in most of her roles.

They feel she lacks range and relies too much on her signature brand of weird, mundane humor. As she takes on more prominent roles, some expect her to showcase greater emotional depth.

She’s overly private and secretive

Compared to most celebrities today, Plaza remains very private about her personal life. While many find this refreshing, others perceive her secrecy as being aloof or imply she’s hiding something. They want her to open up more and be more relatable.

She’s too subtle and deadpan for many audiences

Subtle, understated humor often goes over people’s heads, especially in an age of over-the-top comedy.

Plaza’s skilled use of subtle expressions and tone to convey irony or absurdity is lost on those wanting more exaggerated traditional humor. Her comedy appeals most to certain tastes.

Perceptions of her Parks and Recreation character

Plaza’s breakout role as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation established her persona for many. As the apathetic, eye-rolling assistant, some disliked and felt annoyed by April’s insolence and found her lack of development frustrating. They associate those flaws with Plaza.

She tries too hard to be weird

Some accuse Plaza of forcing her awkward brand, claiming her attempts to be quirky or shocking feel contrived. They see her interviews and antics as trying too hard to maintain her reputation as the “weird girl.” To them, her eccentricity comes across as disingenuous.

Her acerbic brand limits her appeal

Plaza built her career on portraying jaded, eccentric characters and developed an acerbic, weird public image accordingly.

But playing so strongly into one niche persona also alienates those outside her demographic. Some feel she unnecessarily pigeonholes herself when she has wider appeal if she branched out more.

Perceived pretentiousness or lack of humility

Certain attitudes or comments Plaza has made over the years come across to some as arrogant or pretentious.

This includes her calling herself “Queen Troll” and the view that she takes her reputation as weird or edgy too seriously. Some want her to be more down-to-earth and humble.

Do people have good reason to dislike Aubrey Plaza?

Her persona is an act she created

It’s important for detractors to recognize that much of Plaza’s on-screen personality and public image is a calculated act and brand she has developed over her career, not her true self. She created the persona of the disaffected, sarcastic girl and many responses are likely exaggerated.

Deadpan humor is challenging for mainstream audiences

Plaza’s deadpan style appeals most strongly to certain tastes and sensibilities that enjoy dry, understated comedy.

This subtle humor often falls flat with general audiences accustomed to more obvious, in-your-face jokes. Her skills may be underappreciated by those unfamiliar with deadpan.

Comedic tastes are highly subjective

No style of comedy has universal appeal. Plaza’s offbeat, cringe-inducing humor is entertaining to some but obnoxious to others. Just as with any comedian, her work will inevitably be divisive based on personal comedic preferences.

She shows more range than people think

While Plaza certainly has a signature style, she has demonstrated an ability to play more than just the disaffected, sarcastic archetype, such as on Legion and in Ingrid Goes West. She will likely continue expanding her repertoire with more prominent roles.

Her weird persona helps her stand out

In the entertainment industry, having a distinctive brand or gimmick is often beneficial for standing out. Plaza’s unusual public persona differentiates her from others. While it limits some opportunities, it also opens doors and attracts loyal niche audiences.

She keeps her personal life private for a reason

Plaza is protective of her personal life not out of arrogance but because she saw other female comedians get constantly scrutinized over their dating lives and relationships. She wants to be known for her work, not tabloid drama.

She has shown more vulnerability lately

In recent years, Plaza has opened up more about her anxieties and mental health, showing audiences a more relatable, vulnerable side of herself. As she gets older, she may continue becoming more candid publicly.

How Aubrey Plaza Can Improve Her Image

Lean into different styles of comedy

To appeal to wider audiences, Plaza could showcase greater comedic range outside her niche deadpan sarcasm, such as more lighthearted, slapstick comedy or even body humor. This demonstrates versatility.

Open up about her personal life

Gradually opening up about parts of her private life, like her marriage and mental health, can humanize Plaza and make her more relatable. But she should still retain some mystery and privacy.

Showcase more dramatic acting chops

Taking on weightier dramatic roles and toning down her signature weird persona could earn Plaza more respect as a serious actor. Films like Black Bear hint at her untapped dramatic potential.

Poke fun at her reputation

Plaza could lean into people’s perception of her being weird or pretentious by satirizing and exaggerating that image through self-deprecating humor. This shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Do interviews and panels with castmates

Seeing Plaza sincerely interact with her co-stars can show she’s not as much of a troll or misanthrope as portrayed. Cast interviews highlight her looser, more relatable side.

Avoid overly bitter or cynical comments

Plaza should avoid making callous remarks or displaying overt cynicism in interviews that feed into perceptions of her being mean. More balance of sincerity and sarcasm works better.

Show gratitude to fans and colleagues

To counter notions of arrogance, Plaza can consistently express gratitude towards fans, interviewers, and co-workers for their support. This appreciation displays humility.

Tables Comparing Plaza’s Styles of Comedy

Plaza’s Common Comedic Tropes

Deadpan DeliverySarcastic RemarksAwkward InteractionsCringe Humor
Maintains a neutral facial expression and monotone voice toheighten absurdity of dialogueSays ironic or exaggerated statements meant to mock thingsPurposely stilted body language and conversations induce discomfortFinds humor in things that induce embarrassment or make audiences uncomfortable

Plaza’s Comedic Evolution

Early CareerBreakout Parks & Rec RoleExpanding Dramatic Range
Focused on subtle, quirky comedy in smaller rolesGained fame playing disaffected, apathetic AprilTaking on more complex, dramatic lead roles
Used deadpan and awkwardness as main crutchesApril’s insolence and lack of growth frustrated manyShowcasing versatility beyond just weird humor
Niche, offbeat comedy appealed to certain tastesPersona became exaggerated and one-noteBalancing comedy and drama displays growing maturity


Aubrey Plaza’s signature deadpan persona and unusual sense of humor has earned her both a passionate fanbase but also vocal critics and detractors. Her sarcastic, awkward style appeals most strongly to certain comedic tastes but falls flat or comes across as off-putting for mainstream sensibilities unfamiliar with subtle, cringe-inducing humor.

As Plaza expands the scope of her career, she faces the challenge of showcasing greater versatility outside her niche brand of comedy. Demonstrating more humility and relatability in public appearances could also help broaden her appeal.

But Plaza should be careful not to lose what makes her unique as she evolves. Her weirdness is core to her identity as a performer and entertainer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Aubrey Plaza

What is Aubrey Plaza best known for?

Aubrey Plaza is best known for playing April Ludgate on the sitcom Parks and Recreation from 2009-2015. The role of the snarky, apathetic assistant defined Plaza’s public persona as a comedic actor specializing in deadpan, cringe-inducing humor.

What are some of Aubrey Plaza’s other notable roles?

Some of Plaza’s other major roles include playing Daisy Danby in Legion, Ingrid Thorburn in Ingrid Goes West, Harper in Safety Not Guaranteed, and Julie Powers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. She’s also had recurring roles on shows like Criminal Minds and Funny People.

Why do some find Aubrey Plaza rude?

Plaza’s sarcastic persona, curt responses, and crude humor in interviews rub some the wrong way. Her awkward pauses and cold demeanor on talk shows can come across as disinterest and indifference, qualities many find rude.

Does Aubrey Plaza have a lot of haters?

While Plaza has a devoted fanbase, her ironic, subtle brand of comedy also induces strong dislike from some who find her off-putting or annoying. However, outright “haters” are still a minority among general audiences. Most are neutral or indifferent towards her.

What are some reasons people dislike April Ludgate?

As April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, Plaza played an apathetic, sullen assistant who was constantly rude, unhelpful, and dismissive towards her colleagues. While April grew over time, many found her lack of development frustrating and her insolence obnoxious.

Has Aubrey Plaza shown acting range beyond deadpan comedy?

In recent years, Plaza has taken on more dramatic roles like in the films Ingrid Goes West and Black Bear that showcase her talents beyond deadpan comedy. She’s proven capable of playing more understated, emotionally complex characters when given the opportunity.

Is Aubrey Plaza pretentious?

Some interpret Plaza’s branding herself as “Queen Troll” and her overly ironic persona as signs of pretentiousness. However, Plaza’s excessive weirdness is likely part of her act. In reality, she seems fairly down-to-earth and humble.

Why is Aubrey Plaza so private about her personal life?

Plaza values her privacy after seeing female comedians get constantly scrutinized over their dating lives. She believes overexposure of celebrities’ private matters distracts from their professional work. Thus, she reveals little about her personal relationships.

Does Aubrey Plaza actually have social anxiety?

Plaza has publicly discussed her struggles with anxiety in interviews. She had frequent panic attacks earlier in her career. Her awkwardness in public appearances may stem partly from a place of real social discomfort in addition to her brand of comedy.

What are some things Aubrey Plaza could do to improve her public image?

Showcasing more versatility, opening up about her personal life, expressing gratitude to fans, doing sincere interviews with Parks and Rec castmates, and poking fun at her pretentious reputation could help Plaza come across as more likable and humble to critics.

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