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Why Do People Hate Blake Jenner?

Blake Jenner is an American actor best known for his role as Ryder Lynn on the hit musical TV series “Glee.” While he has found success in Hollywood, Jenner has faced some controversy and public criticism over the years. This article will explore the main reasons why some people dislike Jenner.

He Was Accused of Domestic Abuse by His Ex-Wife

One of the biggest reasons why Jenner has detractors is due to accusations of domestic abuse by his ex-wife, actress Melissa Benoist. In late 2019, Benoist posted a video on Instagram in which she discussed being a survivor of domestic violence. While she did not initially name Jenner, many speculated he was the unnamed abuser in her video.

Benoist’s Abuse Allegations

Later, more details emerged in which Benoist accused Jenner of throwing an iPhone at her face early in their relationship, resulting in a broken nose and cut eye. She said the violence and abuse escalated later into the marriage before she filed for divorce in 2016.

Benoist cited “cycles of psychological, emotional and physical abuse” from her unnamed partner. Many fans and critics saw Jenner as guilty by association and drew their own conclusions. Whether true or not, these abuse allegations seriously damaged Jenner’s public reputation.

Jenner’s Response

For his part, Jenner has not directly responded to Benoist’s allegations. After her Instagram video went viral, Jenner disabled comments on his own Instagram page after receiving backlash and criticism. He has not made any public statements regarding Benoist’s claims.

This lack of defense or explanation has likely further fueled public disdain for Jenner in light of the serious domestic violence accusations. Without hearing his side, many fans have already condemned him.

Cheated on His Wife Before His Divorce

Apart from the domestic abuse allegations, Jenner was also embroiled in a cheating scandal prior to his divorce from Melissa Benoist.

Affair with Leah Jenner

In 2015, it was revealed that Jenner had an affair with Leah Jenner, who was formerly married to Brandon Jenner, Blake’s step-brother. This salacious affair with a family member no doubt damaged Jenner’s reputation.

The public cheating, in addition to the abuse claims, portrayed Jenner as an unfaithful partner with few morals. These actions influenced the public’s poor opinion of his character.

He Had an Insensitive Response to #MeToo

In 2018, actor Ian Somerhalder received criticism for calling the victims of sexual assault “sacred and special.” Many people found this language problematic and tone-deaf.

Jenner Defends Somerhalder

When asked about the controversy, Jenner defended Somerhalder’s remarks and criticized the backlash as going “too far.” Jenner failed to grasp why describing abuse victims as “special” could be offensive.

Perceived Lack of Understanding

Rightly or wrongly, Jenner’s stance demonstrated a lack of understanding and sensitivity around key issues in the #MeToo movement. This reinforced the idea that he does not fully comprehend abuse and gender-based violence.

Given that his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence, his comments appeared especially obtuse. Many fans already inclined to believe Benoist saw Jenner’s #MeToo response as confirmation of his ignorance.

Other Problematic Behavior

Aside from the major scandals, some critics also cite Jenner’s past behavior as proof of an unsavory character:

Cocky Attitude

Some former co-stars and acquaintances have accused Jenner of having an overly cocky and self-important attitude. Stories of him being difficult on set damaged his reputation behind-the-scenes.

Social Media Use

Jenner has also faced criticism for his social media presence, with accusers citing questionable “likes” and follows of controversial figures. While subjective, these perceived lapses in judgment have shaped public opinion.

Romantic Exploits

Additionally, tabloids have fixated on Jenner’s dating habits post-divorce. News of him spending time with models and influencers half his age has led to accusations of shallow behavior.

While many view Hollywood dating culture as superficial, coverage of Jenner’s love life has contributed to his negative image.

Timeline of Controversies

2015Affair with step-brother Brandon Jenner’s wife
2016Divorce from Melissa Benoist filed
2019Benoist alleges domestic violence by unnamed ex
2018Insensitive #MeToo remarks
2019-PresentScrutiny over dating habits

Final Conclusion

In the court of public opinion, Blake Jenner seems widely disliked due to his perceived history of abuse, infidelity, insensitivity, and arrogance. While definitive truth remains elusive in many cases, the overall pattern of behaviors and scandalous allegations paints a largely unflattering portrait of Jenner’s character.

Benoist’s abuse claims remain the most damning and primary reason fans turned against her ex-husband. Combined with other apparent moral failings like cheating and ignorant #MeToo commentary, most supporters have abandoned Jenner completely. Redemption appears an uphill climb given the severity of accusations against him.

Ultimately, Blake Jenner remains a polarizing Hollywood figure. Unless he directly addresses the strongest claims and complaints about his past actions, general audiences seem unlikely to view him in a positive light anytime soon. For critics, he exists as the epitome of show business immorality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Blake Jenner responded to the abuse allegations?

No, as of early 2023, Jenner has not made any public statements addressing the domestic violence accusations from ex-wife Melissa Benoist. He disabled Instagram comments after her video went viral but did not defend himself.

Were the domestic abuse claims ever proven or confirmed?

The claims have not been proven in court. However, Benoist shared details on her past relationship that many assume describe abuse by Jenner, based on timing and other contextual clues.

How did Blake Jenner cheat on his wife?

In 2015, it was reported that Jenner had an affair with singer Leah Jenner. Leah was married to Brandon Jenner, who is Blake’s step-brother. The affair and scandalous family connection shocked fans.

What ignorant #MeToo comments did Jenner make?

In 2018, Jenner defended fellow actor Ian Somerhalder over his controversial phrasing about abuse victims being “special.” Critics condemned Jenner for missing why this wording was inappropriate and insensitive.

Why don’t some people like Jenner’s dating habits?

Since his divorce, tabloids have documented Jenner spending time with much younger female models and social media influencers. Some believe he objectifies women and behaves shallowly in romantic contexts.

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