Why Do People Hate Chris Pratt?

Chris Pratt is one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood today, known for leading roles in major blockbuster franchises like Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, in recent years, Pratt has faced a growing backlash online from people who seem to dislike or even hate the actor. What has led to this surge of anti-Pratt sentiment? Here’s an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why people hate Chris Pratt:

Criticism of His Religious and Political Views

One of the biggest factors driving dislike of Chris Pratt appears to be growing criticism of his religious and political views. Pratt has been increasingly open about his Christian faith in recent years, which many of his critics have issues with:

His Association with Hillsong Church

Pratt reportedly attends Hillsong Church in Los Angeles, part of a global evangelical Christian organization with a history of controversial stances on LGBTQ issues. Hillsong’s opposition to same-sex marriage and views on conversion therapy have led many to accuse them and Pratt of homophobia.

Perceived Support of Donald Trump

While Pratt has never openly endorsed Donald Trump, he was criticized for failing to participate in a celebrity fundraising initiative for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. This led some to speculate that he is a Trump supporter, though Pratt denies this.

His Biblically Inspired Speech at the 2018 MTV Awards

In 2018, while accepting an MTV Generation Award, Pratt delivered a speech urging young viewers to “listen up” and then quoted from the Book of Daniel. Many saw this as morally presumptuous and a platform inappropriate for preaching.

Backlash Against His Public Persona

Another source of growing anti-Pratt sentiment appears to stem from a rejection of the public persona he has crafted and anger over controversial aspects of his past:

The Down-to-Earth Heartthrob Thing Rubs Some the Wrong Way

Pratt is often described in the media as the “everyman” celebrity – the down-to-earth heartthrob next door. However, some find this image disingenuous or manufactured, accusing him of just “acting” relatable.

He Was Accused of Contributing to His Son’s Early Health Issues

In 2018, Anna Faris revealed in her memoir that their son Jack was born prematurely, in part because Pratt insisted on conceiving too soon after she had given birth. Many criticized this as irresponsible and dangerous.

He Was Once A Stripper and Homeless – Hardly A Wholesome Image

Early in Pratt’s career, he worked as a discount ticket salesman and stripper before being homeless in Hawaii. This seemingly contradicts his successful, clean-cut image today.

Some Dislike How He Treated Anna Faris After Their Divorce

When Pratt and Anna Faris divorced in 2018, some fans sympathized more with Faris and felt Pratt was insensitive, moving on quickly to remarry Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Offensive Jokes and Statements

Pratt’s tendency to make controversial jokes or problematic statements, often viewed as insensitive, has frequently got him into hot water and alienated some fans:

His Joke About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s New Baby Name “Saint”

In 2015, Pratt mocked Kim and Kanye’s decision to name their child “Saint” on Twitter, saying “Way to think ahead and consider how your kid will be ridiculed” which many saw as rude and hypocritical given his own son’s name is Jack.

His Joke About Frozen Being a Conspiracy to Turn Boys Gay

On a radio show in 2019, Pratt joked that Disney’s Frozen was a conspiracy to “turn boys gay” with its catchy songs. Many criticized this joke as homophobic.

His Controversial Joke About Being Naked on Money

In 2015 on The Late Late Show, Pratt joked he should be the first person naked on US currency, which some saw as obscene and disrespectful.

His Offensive Joke About Being Castrated That Angered Males Rights Activists

In 2011, Pratt told a castration joke during an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show that angered male rights activists who accused him of trivializing the issue.

Perceived Arrogance Around His Acting Skills

Another complaint about Pratt that has emerged recently is an accusation that he has become arrogant or overly self-assured, especially when it comes to his acting abilities:

Bragging He Could Take Over As Indiana Jones from Harrison Ford

In interviews, Pratt boldly stated he believes he has what it takes to take over and portray Indiana Jones, when Harrison Ford eventually steps down. Some saw this as arrogant.

Comparing His Acting Career to Will Smith’s

Pratt also raised eyebrows in 2021 when he compared his diverse acting resume to Will Smith’s acclaimed career. Critics thought this displayed delusional thinking and disrespect towards the more established actor.

Saying He Could Beat Liam Hemsworth in a Fight

When asked who would win in a fight between Chris Pratt and fellow actor Liam Hemsworth, Pratt cheekily asserted “I think I’d probably take Hemsworth.” This cocksure attitude turned some fans off.

His Diva Behavior on Movie Sets

There are also reports Pratt has shown entitlement and diva-like behavior on set, demanding excessive perks in his contract riders and special treatment compared to co-stars.

Accusations of Not Supporting Fellow Marvel Actors

Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom in particular, Pratt has been accused of not showing support for his co-stars, leading to a perception he is selfish or ungrateful:

He Didn’t Join Cast Statements Supporting James Gunn

When Guardians director James Gunn was fired by Disney in 2018, the cast released a joint letter except for Pratt. This made him seem unsupportive.

He Joked About Them Having to Work Out Hard for Marvel

Pratt insensitively joked in an interview that he told Dave Bautista he wouldn’t have to work out hard for Marvel, annoying fans who felt he was mocking co-stars’ efforts.

No Social Media Post About Chadwick Boseman’s Death

After beloved Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman’s tragic death, Pratt faced backlash as the only MCU actor not to share a tribute on social media.

He Skipped Chris Evans’ Wrap Party

Fans also noticed Pratt was absent from Chris Evans’ wrap party after shooting his last Marvel movie. This fueled the perception of Pratt as aloof and unappreciative.

Unhappiness About His Dominance in Hollywood

Underlying much of the backlash against Chris Pratt is a more general frustration with his rise to prominence as a leading man and takeover of major franchises:

He’s The Face of Too Many Major Franchises

Starring in both Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, two of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster series, makes Pratt feel overexposed to some.

The Parks and Rec Character Shouldn’t Have Become a Movie Star

Pratt’s evolution from loveable sitcom goofball Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation to muscular movie star strikes many as undeserved and unlikely.

He Keeps Getting Coveted Roles Over More Qualified Options

Some believe Pratt keeps lucking into major roles like in Jurassic World and The Tomorrow War that should have gone to more qualified or diverse actors.

He’s Seen as a Leading Man When Character Actor Roles Suit Him Better

There is a sense that Pratt’s skills and appearance are better suited for character actor supporting roles rather than conventional heroic leads.

Concern About What He Stands For

Finally, some of the animosity towards Pratt is rooted in an uncertainty and unease over what exactly he stands for and represents in terms of values:

He Lacks Robert Downey Jr.’s Charisma

As the new face of Marvel’s film universe, comparisons to Robert Downey Jr’s beloved Tony Stark portrayal do Pratt no favors, highlighting his lack of comparable charm and wit.

Is He a Political Conservative or Liberal?

Fans are unsure whether Pratt leans left or right politically, and his unwillingness to take firm stances can come off as trying to have it both ways.

Does He Represent Wholesome Americana or Toxic Masculinity?

It’s unclear if Pratt’s brand evokes a wholesome, patriotic American ideal or a representation of toxic masculinity overflowing in Hollywood currently.

Is He Problematic or Just Oblivious at Times?

Some write off Pratt’s blunders as him simply being oblivious and not malicious, while others see a pattern of problematic behavior reflecting deeper issues.


In summary, Chris Pratt has gone from beloved comedic actor on Parks & Recreation to one of Hollywood’s most divisive leading men. The reasons people have soured on Pratt and express hating him online are wide-ranging, but tend to focus on discomfort with his religious/political views, a feeling he’s disingenuous or arrogant about his acting skills, insensitivity around diversity, and an uncertainty over what he really represents culturally.

While Pratt undoubtedly still has many fans and supporters who enjoy his films, he has become a polarizing figure in popular culture, especially on social media. The reasons behind the hate carry meaning in what they say about the changing attitudes of audiences and their relationship with celebrities today.

Pratt is unlikely to be canceled or fade away anytime soon, but he may need to put more thought into the types of roles he takes, his public persona and brand, and engaging sensitively with important social issues if he wants to regain wider admiration beyond his core fanbase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people think Chris Pratt is homophobic?

Many accuse Pratt of homophobia primarily because of his association with Hillsong Church, which has made controversial statements about LGBTQ people and opposed same-sex marriage in the past. Pratt denies he shares these views, but his connection to Hillsong still makes some uneasy.

Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris?

There is no evidence that Pratt cheated on actress Anna Faris when they were married. They divorced in 2018, describing it as a friendly separation, and both have denied rumors of cheating being the cause.

Is Chris Pratt a Trump supporter?

Chris Pratt has never publicly declared support for Donald Trump. He did not join other celebrities in a Biden campaign fundraising initiative before the 2020 election, which led to speculation he might back Trump, but Pratt has always remained apolitical and not commented on the matter.

Why wasn’t Chris Pratt part of the Guardians of the Galaxy letter defending James Gunn?

When Guardians director James Gunn was temporarily fired by Disney in 2018, the whole cast released a joint letter except for Pratt. His reason for not participating is unclear, but it caused many to think he wasn’t supportive of Gunn like the other actors.

Why do people say Chris Pratt ‘worships Kevin Feige’?

Some fans accuse Pratt of overly sucking up to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and pushing himself to the forefront of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rather than being a team player. They say his worship of Feige is about self-promotion over the ensemble.

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