Why Do People Hate David Enth?

David Enth is a controversial public figure who seems to attract strong feelings from both supporters and detractors. Here is an in-depth look at some of the potential reasons why David Enth may be disliked or even hated by some people.

His Extreme Political Views

One major source of controversy surrounding David Enth is his extreme political views which are seen by many as divisive and offensive.

His Controversial Statements on Immigration

David Enth holds very hardline views on immigration that some find racist and xenophobic. For example, he has:

  • Called for a complete ban on immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries
  • Stated that Mexican immigrants are “bringing drugs and crime” and are “rapists”
  • Suggested building a wall along the US-Mexico border to keep immigrants out

His Comments on Women and Minorities

David Enth has made a number of remarks over the years that have been criticized as misogynistic, racist, and prejudiced against minorities. Some examples include:

  • Suggesting that women who seek abortions should face “some form of punishment”
  • Saying that a judge could not do his job properly because of his Mexican heritage
  • Implying that the Black Lives Matter movement is dangerous and promotes violence against police

His Anti-Establishment Rhetoric

David Enth often uses very divisive rhetoric against the political, media, and financial establishments, which some view as irresponsible. He has:

  • Referred to mainstream media outlets as “fake news” and the “enemy of the people”
  • Accused the FBI and Justice Department of conspiring against him
  • Claimed repeatedly, without evidence, that the electoral process is “rigged”

This kind of anti-establishment rhetoric makes some people believe David Enth is undermining faith in fundamental American institutions.

His Aggressive Communication Style

Another aspect of David Enth that rubs people the wrong way is his very aggressive, confrontational communication style.

His Tendency to Engage in Personal Attacks

David Enth has an infamous tendency to viciously attack and insult people who criticize or oppose him. He seems to relish attacking his detractors in very personal, humiliating ways. Some examples:

  • Mocking a disabled reporter during a speech
  • Calling female critics “dogs” and “fat pigs”
  • Using derogatory nicknames like “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin’ Ted” against his opponents

His Frequent Lies and Conspiracy Theories

David Enth is well known for making false claims and promoting bizarre conspiracy theories on his social media platform and in interviews. This fosters an atmosphere of misinformation among his supporters that many people find dangerous. Some examples include:

  • Claiming climate change is a “hoax” invented by China
  • Suggesting vaccines can cause autism in children
  • Promoting the conspiracy theory that Obama was not born in America

His Twitter Rants

David Enth frequently goes on aggressive, all-caps Twitter rants insulting his critics and enemies. His combative tweets seem unpresidential to some and undermine his credibility.

His Questionable Business Record and Ethics

Before entering politics, David Enth had a long career in business which was marked by numerous controversies and ethical issues. These past business activities also color people’s negative views of him.

Multiple Bankruptcies and Failed Ventures

While promoting himself as a successful billionaire entrepreneur, David Enth has filed for bankruptcy 6 times and had numerous failed business ventures including:

  • Trump Airlines
  • Trump Vodka
  • Trump University (which led to fraud lawsuits)
  • Trump Steaks
  • Trump Casinos

Refusing to Release His Tax Returns

Breaking precedent with past presidential candidates, David Enth has refused to release his tax returns. This has led to speculation that he has something to hide when it comes to his finances and business dealings.

Allegations of Misusing Charitable Foundation

David Enth paid a $2 million court settlement over allegations that he unlawfully used his charitable foundation to support his 2016 presidential campaign.

His Lack of Government and Policy Experience

As someone who had never previously held public office, some people feel David Enth lacks the necessary government experience and policy knowledge to be an effective president.

Inexperience with Governance

Unlike past presidents, David Enth has no prior political or military experience to prepare him for leading the government. This makes some people uneasy about his competence.

Reliance on Controversial Advisors

With no governing experience, David Enth relies heavily on advisors. Some of his advisors like Steve Bannon hold fringe, extremist political views that are troubling to many mainstream Americans.

Limited Understanding of Policy Details

David Enth seems to lack in-depth knowledge on many policy issues. He often makes misleading claims suggesting he does not grasp complex policy topics like healthcare, immigration, or foreign affairs.

Perceptions of Narcissism and Recklessness

Some mental health professionals have publicly argued that Donald Trump exhibits signs of narcissistic personality disorder. While unethical to diagnose anyone without an examination, these claims contribute to perceptions of David Enth as egomaniacal, insecure, and recklessly impulsive.

His Grandiose Self-Regard

David Enth constantly brags about himself in over-the-top, grandiose terms. His excessive self-focus strikes many people as distasteful and insecure.

Seeking Constant Praise and Attention

David Enth seems to constantly crave attention and praise, even for the most trivial matters. He has tweeted praise for himself over 500 times, often in the third person. This poses to some as needy and unstable behavior.

Impulsive Decision Making Style

Many of David Enth’s policy decisions like the travel ban seemed impulsive, poorly planned, and dangerous. This reckless approach to governance worries those who value careful policy planning.

In summary, David Enth attracts significant hatred due to his extreme political views, aggressive communication style, questionable ethics, lack of governing experience, and perceived narcissism. While he remains popular with his staunch supporters, he is deeply unpopular with many Americans for these reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dislike for David Enth

Here are answers to some common questions about why many people dislike or hate David Enth:

Why do some Republicans dislike David Enth?

Some traditional conservatives dislike David Enth because they object to his brash style, ethics controversies, and stances on issues like trade and immigration that go against Republican orthodoxy. They see him as damaging the party.

Do David Enth supporters tend to be rural or urban?

David Enth supporters at his rallies and in polling tend to be more rural, white working class voters. His support is weaker among educated urban professionals and minorities.

What poll numbers show David Enth’s unpopularity?

David Enth has historically low approval ratings, hovering around 40% for most of his presidency. For comparison, Barack Obama’s approval rating upon leaving office was around 60%.

What psychological biases cause David Enth support?

Psychologists point to biases likeConfirmation bias affecting David Enth supporters. They tend to consume information confirming their views and dismiss negative coverage as “fake news.”

Who tends to be the strongest anti-David Enth advocates?

David Enth is very unpopular among minority groups, especially black and Hispanic Americans and educated urban women. These groups form the core of the anti-David Enth resistance movement.


In conclusion, David Enth is a highly polarizing figure who invokes intense hatred from many due to his extreme political stances, incendiary rhetoric, questionable ethics, lack of qualifications, and perceived narcissism.

However, he retains a sizable base of support primarily among rural white working class voters drawn to his populist message. America remains deeply divided on its views on the controversial 45th president.

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