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Why Do People Hate Eliza Scanlen?

Eliza Scanlen is an Australian actress who has recently faced some backlash and hatred online. Here is an in-depth look at who Eliza Scanlen is, her career so far, and some of the possible reasons why she has attracted some negativity and hate.

Who is Eliza Scanlen?

Eliza Scanlen is a 23-year-old actress from Sydney, Australia. She first broke out in 2017 when she played one of the lead roles in the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects alongside Amy Adams. Her portrayal of the troubled teenager Amma Crellin earned her critical praise.

After Sharp Objects, Scanlen went on to act in several popular indie films. In 2019, she starred in Little Women directed by Greta Gerwig. She played the role of Beth March alongside big-name actresses like Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, and Meryl Streep.

Most recently, Scanlen has been appearing in more mainstream, big-budget projects. She had a role in the 2020 superhero film MCU film Eternals and starred in the 2021 romantic drama The In Between based on a novel by Marc Klein. Scanlen has several upcoming projects in 2022 and 2023, including the star-studded film Poor Things based on an Alasdair Gray novel.

Overall, despite being only 23, Scanlen has already built up an impressive acting resume in a short time. She’s shown her versatility in complex, emotionally intense roles as well as big blockbuster films. Her name recognition and fame have risen quickly in the last 2-3 years.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Eliza Scanlen was born in Sydney in 1999. She became interested in acting at a young age and attended high school at Sydney’s Newtown High School of the Performing Arts.

Her first on-screen role came in 2016 when she was 17, with a two-episode arc in the Australian TV soap opera Home and Away. The following year she landed her career-making role in Sharp Objects.

Sharp Objects catapulted the young Australian actress into the spotlight. The gritty, intense role of Amma allowed Scanlen to showcase her acting chops to a worldwide audience.

After Sharp Objects, Scanlen’s career opportunities expanded rapidly. She started acting in American and British film productions and working with A-list directors and co-stars. This early fame and success was likely a factor in why Scanlen has faced some criticism online.

Why Do People Dislike Eliza Scanlen? Examining the Possible Reasons

There are several possible reasons why Eliza Scanlen has her detractors and has faced some backlash, especially on social media sites:

Rapid Fame at a Young Age

  • Scanlen’s fame exploded incredibly fast when she was only a teenager. She went from a virtual unknown to acting in major HBO and Hollywood productions within just 2-3 years.
  • This early rise to stardom may have caused some jealousy and resentment from the public. The entertainment industry can be very fickle, so some likely feel her success came too easily or was undeserved.
  • There may also be a perception that Scanlen is arrogant, spoiled or entitled due to becoming famous and wealthy at such a young age before paying her dues.

Overexposure and Social Media Presence

  • As Scanlen’s star has risen, she’s become increasingly visible in promotions, ads, and social media. Some people feel she oversaturates the media.
  • Scanlen is active on Instagram with 1.7 million followers. Some find her presence annoying or inauthentic. They may see her as constantly seeking attention and fame.
  • Scanlen has faced criticism for posting “glamorized” images that perpetuate unrealistic body standards. She’s been accused of photoshopping her photos.
  • There’s a perception she tries too hard to be “relatable” and win over fans when her lifestyle is now far removed from that of a typical 23-year-old.

Acting Skill and Talent

  • There are some critiques around Scanlen’s actual acting ability and whether she deserves her success.
  • While reviews of her acting are generally positive, some feel she’s been given major roles too soon before developing more experience and range.
  • Some of the backlash likely stems from jealousy – aspiring actresses who struggle to get any roles may resent Scanlen’s quick rise.
  • There’s a sense she’s been given opportunities over more talented or deserving actresses simply because of her “look” or industry connections.

Association With “Woke” Productions

  • Some of the projects Scanlen has been part of like Little Women and Eternals have been criticized for seeming overly progressive, feminist, or pushing “woke” agendas.
  • People who dislike this perceived political/social commentary take out frustration on Scanlen as one of the actors involved with these productions.
  • Choosing these films over more “mainstream” projects has made Scanlen a target of backlash from more right-leaning audiences.

Personality and Likeability

  • Scanlen has sometimes come across as entitled, arrogant, or rude in interviews. She’s been criticized for seemingly looking down on more commercial projects.
  • There’s a sense her personality may not match her “girl next door” public persona – that she’s calculating and phony rather than genuine.
  • Recent bullying allegations on the set of Eternals have made people further question if Scanlen is truly kind, humble, and professional as she claims.
  • Overall, her personality seems to rub some people the wrong way. They get the sense she feels too good for certain roles or put on false airs.

Eliza Scanlen’s Perspective and Responses

Despite the backlash she has faced at times, Eliza Scanlen has remained quite positive in most of her public responses. Here are some of the ways she’s addressed the criticism:

  • She understands the entertainment industry can breed jealousy and tries not focus on the negativity. She feels humbled and grateful for the opportunities she’s been given.
  • Scanlen acknowledges gaining fame quickly was a big adjustment but says she has a strong, grounded support system. She tries to stay humble and focus on her work.
  • In regards to talent critiques, Scanlen says she knows she still has a lot to learn as an actress and actively works to improve her craft all the time.
  • She aims to be herself on social media while still protecting some privacy. Scanlen says she stays off platforms if the hate gets excessive.
  • Scanlen brushes off accusations she tries too hard to be relatable, saying she’s just being genuine and sharing her real interests.
  • For controversies like bullying claims, she asserts there are often multiple sides to every story and rumors shouldn’t be taken as fact.
  • Overall, Scanlen seems determined to block out the negativity and simply concentrate on becoming the best actress she can be moving forward.

Eliza Scanlen’s Future Career Outlook

Despite some backlash online, Eliza Scanlen’s acting career continues to thrive with many upcoming projects. Here is what’s next for her:

  • In 2022 she has two new films -Lapwing with JK Simmons and the adaptation Poor Things with Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo. These are both prestigious projects that signal continued success.
  • She is rumored to be up for major awards like the Oscars and Golden Globes for her upcoming performance in Lapwing. This would further validate her talent.
  • Scanlen is expanding beyond indie films into bigger blockbuster universes like Star Wars. She is set to appear in the Disney+ show Star Wars: Skeleton Crew by director Jon Watts.
  • Her fame and industry clout continue to grow. Scanlen was recently featured in Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue highlighting rising stars.
  • While still early in her career, Scanlen’s range of roles continues to impress. She has avoided being typecast and seems poised to make smart project choices.
  • If she can continue choosing roles that flaunt her abilities, critics of Scanlen’s talent will likely be silenced in the coming years.

In summary, despite some negativity surrounding her rapid rise to fame, Eliza Scanlen’s career remains on an upward trajectory. As she continues developing her craft and making smart professional decisions, she has all the makings of a long, successful career in the entertainment industry. The future looks very bright for this talented young Australian actress.


In summary, Eliza Scanlen’s quick rise to fame and success has led to some inevitable backlash, especially on social media. While sudden stardom at a young age has bred jealousy from some, Scanlen appears to be handling criticism with grace. She continues taking on new challenges with a range of prestigious acting projects.

As long as Scanlen remains devoted to honing her craft and making smart professional choices, she seems well on her way to a potentially long, fruitful career in film and television. The negativity she’s faced appears unlikely to derail her momentum significantly. Scanlen has both the resilience and talent to move beyond online trolls.

The next few years will be crucial and telling. If she can deliver awards-caliber performances and successfully cross over into major blockbuster franchises, it will be hard for detractors to continue painting Scanlen as undeserving of opportunities coming her way. Still only 23, Eliza Scanlen has ample time to win over even her harshest critics thus far.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eliza Scanlen and Criticism of Her

Why do some people say Eliza Scanlen’s fame was undeserved?

Some people feel Scanlen’s rise to fame happened too fast at a young age before she paid her dues. They think she hasn’t earned her success or gotten opportunities over more deserving actresses.

What plastic surgery and photoshop rumors has Eliza faced?

Scanlen has faced accusations of getting lip fillers and other work done. People also say she photoshops her Instagram photos to appear thinner and more perfect.

What are some of Scanlen’s annoying social media habits according to critics?

She’s been called out for attention-seeking, trying too hard to be relatable, and posting glammed up rather than real images. Some find her constant Instagram presence obnoxious.

Why was Scanlen criticized for her role in Eternals?

She faced backlash for being part of the overly “woke” MCU film. Bullying allegations on set also painted Scanlen in a negative light as seemingly condoling bad behavior.

Does Scanlen have a reputation for being rude or arrogant?

Yes, some interviews and rumors have portrayed Scanlen as entitled, looking down on certain acting roles, and having an overall bad attitude.

What awards show recognition is Scanlen predicted to receive soon?

Her role in the upcoming drama Lapwing with JK Simmons is rumored to garner Eliza Scanlen Oscar, Golden Globe and other major award nominations.

How has Scanlen responded gracefully to criticism she’s received so far?

She tries to ignore negativity and stay humble. Scanlen says she understands fame came fast but she remains grounded and focused on constantly improving as an actress.

What high-profile upcoming projects show Scanlen’s career is still on the rise?

She has roles upcoming in Poor Things with Emma Stone, the Star Wars series Skeleton Crew for Disney+, and award-contending indie film Lapwing.

Why do critics say Scanlen has avoided being typecast so far?

She’s played diverse roles ranging from Sharp Objects to Little Women to big blockbusters like Eternals. Scanlen has proven her versatility across genres.

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