Why Do People Hate Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is one of the most controversial and divisive internet personalities today. The 25-year-old rose to fame on the now-defunct video sharing app Vine back in 2013, garnering millions of followers with his comedic 6-second videos. After Vine was shut down in 2016, Paul pivoted his content to YouTube, where he currently has over 20 million subscribers.

While Paul has amassed an enormous following of mostly young fans, he has also faced intense backlash and criticism from many demographics. His stunts, attitude, and behavior have led to public feuds with his neighbors, other creators, and celebrities. Paul generates headlines for his controversies as much as he does for his work as a social media influencer.

So why exactly do so many people dislike or even hate Jake Paul? There are several key reasons:

He Acts Immature and Irresponsible

Many criticize Jake Paul for acting immature, impulsive, and irresponsible despite being a celebrity with a huge impressionable young audience. Here are some examples of such behavior:

  • In 2017, Paul was blasted for publicity stunts like setting furniture on fire in his backyard pool. Neighbors were disturbed and accused Paul of disrupting the neighborhood.
  • Paul has shown disregard for COVID-19 safety protocols during the pandemic, throwing massive house parties and not social distancing.
  • Videos have captured Paul using racial slurs, vulgar language, and offensive jokes frequently. Critics believe this normalizes inappropriate behavior.
  • Stunts like climbing up the exterior of a news van during protests in Arizona in 2020 were condemned as exploiting serious situations for views.

Such irresponsible behavior has led many to see Paul as a poor role model for children, as well as someone who does dangerous stunts solely for publicity without concern for consequences.

He Lacks Remorse and Accountability

A key aspect of the dislike for Paul stems from his reactions to backlash and unwillingness to apologize or change his ways. For example:

  • After neighbors complained about disruption from Paul’s dangerous stunts, he refused to apologize or alter his behavior. He monetized the drama by selling merchandise mocking the neighbors.
  • When Paul came under fire for using racial slurs, he did not immediately apologize. He instead claimed he was just trying to “understand” certain words. Only after intense criticism did Paul issue an apology video.
  • Paul has frequently laughed off serious consequences of his stunts and fails to take accountability for how his risky behavior impacts others.

Many feel Paul lacks genuineness in his apologies and fails to learn from his mistakes, continuing risky and offensive behavior even after criticism. This compounds the dislike towards the star.

He Exploits Serious Situations for Views

Another major criticism of Paul is that he exploits real issues, tragedies, or disasters simply to get more YouTube views. A few troubling examples:

The “Looting” Video During BLM Protests

  • In May 2020, Paul came under fire for a video where he is present during Arizona looting that occurred amidst Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd. Critics accused Paul of exploiting the protests for YouTube content.
  • The video shows Paul discovering a shattered mall, stating “this is a looting,” and even entering the mall himself, appearing to condone the criminal acts.
  • Paul eventually deleted the video and issued an apology after intense public backlash. Many saw his presence during dangerous criminal activity as meant solely to get attention and views.

Suicide Forest Video

  • In 2017, Paul generated outrage after he uploaded a YouTube video showing an apparent suicide victim hanging from a tree in Japan’s “suicide forest.”
  • The video was deemed stunningly insensitive and exploitative of a tragic situation and the deceased victim. Paul was widely condemned by mental health organizations and the public.
  • While Paul took the video down and issued an apology, many felt the damage was already done and demonstrated Paul’s penchant for exploiting real tragedies for clicks and views on YouTube.

COVID Parties

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Paul held packed house parties without masks or distancing, violating public health guidelines.
  • He uploaded videos of these parties to YouTube, even after receiving intense criticism. Many were outraged at Paul exploiting COVID restrictions to get attention.

These incidents and others have contributed to the perception that Paul lacks ethics and will exploit any situation, even ones involving crime, death, or public health, all in the relentless pursuit of YouTube fame.

He Engages in Dangerous Behavior Harming Others

Jake Paul frequently engages in outlandish stunts and pranks that many feel cross the line from humor into dangerous behavior that can bring real harm. For example:

Fire Stunts

  • As mentioned, Paul made headlines in 2017 for lighting furniture on fire in his backyard pool, creating a giant dangerous bonfire. With homes nearby, critics accused Paul of threatening people’s safety for the sake of filming YouTube stunt videos.

Risky Driving

  • Paul has filmed reckless driving stunts, like driving a truck inside his home or wrecking a car for fun, that critics say glamorize damaging property and threatening safety.

Physical Pranks

  • Paul’s team has pulled “pranks” like tackling strangers or kicking them in the groin, often people in public just trying to go about their day. Many see this as Paul promoting assault for entertainment.

While Paul may see such stunts as funny viral content, his critics argue he is normalizing and glamorizing acts that physically endanger or harm innocent people. His young audience may mimic his behavior and get injured or arrested. These dangerous stunts contributing to the dislike many feel for Paul and his content.

He Causes Damage to Homes and Businesses

Particularly controversial has been Paul and his crew’s repeated vandalism, damage, and disruption of other people’s homes and businesses. Some examples:

  • In 2020, Paul was charged with criminal trespassing after being spotted at a Scottsdale mall looting. Damage from the looting totaled in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Paul and his entourage infamously outraged his Calabasas neighbors by doing dangerous stunts like setting fires near homes, breaking windows, and more.
  • During parties at Paul’s rental homes, extensive property damage has occurred, from broken walls to floor damage.

While Paul frames such stunts as fun content, many see them as foolish destruction of property that leaves others to clean up the mess. Businesses and homeowners end up bearing the costs. Paul’s lack of regard for other people’s property contributes to the negative perceptions.

Property Damage Controversies

May 2020Paul charged with criminal trespassing during Scottsdale looting. Damage totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars.
2017Neighbors in Calabasas outraged after Paul sets fire near homes, breaks windows.
2020Floor damage, broken walls at parties in Paul’s rental homes. Homeowners angered by destruction.

This pattern of dangerous stunts and damage to homes or businesses has led Paul to be perceived as reckless, entitled, and lacking respect for others. The financial and emotional costs to victims of his stunts understandably anger many people.

He Has Participated in Several Public Feuds

Jake Paul has been involved in various public feuds with celebrities, influencers, sports figures, and even government officials. These repeated conflicts contribute to his controversial public image. Some major feuds have included:

Feud with Neighbors in Calabasas

  • As covered earlier, Paul infamously angered his neighbors in his former Calabasas, California neighborhood with noisy parties and dangerous stunts. The neighborsbanded together and contemplated legal action against Paul.

Feud with Zayn Malik

  • In 2020, Paul’s attempt to mock singer Zayn Malik on social media led to a bitter online feud between Paul and Zayn’s girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid. Hadid called Paul “irrelevant” and an “idiot.”

Feud with Mayweather

  • In 2020, Paul angered boxer Floyd Mayweather by stealing his baseball cap while filming a promotional event. Mayweather’s angry reaction led to a brawl caught on camera.

While normal celebrities have occasional spats, the constant feuding and controversy surrounding Paul feeds into the perception he deliberately stirs up conflict for fame and YouTube views. The repeated feuds harm Paul’s reputation.

FAQs About Why People Dislike Jake Paul

Why do people think Jake Paul is a bad role model?

Many believe Paul displays immature, reckless behavior in his videos that sets a poor example, especially for his young audience. The dangerous stunts, irresponsible partying, vulgar language, and other controversial behavior make critics feel Paul is a negative influence.

What did Jake Paul do to anger his neighbors?

In 2017, Paul outraged his neighbors in Calabasas by performing dangerous stunts like setting furniture fires in the pool, breaking windows, and more. The neighbors felt Paul had no regard for their safety or peace and quiet.

What happened with Jake Paul and the Suicide Forest video?

Paul generated outrage after uploading a YouTube video showing an apparent suicide victim hanging from a tree in Japan’s “suicide forest”. The video was condemned as exploiting a tragic situation for clicks and insensitivity to mental health issues.

Why was Jake Paul criticized for a looting video?

In 2020, Paul posted a video where he enters a mall being looted during Black Lives Matter protests over George Floyd’s death. Critics blasted Paul for exploiting serious protests over racial justice simply to generate YouTube content.

How does Jake Paul respond to controversies and backlash?

Paul is often accused of offering insincere apologies and failing to learn from his mistakes when controversies erupt. Rather than change his behavior, he tends to joke about the backlash and sell merchandise referencing it.


In summary, Jake Paul has become one of the most divisive internet celebrities today due to a pattern of immature, irresponsible behavior that disregards consequences, exploits others, and stirs up conflict for fame. His stunts can bring real harm, and his unwillingness to change and take accountability perpetuate the resentment many feel towards the star.

While Paul has a legion of young fans, he has also managed to anger neighbors, business owners, other creators, celebrities, and more with his boundary-crossing antics. Only time will tell if Paul ever outgrows his controversial persona – but for now, he remains one of the most polarizing personalities online.

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