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Why Do People Hate John Cusack?

John Cusack is an acclaimed actor known for roles in popular 1980s and 1990s films like “Say Anything…”, “High Fidelity”, and “Grosse Pointe Blank.” However, in recent years, he has faced some backlash over his outspoken liberal political views and activism. Here are a few theories about why Cusack has critics:

Politics Are Controversial

Cusack is very openly liberal and frequently comments on politics and social issues on Twitter. For example:

  • He has strongly criticized former President Trump and the Republican party. This annoys conservative audiences.
  • He actively supports causes like gun control, environmental activism, and democratic socialism. Some find these views too extreme.

So while some fans appreciate his passion, others see his “preaching” as arrogant, hypocritical, or out-of-touch with regular Americans.

Vocal on Social Media

Cusack is very active on Twitter, often tweeting multiple times a day to his over 2 million followers. And he does not hold back, frequently using aggressive language about his political opponents.

For instance, he has:

  • Called Trump a “Malicious Idiot” and “Racist Violent Pig”
  • Said Fox News and its hosts should face prison or execution
  • Mocked conservatives in crude, vulgar ways

So to supporters of those targets, Cusack comes off as yet another nasty and intolerant Hollywood liberal. His hyperbolic attacks undermine his authority.

Tweets About Politics and Trump

Here are examples of some of Cusack’s more controversial tweets over the years:

2018“Trump is one dumb uppity Ideological a- hole who has zero intelligence and zero common sense and zero empathy- his death cult loves it…”
2020“To all the corporate Democrat apologist – Biden can barley Speak or think – so F**** him and all you enablers Run – Henry Wallace not Joe McCarthy lite.”
2021“Trump – daily reminder that he’s a corrupt evil fuck who could give a rats ass about rule of law or people not in his inner crime family- ranked world’s worst dictator…”

Claims of Hypocrisy

Some accuse Cusack of being hypocritical for criticizing and demeaning others when he is wealthy, privileged, and out of touch himself. They argue fame and money do not make his political opinions any more authoritative or important than a regular citizen’s.

There are also occasional calls for him to be “cancelled” over some past tweets and comments that inflamed cancel culture critics on the right. For example, in 2012 he faced accusations of anti-semitism for a tweet about elite global power (which he deleted and apologized for).

So between the vulgar mud-slinging and credibility issues, many on both sides find his constant preaching smug and irritating.

His Acting Choices Have Struggled Recently

While Cusack remains beloved for 1980s/1990s films, his acting projects over the last 15+ years have been more uneven mixed in quality:

  • He has not headlined a major box office hit since the early 2000s
  • There have been some modest and well-received films, but also a lot of low-budget duds
  • In recent years he has faced criticism for “phoning it in” for easy paychecks in mediocre productions

So between the lack of hits and choice of questionable films, some fans are disappointed at the trajectory of his acting career compared to earlier heights.

What Do Fans & Critics Have To Say?

Despite the criticism, Cusack maintains a loyal fanbase to this day who admire him for:

  • His past iconic roles – which have had cultural and personal resonance
  • His willingness to use his platform to champion causes he believes in
  • Staying genuine and “himself” despite fame – making him relatable/down-to-earth

For supporters, his unpredictability on Twitter and non-conformity in Hollywood are marks of authenticity. Even in weaker films, many contend his talent and charisma shine through.

Examples of Positive Tweets About John Cusack

2021“@johncusack has always been outspoken on Twitter, but he’s also been one of my favorite actors since I was a teenager. High Fidelity and Grosse Point Blank were particularly impactful films for me in high school.”
2022“Yea @johncusack goes over the top sometimes but he’s been right way more about this fascist threat we’re facing than the Kevin McCarthys of the world.”
2022“Say Anything is the greatest romcom ever. We didn’t deserve john cusack”

Poll Data on Favorability

According to polls by Morning Consult from 2020, John Cusack has a 48% favorability score overall. Among Democrats it rises higher to 63%, while only 20% of Republicans give him a favorable rating likely due to political clashes.

So while clearly divisive, close to half the US public maintains a positive opinion of the actor.

Criticisms From Former Fans

However, even some former ardent fans have grown tired of Cusack’s constant political fire-throwing and questionable career choices, arguing:

  • He comes across as an arrogant hypocrite who contradicts his own views
  • The angry political commentary overshadows discussion of his actual work
  • Some accuse him of “selling out” by taking mediocre roles for money

Many contend the quality and thoughtfulness of his films/roles have declined – wasting his talent on petty rants unlikely to change any minds.

Examples Critical Tweets

Here are some examples critical tweets about Cusack in recent years:

2019“Yo @johncusack I used to be the biggest fan growing up but your politics are just way too radical and angry all the time. High Fidelity will always be one of my favorite movies though.”
2020“@johncusack Dude no offense but you’re a pretentious rich celebrity. You literally make a living pretending to be other people. Relax on lecturing average people about politics like you know more.”
2021“The irony is @johncusack plays all these characters who are flawed but lovable in 80s movies, yet comes across as an oblivious jerk on here. Must just be a Twitter thing I guess”

What Led To His Increased Polarization?

In the 2000s and early 2010s, Cusack already had a reputation for being openly progressive/anti-war in his views. However, his constant unfiltered tweeting since Trump’s election took the rhetoric to far more aggressive levels.

Some events that worsened polarization include:

The Rise of Trump & Partisan Hostility

  • Increasing toxicity/tribalism in US politics provided fuel
  • As a major Trump critic, he became symbolic of the opposition

Growing Power Of Social Media Outrage

  • Platforms like Twitter empower vitriolic political takes
  • Critics seize on past mistakes/controversies to “cancel”
  • Space encourages performative soap-boxing

Declining Quality of Recent Roles

  • Weaker films of past 15 years prompt criticism
  • Reinforces views of him “phoning it in” for paychecks
  • Undermines goodwill from earlier acclaimed work

Put together – fame, wealth and past iconic roles raised expectations. His constant political clashing and variable acting quality undercut credibility for moderates.

Breakdown by Age Groups

According to Morning Consult polls, opinions on John Cusack differ significantly across generations:

Age GroupFavorability RatingKey Takeaways
18-29 Year Olds42%Less nostalgia for his 1980s/1990s roles. MoreUsed to edgier political rhetoric on social media.
30-44 Year Olds52%Peak nostalgia demographic who grew up with his classic films. But some now see contradictions.
45-54 Year Olds39%Familiar with his past iconic roles but more irritated by his tweets/regress in film quality
55+ Year Olds33%Less affinity for his past roles or tolerance for aggressive political speech

So while a slight majority of those under 45 maintain a positive view – voters over 45 have grown far more critical of the actor.

Nostalgia helps offset politics for some core fans, but the mediocre later films have greater impact among older groups with more memories of his earlier renowned work and cultural impact.


John Cusack’s outspoken liberal politics and social media presence have proven divisive, though he maintains a loyal fanbase. While many still admire his past iconic roles like Say Anything… and High Fidelity, others criticize his recent career choices and aggressive political commentary as hypocritical or arrogant.

Overall Cusack himself seems unfazed by the polarization, staying committed to using his platform to amplify causes he believes in. But the constant mud-slinging and shrinking box office returns have taken a toll on his credibility in the mainstream.

Looking ahead, Cusack is slated to appear in several new films over the next few years spanning thrillers, war dramas and even a fantasy adventure.

Perhaps a return to more acclaimed performances could shift the limelight back to his artistic talents rather than just the political opinions. But whether working on a modest indie production or a Hollywood blockbuster, John Cusack always brings his patented offbeat charm and conviction to every role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people call John Cusack a hypocrite?

Some critics argue Cusack is hypocritical for harshly criticizing others and claiming moral authority while being a privileged, out-of-touch Hollywood celebrity himself. They believe the fame and wealth do not make his political stances any more important than a regular citizen’s perspective.

What is John Cusack’s favorability rating?

According to 2020 Morning Consult polls, 48% of US adults view Cusack favorably. The rating rises to 63% with Democrats but falls to just 20% with Republicans, indicating significant partisan divides.

What are John Cusack’s most iconic roles?

Cusack’s breakthrough came in the late 1980s with roles in films like Say Anything…, Eight Men Out, and Hot Pursuit. In the 1990s/early 2000s he starred in several enduring classics like Grosse Pointe Blank, Bullets Over Broadway, High Fidelity, and Being John Malkovich cementing his status.

Has John Cusack won any major acting awards?

While praised for specific performances, Cusack has never won an Oscar, Golden Globe or SAG award for his film work over the years. He does have two Independent Spirit awards. Many feel his talent and range warrant more prestigious film awards.

What political views does John Cusack have?

Cusack identifies as a democratic socialist and regularly advocates for progressive causes including wealth redistribution, universal healthcare, gun control, environmentalism and human rights protections. He is an avowed critic of Donald Trump and Fox News.

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