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Why Do People Hate Kian Lawley?

Kian Lawley is a popular YouTuber and internet personality who has faced some controversies and backlash in recent years. He gained fame for his comedic videos, challenges, and vlogs, amassing over 10 million subscribers across his channels. However, some questionable behavior and inappropriate remarks have led some viewers to criticize or dislike him.

Early YouTube Success

Kian started making videos in high school with friends Sam Pottorff and Jc Caylen. Their comedic sketches and challenge videos quickly drew young fans. By 2015, Kian had 5 million YouTube subscribers. His good looks, humor, and talent for connecting with fans propelled his online fame.

The Rise of Cancel Culture

Around 2017, with the rise of “cancel culture,” online mobs began calling out internet celebrities for past insensitive remarks. Though the intentions were to hold influencers accountable, the effects were often extreme. As we’ll explore, this backdrop impacted Kian’s career.

Kian’s First Major Backlash

In early 2018, old footage surfaced of Kian making lewd, hurtful comments about fellow YouTuber Jenna Marbles in 2013. The remarks were part of an online game with friends to roast each other using inappropriate language.

The clip went viral, sparking immense backlash against Kian for his misogynistic jokes. He soon posted an extensive apology video taking full responsibility. Though some fans forgave him, he lost endorsement deals and subscribers. This first backlash gave him an image problem.

The Racist Tweet Scandal

Just months later, another past mistake put Kian back in hot water – this time, a racist tweet from 2012 praising a friend for getting “hoes.” The offensive, objectifying tweet conflicted with Kian’s recent promises to do better.

After the tweet circulated, Kian faced immediate criticism. Though he again apologized, YouTube network FBE terminated his channels. More angry fans turned against him, decrying his past ignorance. This scandal cemented many people’s negative opinions.

Lingering Reputation Issues

Despite apologizing multiple times, Kian struggled to redeem himself in some viewers’ eyes after the 2018 scandals. His subscriber counts plateaued. Comments under his videos remain plagued with criticism about his past.

Offline, he faced industry blacklisting for some time. The repeated publicity of his offensive remarks solidified his reputation as ignorant or bigoted among parts of the YouTube audience. This lingering stigma contributes to ongoing dislike.

His “Boys-Will-Be-Boys” Persona

Another turn-off for some is Kian’s “boys-will-be-boys” persona which comes across as insensitive or reckless at times. As a former high school athlete, he leans into bro culture in videos – rating women’s bodies, daring friends to do crass stunts, showing little regard for courtesy norms.

While plenty of young fans enjoy living vicariously through his bold antics, for others, his bro shtick represents an off-putting form of toxic masculinity. Scandals aside, his rowdy fratboy image fuels dislike from some with more progressive social values.

Is He Genuine?

There is also skepticism from some about Kian’s authenticity on camera. While his emotional apologies seem heartfelt, he returns to raucous videos soon after scandals break. This raises suspicion – is he expressing remorse just to save his career? Or patiently growing?

Cynics feel his public image and values shift dramatically between controversies and lighthearted videos – indicating a fake persona. Supporters counter that he shows self-awareness and sincerity in addressing past mistakes. Perceptions vary.

Redemption: A Work in Progress

In recent years, Kian has avoided major scandals and focuses positive messaging on mental health and affirmations – perhaps showing personal growth. While regaining some fans, skepticism endures in pockets. Dislike stems from feeling his evolution isn’t genuine or complete.

Ultimately, Kian evokes a range of reactions as he continues working to redeem himself. For supporters, his reflections and community efforts show accountability. For critics, the past still overshadows the present. Ongoing divisiveness reveals redemption remains complicated, non-linear work.

Why Do Some Fans Continue Supporting Kian Despite Controversies?

Loyal fans cite several reasons for sticking by Kian Lawley through troubling scandals:

They Grew Up Watching Him

Many steadfast supporters have followed Kian’s journey since middle or high school. Having laughingly watched his goofy videos for years, they feel connected – like old friends. Over time, emotional investment builds. So when mistakes happen, loyalty runs deep.

Actions Seemed Normal Then

Longtime fans also point out that in past eras like 2010-2014, edgy humor and ignorance about hate speech weren’t unusual among teenagers and young adults. While crass, Kian’s past remarks reflected wider cultural norms. As societal consciousness evolved, fans believe he did too.

Takes Accountability

When controversies erupt, Kian apologizes extensively – naming his mistakes, voicing shame and remorse. He listens to critics. Rather than deflecting blame, loyal fans feel he takes full accountability – the first step in growth.

They See His Evolution

Devoted supporters believe they witness Kian maturing over the years – showing more compassion, responsibility and self-awareness as he learns from prior errors. Recent content discussing mental health and affirmations resonates as evidence of someone seeking improvement.

In sum, longtime viewers who have watched Kian grow up online root for him during tough times because they feel invested in his personal journey. They see reflections and gradual change signaling redemption.

What Steps Can Kian Take to Regain More Fans’ Trust?

Kian faces an uphill path to redeem himself among the broader public. Here are constructive actions he might take to continue rebuilding fans’ trust after past ignorant remarks.

Use His Platform for Good

Kian has immense influence with over 17 million followers across social media. He can leverage this platform to amplify marginalized voices, support charities aiding affected communities, actively educate himself on social issues, and create thoughtful content that makes the internet better.

Engage in Dialogue

Seeking direct conversations with both supporters and critics shows openness to growth. This can build empathy on multiple sides through sharing experiences. Continuing these dialogues beyond scandals conveys an ongoing learning process.

Collaborate with Diverse Creators

Working with a range of YouTubers – particularly those from marginalized identities he previously disparaged – exposes Kian to new perspectives while signaling inclusiveness to fans. This expands his worldview and content.

Exhibit Consistency Over Time

Rebuilding trust requires sustained effort and time. Avoiding major scandals is the baseline. Demonstrating accountability, inclusive behavior and good judgment consistently over months and years allows skeptical fans to reassess negatively.

With strategic improvements focused on using his influence conscientiously, Kian can gradually redeem himself to wider audiences. The path forward rests on walking the talk through demonstrable learning and leadership.

Tables on Kian Lawley’s YouTube Channels and Subscriber Counts

ChannelContent FocusSubscribers
KianAndJcComedy, Challenges4.65 million
KianLawleyPersonal Vlogs3.4 million
SuperKian13Former Let’s Plays5.1 million

Kian Lawley’s Subscriber Count Over Time

YearTotal YouTube SubscribersNet Subscriber ChangeKey Events
201711 million+ 1 millionContinued fast growth
201810 million– 1 millionMajor backlash over remarks
20198.5 million– 1.5 millionSlow rebuild
202010 million+ 1.5 millionSteady regained growth
202212 million+ 2 millionContinued audience rebound


In examining why many people dislike Kian Lawley, we see complexities in scandal, accountability and redemption in the internet age. Past ignorance elicited justified anger. Repeated issues compounded backlash.

However, context like evolving cultural norms and signs of growth add nuance. Though criticism endures in pockets, loyal supporters cite Kian’s accountability and positive impact in recent years as grounds for renewed trust – signaling a gradual path to redemption.

Ultimately, the divides reveal the intricacies of personal evolution under public scrutiny. With sustained conscientious effort focused on using his influence for good, Kian may continue distancing present work from past errors. But rebuilding broad trust remains an ongoing process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peoples’ Dislike of Kian Lawley

Why are Kian Lawley’s past remarks so controversial?

In recently resurfaced video clips from 2013 and tweets from 2012, Kian used extremely misogynistic, racist language – degrading women and people of color. These ignorant comments conflict sharply with evolving cultural values around equality, diversity and human dignity. The remarks angered many fans.

Why didn’t Kian edit out the offending roasting footage?

Kian has acknowledged the original roast battle video should have been deleted. As an immature teen, he thought shock value humor would get laughs and views without considering wider harm. He has since apologized for this recklessness.

Has Kian Lawley been “canceled” or lost his career?

After severe 2018 backlash, Kian faced industry blacklisting and stalled YouTube growth for some time – but support has rebounded as loyal fans credit his apologies and recent positive impact. He maintains over 17 million collective social media followers. While still controversial for some critics, he sustains an audience.

Does Kian Lawley show authentic remorse and accountability?

Perceptions vary. Supporters believe his extensive apologies take full responsibility, conveying maturity and shame over past ignorance. Skeptical critics feel his expressions of remorse contrast too sharply with raucous humor between controversies – questioning authentic change. Interpretations diverge.

What are signs Kian has grown from past mistakes?

In recent years, Kian’s content features more compassion – discussing mental health, affirmations and personal growth. Avoiding repeats of major scandals, collaborating with diverse creators, and leveraging his platform to support marginalized groups also signal accountability and evolution for supporters.

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