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Why Do People Hate Maisie Williams?

Maisie Williams is a popular English actress best known for her role as Arya Stark on the HBO series Game of Thrones. Despite her success and popularity, Williams has faced some backlash and hatred online from certain groups of people. In this article, we’ll explore some of the potential reasons why people hate Maisie Williams.

Reasons Why People Hate Maisie Williams

One of the main reasons why some people dislike Maisie Williams is that she’s very outspoken, especially when it comes to social and political issues.

She identifies as a feminist and regularly speaks out about women’s rights, racial injustice, LGBTQ+ rights, and other progressive causes. This rubs some conservative fans the wrong way.

Character Arc on Game of Thrones

While Arya was a fan favorite on Game of Thrones, some viewers grew tired of her towards the end. In the last few seasons, her storyline focused heavily on her vengeance quest.

Some felt her character lacked nuance and was too one-dimensional. The way she killed the Night King also upset fans who wanted a more significant ending for the White Walkers.

Not Considered a Great Actress

Despite her popularity as Arya, some critics argue that Maisie Williams is not a very strong actress.

Her starring role on Game of Thrones relied more on cool actions scenes than emotive acting chops. Outside of the show, her film performances have been panned as flat and one-note. So some feel she’s overrated and undeserving of praise.

Doesn’t Conform to Beauty Standards

Unlike many actresses, Maisie Williams doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of Hollywood beauty. She has a unique look with unconventional features, which has led some people to criticize her appearance and make fun of her looks online. Her fashion sense is also bold and divisive.

Backlash Against Fame at a Young Age

As a teenager, Maisie Williams skyrocketed to global fame playing Arya at just 14 years old. Some believe she let the early success go to her head and disapprove of the arrogance they perceive in her. They don’t believe she deserves all the opportunities she gets.

She’s Outspoken Against Cyberbullying

As someone who grew up in the public eye, Maisie Williams deals with a lot of cyberbullying and trolling. She’s been very outspoken about the damaging impacts of online harassment. But this advocacy against cyberbullying likely further fuels the hatred from her worst trolls.

Perceived Cockiness and Arrogance

Some critics believe Maisie Williams comes across as arrogant or full of herself in interviews. They see her as cocky and entitled rather than humble and gracious. She’s been accused of disrespecting veteran actors and her Game of Thrones co-stars.

Do the Haters Have Valid Criticisms?

While no one deserves the extreme cyberbullying that public figures often face, some of the more civil criticisms of Maisie Williams do seem to hold some truth. Her acting range does appear limited outside of her Arya role. And it’s understandable how her outspoken social media presence could rub some people the wrong way.

However, much of the hatred also seems disproportionate, mean-spirited, and rooted in sexism. It’s true that Williams is not a classically beautiful actress, but bashing someone’s looks is always wrong. The backlash against her confidence also often reeks of gender bias. Confidence that’s seen as bold in men is condemned as “arrogance” in women.

Overall, reasonable people can disagree on whether Williams is a strong actress or role model. But the extreme vitriol she faces online is excessive and frankly unacceptable, no matter one’s opinion on her talent.

Maisie Williams’ Response to the Haters

For her part, Maisie Williams takes most of the criticism and hatred in stride. She’s spoken before about dealing with self-esteem issues early in her career but learning to tune out the noise and feel comfortable in her own skin.

Williams chooses not to let the internet trolls deter her from standing up for causes she believes in or being her authentic self. As she once said, “Anyone who spends time on the internet knows that it can be a challenging place. But we have a choice: let it affect you or live your life.”

The actress also recognizes that social media often brings out the worst in people. In an interview about the online hatred she’s faced, Williams remarked, “When people are sat behind a screen, they feel like they can say things because they aren’t saying it to someone’s face.”

Table Summarizing Main Points

Reasons for HatredExplanationValid Critique?
Outspoken on social issuesHer feminism and progressivism bother some conservative fansHer opinions may rub some the wrong way
Arya character arcSome felt her storyline became one-dimensional and disliked her killing the Night KingReasonable criticisms of character writing
Perceived lack of talentCritics say she relies more on action than emotive acting skillsHer range could be limited outside GoT role
Doesn’t fit beauty standardsShe’s made fun of online for her unconventional looksBashing someone’s looks is always wrong
Early fameSome believe she let early success go to her headUnderstandable to not love child stars
Speaks out against cyberbullyingThis advocacy likely fuels trolls who cyberbully herTrolls should be condemned, not her advocacy
Seen as arrogantHer confidence comes across as cocky to some peopleLikely a sexist double standard


While no celebrity is immune to criticism or disliked by all, Maisie Williams seems to inspire particularly strong hatred from some factions across the internet. Her outspoken feminism, nontraditional looks, early fame, and confident persona are all likely factors in the disproportionate backlash she faces online.

However, it’s also hard to deny that much of the vitriol stems from needless cyberbullying, sexist double standards, and unreasonable expectations placed on a young actress who simply grew up on screen.

Williams chooses to rise above the unwarranted hatred and stay true to herself. But the level of toxicity she endures for merely being a woman with opinions also raises disheartening questions about modern celebrity culture and social media. Perhaps the true question shouldn’t be “Why do people hate Maisie Williams?” but rather, “Why do we find it so easy to hate?”

Frequently Asked Questions about Why People Hate Maisie Williams

Why do some Game of Thrones fans dislike Maisie Williams?

Some Game of Thrones fans grew tired of her one-dimensional Arya Stark character in later seasons and disliked the way she killed the Night King. Her revenge arc lacked nuance for some viewers.

What are some common criticisms of Maisie Williams’ acting?

Critics argue Maisie Williams has limited acting range, relying on action scenes more than emotive skills. Her performances outside Game of Thrones have been panned as flat and one-note.

How does sexism play a role in the hatred of Maisie Williams?

Misogyny fuels much of the excessive vitriol directed at Williams. The arrogance some see in her confidence is praised in male actors. Her unconventional looks also make her a target for appearance bashing.

Why don’t some people like Maisie Williams’ advocacy?

Her unapologetic feminism and outspoken support for progressive causes rubs some conservative fans the wrong way. Advocacy against her own cyberbullies also likely fuels trolls.

How does Maisie Williams respond to the online hatred she receives?

Williams tries not to let the cyberbullying affect her mental health or deter her from being herself. She recognizes social media often brings out the worst in people and separates online trolls from reality.

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