Why Do People Hate Matt Damon?

Matt Damon is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and prolific actors. He has starred in numerous critically and commercially successful films such as Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, and The Martian.

However, in recent years, Damon has faced backlash for various controversial incidents and statements. This has led some people to develop a strong dislike for the A-list actor.

Reasons Why Matt Damon is Disliked

His Comments on Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

In a 2017 interview, Damon downplayed the prevalence of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. He stated that there was a “spectrum of behavior” and tried to differentiate Harvey Weinstein from comedian Louis C.K.

His comments were criticized for minimizing the endemic abuse of power against women in the entertainment industry. Many felt Damon was speaking from a place of male privilege and dismissing the experiences of abuse survivors.

Perceived Hypocrisy on Diversity and Representation

Damon has been accused of hypocrisy when it comes to diversity. He’s been vocal about the lack of gay actors playing gay characters but defended his starring role as a Chinese warrior in The Great Wall by claiming it was a “mythical, fantasy character.”

Critics have found his stances contradictory, especially since he’s taken diverse roles from minority actors.

Production Deal with Harvey Weinstein

After the revelations about Weinstein’s sexual misconduct emerged, it was revealed that Damon and Russell Crowe had tried to kill a story about Weinstein’s behavior over a decade prior.

Damon had also done multiple films with Weinstein’s production company while many in Hollywood knew of the allegations against him. This partnership was seen as enabling Weinstein’s actions.

Damon’s Diversity Comments on Project Greenlight

On his HBO show Project Greenlight in 2015, Damon interrupted producer Effie Brown to mansplain diversity to her.

He cut her off to explain that diversity meant more than just hiring Black actors and said her concerns about the lack of diversity were “wrong.” His arrogant and ignorant behavior sparked outrage online.

Using a Homophobic Slur in an Interview

In a 2021 magazine profile, Damon casually said he had “retired” from using the homophobic slur f*****. LGBTQ groups criticized Damon for normalizing a harmful term. Damon later apologized but the initial remark showed his ignorance on the impact of slurs.

Do People Actually Hate Matt Damon?

Despite the controversies, it seems unrealistic that the general public harbors an intense hatred for Matt Damon. Here are some thoughts on the matter:

  • The incidents provoking outrage have been sporadic over Damon’s decades-long career. They do not define his whole persona or body of work.
  • Most of the “hate” comes from very online social justice advocates. For casual fans and moviegoers, Damon remains a respected star.
  • Lots of celebrities have been called out for insensitivity or ignorance at some point. Damon is far from the only one to face a backlash.
  • Damon has apologized and acknowledged mistakes after several incidents. This suggests some capacity for self-reflection and accountability.
  • Damon keeps getting hired for major films and roles. Clearly, Hollywood insiders do not consider him persona non grata. He has maintained his social capital.
  • By all accounts, Damon’s friends and colleagues enjoy working with him. He can’t be a horrendous person if he sustains positive professional relationships.
  • Damon supports various philanthropic causes like clean water access, poverty reduction, and public education. His charity work indicates social consciousness.


Matt Damon’s periodic insensitive remarks have certainly landed him in hot water with social media and advocacy groups. However, the public outrage likely exaggerates the extent to which people genuinely “hate” the award-winning actor.

Most Americans remain fond of Damon and he continues to be in-demand in Hollywood. While Damon could benefit from more awareness on diversity and inclusion, his career will likely continue unaffected by short-lived controversies.

Going forward, he would do well to engage his critics in good faith and re-evaluate positions that dismiss marginalized voices. With more mindfulness and wisdom, Damon can utilize his powerful platform to support humanitarian progress both on and off the screen.

FAQ about Why People Dislike Matt Damon

Why are people mad at Matt Damon?

People have gotten mad at Matt Damon over the years for various controversial statements he has made and actions he has taken. Some of the main incidents provoking outrage include:

  • Minimizing sexual harassment in Hollywood
  • Hypocritical stances on diversity/representation
  • Partnering with Harvey Weinstein despite knowing of allegations against him
  • Mansplaining diversity to producer Effie Brown
  • Using a homophobic slur casually in an interview

What did Matt Damon say about gay actors?

In a 2021 interview, Matt Damon stated that gay actors should have the right to play straight roles and said he was confident playing a gay character if need be. Previously, he faced backlash for stating that gay actors should play gay characters, which was seen as limiting.

What offensive thing did Matt Damon say?

In 2021, Matt Damon casually admitted to having only recently “retired” from using the homophobic slur f*****. His nonchalant mention of using such an offensive term sparked outrage online from LGBTQ advocates. Damon later apologized.

Did Matt Damon know about Harvey Weinstein?

Reporting revealed that in 2004, Matt Damon and Russell Crowe had helped kill a New York Times story about Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment. Damon later partnered with Harvey Weinstein’s studio on numerous films. This was seen as enabling Weinstein’s misconduct.

Why did Matt Damon cut off Effie Brown?

In an episode of Project Greenlight in 2015, producer Effie Brown was explaining the importance of diversity in casting. Matt Damon repeatedly interrupted her to explain diversity from his perspective as a white man. He spoke over Brown in a display of arrogance that outraged viewers.

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