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Why Do People Hate Robert Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski is one of the best strikers in world football right now. The Polish hitman has been breaking goalscoring records for fun ever since joining Bayern Munich in 2014, establishing himself as one of the most clinical finishers in the game. However, despite his insane goal tally and individual honors, Lewandowski remains a polarizing figure among football fans.

Why is Lewandowski so Divisive Among Fans?

Lewandowski evokes extreme reactions from fans, you either love him or hate him. There are several reasons why he rubs some fans the wrong way:

Overreliance on Service

Some argue Lewandowski scores so many goals because he plays for Bayern Munich, a dominant team in a relatively weak Bundesliga that creates tons of chances. This has led to claims that he is overreliant on service and would struggle in more competitive leagues.

Perceived Arrogance

Lewandowski has supreme confidence in his abilities. However, his self-assurance occasionally manifests as arrogance that puts some people off. His controversial statements like claiming he deserves the 2020 Ballon d’Or or deserves more credit have not helped his image.

Lack of Flair

While lethal in front of goal, Lewandowski does not have the same flair or highlight-reel qualities as contemporaries like Neymar or Mbappe. Some fans are bored by his clinical but “boring” style and don’t consider him entertaining enough.


Some critics feel Lewandowski is an old-school one-dimensional #9 who only excels at scoring. They argue modern greats like Benzema or Kane offer more all-around play in buildup and creation, making them more complete.

Why Do Bayern Munich Fans Dislike Him?

On the face of it, Bayern fans should love Lewandowski. After all, he scores at an insane rate and has propelled their unprecedented era of domestic dominance. Surprisingly, a section of Bayern supporters also dislike him. Why?

Lack of Emotional Connection

Despite his goalscoring exploits, Lewandowski lacks the emotional connection with the fans that previous club legends like Muller or Elber enjoyed. His aloof persona and occasional flirting with other clubs contribute to this.

Commercial Focus

Some Bayern fans feel Lewandowski is more concerned about breaking records and personal glory than the club’s success. His rocky contract situation and threats to leave for other records have strengthened this belief.

SeasonGoals ScoredMajor Honors
2019/2055UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, DFB Pokal
2020/2141Bundesliga, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup


A portion of Bayern supporters perceive Lewandowski as greedy and self-centered. His contentious contract negotiations and statements demanding higher pay have reinforced this image, rubbing fans the wrong way.

Why Do Rival Fans Dislike Him?

As the ultimate Goalscoring Machine in German football, Lewandowski inevitably attracts hatred from rival fans. But why do they harbor such animosity towards him?


Rival fans are plain jealous of Lewandowski’s insane scoring record. His machine-like consistency in putting the ball in the net, game after game, season after season, is simply astounding and unmatched.


In his peak, Lewandowski has almost single-handedly destroyed rival teams like Dortmund and RB Leipzig. Rival fans obviously dislike him massively for ruthlessly exposing their defensive frailties.


Lewandowski punishes even the smallest defensive mistakes without mercy. His clinical finishing has denied rivals even a sniff of positivity many times. This mercilessness in destroying their hopes naturally earns him their hatred.


Rival fans perceive Lewandowski as arrogant, often pointing to his bold statements claiming he is the best and deserves more recognition as evidence. His calm confidence coupled with destructive scoring ability against their team infuriates them.

What Do Lionel Messi Fans Have Against Him?

As contemporary greats in the post-Ronaldo/Messi era, comparisons between Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi are inevitable. Surprisingly. a lot of Messi fans also seem to dislike the Polish striker. Why?

Style Difference

Messi fans argue Lewandowski’s goal poaching style makes him one-dimensional and limited compared to Messi’s more holistic influence and wizardry. These stylistic differences and Messi’s versatility put them at odds.

Stats Obsession

A portion of Messi fans feel Lewandowski fans are obsessed with stats like goals scored, which unfairly boosts his standing. They believe stats do not reflect Messi’s true magical genius and impact.

Best Player Debates

Increasingly vocal claims from Lewandowski fans that he deserves the Best Player crown over Messi rub his fans the wrong way. They dislike Lewy for threatening Messi’s undisputed GOAT status through stats like most top-scorer awards.

Personality Contrasts

Some Messi fans highlight the introverted Argentine’s shy, family-oriented humility as admirable personality traits in contrast to the supremely confident Lewandowski’s brash outspokenness that can come across as arrogance.

Is the Hatred Towards Him Justified?

Lewandowski’s superhuman scoring record inevitably attracts criticism from different fan groups for a variety of reasons. But are these criticisms fair or justified?

Myth of System Dependency

Claims that Lewandowski is a system player overly dependent on Bayern’s service simply do not hold up. His scoring record for the Polish national team and ability to keep scoring even as Bayern’s personnel changed debunk this theory.

Likeability Issues Overblown

While Lewandowski’s perceived arrogance and commercial focus sometimes alienate fans, teammates and coaches acknowledge he is a consummate professional and likeable figure within the dressing room. His icy on-field persona likely contributes to his unlikable image.

Record-Breaking Brilliance Can’t Be Ignored

Regardless of playing style, Lewandowski’s staggering consistency and record-breaking scoring feats cannot simply be downplayed or attributed just to service. His horizontal movement, positional awareness and clinical finishing are clearly world-class.

Ultimately, fan hostility almost seems like an inevitable byproduct of Lewandowski’s goal machine brilliance in an era of statistical benchmarks and nostalgia for past legends. While the criticism has some factual basis, the sheer weight of his numbers and records make dismissing his world-class abilities difficult. Perhaps it stems from the struggle to appreciate present-day greatness compared to nostalgia for a romanticized past.


In closing, Robert Lewandowski evokes an extreme polarity of reactions – from diehard fans who believe he deserves recognition as one of football’s recent greats to vehement detractors who undermine his abilities and accomplishments through a variety of arguments.

This article aimed to explore and analyze the different perspectives fairly using facts and data. Lewandowski’s confidence occasionally manifesting as arrogance, combined with the unavoidable yet odious statistical comparisons between him and all-time greats like Lionel Messi seem to fuel much of the criticism.

Ultimately, Lewandowski’s phenomenal goalscoring record and multiple trophies speak for themselves. While fans will debate his exact placement in the footballing pantheon, there is no denying he is an all-time Bundesliga legend who has achieved rare feats like winning The Best FIFA Player award or breaking Gerd Muller’s 49-year-old scoring record.

Only time will tell if Lewandowski can win over more of his naysayers by maintaining his brilliance a few more years. But at 33, his twilight beckons even though his scoring shows no signs of abating. Until then, this polarizing personality will likely continue triggering extreme reactions – undying love and admiration from some, but also resentment and painful reminders of unfulfilled dreams from others less fortunate to bask in his prowess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people consider Lewandowski overrated?

Some people feel Lewandowski is overrated because he scores many goals by playing for an ultra-dominant Bayern team that creates a huge number of chances. They think he benefits significantly from Bayern’s service and is not as self-sufficient in chance creation as contemporaries like Benzema.

What records and stats highlight Lewandowski’s greatness?

  • Scored 41 Bundesliga goals in 2020/21, breaking Gerd Muller’s 49-year record
  • Only player in history to win The Best FIFA Player, UEFA Player of the Year and European Golden Shoe in a single year (2020)
  • Fastest to score 10 Champions League goals for a club (under 7 games)
  • Most goals ever scored in a single Champions League group stage (11 goals)

Is Lewandowski arrogant compared to other star players?

Lewandowski undoubtedly has supreme belief in his abilities. However, contemporaries like Cristiano Ronaldo or Zlatan Ibrahimovic have shown comparable or greater degrees of arrogance and self-confidence during their careers. Lewandowski’s relatively subdued celebrations and team focus balance some of his bolder comments.

What is Lewandowski’s playing style and goal scoring approach?

Lewandowski plays as an out-and-out striker or center forward. His key attributes are positional awareness, acceleration over short distances, composed finishing with both feet and aerial ability. Unlike some poachers though, he also frequently drops deep or facilitates attacks.

How important is Lewandowski to Bayern Munich’s success?

Extremely important. Since 2014/15, Lewandowski has averaged over 40 goals a season for Bayern across all competitions – almost double the next highest contributor. Many pundits believe Bayern’s unprecedented sextuple in 2019/20 would have been impossible without his 55 goal involvements that year.

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