Why Do People Hate Sam Ryder?

Sam Ryder is a British singer and songwriter who rose to fame after coming second in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. While he has many fans and supporters, some people have expressed dislike or hatred towards him. There are a few potential reasons why Sam Ryder attracts negative sentiment from certain groups.

Reasons For Dislike

Sudden Fame

One of the main reasons why people dislike Sam Ryder is that his rise to fame seemed sudden and unexpected. Before Eurovision, he was relatively unknown, making TikTok videos and covers from his bedroom. His Eurovision success propelled him quickly into the limelight. This rapid transition can breed resentment and accusations of not paying dues.

Some feel that more established artists deserve the spotlight over someone who found quick viral fame online. They see Ryder as an overnight sensation who hasn’t put in the work to earn proper recognition.

Perceived Lack of Authenticity

Another complaint about Sam Ryder is that he lacks authenticity and originality as an artist. Some view him as a product of reality shows and social media hype rather than a genuine musician.

His talents were “discovered” on TikTok, and he was put forward for Eurovision in a public vote by the BBC. To some skeptics, this backstory feels manufactured rather than organic. They feel his music is derivative and imitative rather than unique.

Over-promotion and Commercialization

After Eurovision, Ryder signed to a major record label and received heavy promotion. His debut single “Space Man” went straight to number one.

This instant commercial success breeds resentment from those who feel he is being over-hyped and commercialized. Some see him as a corporate-backed performer rather than a genuine indie talent.

The blanket media coverage and promotion feel excessive relative to his achievements so far in some people’s eyes.

Perceived Lack of Personality/Interest

Some critics point to Sam Ryder’s perceived lack of an interesting persona or story as a reason they can’t engage with him. His public persona is quite clean-cut and polite.

While he has talents as a singer, some feel he lacks charisma, personality, uniqueness, or an intriguing narrative in his public image. This makes him come across as bland or generic to those who want more individuality and authenticity in their pop stars.

Too Much Success Too Soon

Ryder’s meteoric rise can seem jarring or disproportionate relative to artists who have toiled for years without similar success. Sensational overnight success stories often elicit a range of reactions – from celebration and inspiration to skepticism and envy.

Some may feel it is unfair for someone to achieve such heights when they have barely paid dues as an artist. His accomplishments can seem outsized compared to his limited time as a professional musician.

In Defense of Sam Ryder

While Sam Ryder has detractors, he also has many supporters and fans who admire his talents. Here are some counterpoints in defense of Sam Ryder:

Strong Vocals and Musicianship

Regardless of his rapid rise, Ryder possesses strong technical skills as a vocalist and musician. He has an impressive vocal range and control. No one can deny his sheer talent as a singer.

His musicality extends beyond vocals to instruments like guitar and keys. He has musicianship chops beyond just having a good voice.

Relatability and Likeability

Sam Ryder is widely praised for his down-to-earth personality and presence. Despite his fame, he comes across as humble, gracious, and appreciative of his supporters.

He takes time to interact with fans online and make them feel valued. This likability and relatability factor endears him to many people.

Releases Original Material

While covers and remixes helped gain initial attention, Ryder is now focused on releasing original songs. He is establishing himself as a singer-songwriter with his own stories to tell through music.

As his catalog of music grows, the criticism of lack of originality may wane. His talent as a songwriter will become more apparent over time.

Underdog Narrative

The framing of Ryder as an “overnight success” overlooks his long history as a performer. He has been playing music for over 12 years in smaller venues and as a session musician.

This underdog narrative of an unsigned artist finally getting deserved recognition resonates with many fans. They see his rise as inspirational, not undeserved.

Brings Visibility

Winning Eurovision gave Ryder a huge platform to bring visibility to his talents. Thanks to technology like TikTok combined with that exposure, he can reach much larger audiences with his music.

Many see this as an exciting modern pathway to stardom rather than something warranting backlash.

Common Questions Around Sam Ryder Dislike

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions around why people may dislike Sam Ryder:

What controversies has Sam Ryder been involved in?

Sam Ryder has no major controversies or scandals attached to his name. Dislike tends to stem from factors like his sudden fame and perceived lack of authenticity rather than concrete scandals. There are no major problematic incidents or rumors about him personally.

Is the criticism against him fair?

Views on the fairness of criticism against Ryder vary. Undeniably he has talent. But the rapidity of his rise means he has not had to prove himself over a long period like other artists. The validity of the criticism depends on one’s views around concepts like authenticity, dues paying, and the role of platforms like TikTok in the music industry.

Is he a manufactured artist or industry plant?

Some definitely see him as an “industry plant” – someone strategically positioned to fame by media and labels. Others see his rise as more organic. He had a decent following before Eurovision due to his TikToks. But there’s no evidence of secret industry ties plotting his fame. Overall there’s no definitive answer – perspectives on his authenticity vary.

Does he write his own music?

Yes, Sam Ryder has writing credits on all his original songs released so far. He is establishing himself as a solo artist and songwriter, not just a performer. But earlier covers helped build his initial profile.

What are the demographics of his fanbase?

His fanbase skews millennial and Gen Z due to the role of TikTok and social media in his rise. However, his music appeals to broad demographics, like ESC fans. As his career progresses, his fanbase is likely to become more demographically diverse.


Sam Ryder’s SinglesPeak UK Chart Position
Space Man#1
Tiny Riot#5
All the Way Over#51
YearKey Sam Ryder Career Moments
2009Starts posting covers on YouTube
2021Joins TikTok and starts posting singing videos
2022Selected to represent UK at Eurovision
2022Gets 2nd place at Eurovision
2022Signs record deal with Parlophone


Sam Ryder provokes varied reactions from music listeners. Some see him as inauthentic, derivative, and undeserving of fame. Others see his talent and backstory as aspirational. Dismissing him as an “industry plant” overlooks his musical skills and previous work. But equally, criticizing his rapid rise has some rational basis.

Overall Sam Ryder’s profile speaks to the modern music landscape’s complexities – the role of technology, perceptions of authenticity, and ever-evolving routes to fame. While his career trajectory is unconventional, his vocal abilities are unquestionable. As he releases more work, his credibility as an artist will continue taking shape. But his meteoric success ensures he will remain a polarizing figure among different music fans.


Why do some people think Sam Ryder’s success is undeserved?

Some feel his rapid fame from TikTok and Eurovision seems unearned compared to more traditional routes in the music industry. The perception is that he hasn’t paid sufficient dues or really proven himself as an artist over a long period.

What are the positives of how Sam Ryder gained fame?

The positivity is that it shows an unsigned talent can gain visibility through platforms like social media. It provides exposure for artists without relying on traditional industry gatekeepers. His story can inspire others who want to make it in music.

Why don’t people connect to Sam Ryder’s personality?

Some feel that in interviews and appearances, he lacks a unique persona or intriguing narrative. He comes across as nice and polite but not as distinctive compared to other artists and performers.

Is Sam Ryder’s music high quality despite his quick fame?

Yes, while he achieved fame rapidly, his vocal abilities are very strong regardless. He has an impressive voice and musical talents like playing guitar. The quality of his singing overshadows concerns about his rapid rise.

Does Sam Ryder write his own songs?

Yes, Sam Ryder is credited as a writer on all his original songs. He is now establishing himself as a solo artist and songwriter with his own distinctive perspective and stories to tell.

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