Why Do People Hate Travis Barker?

Travis Barker is an American musician and producer. He is best known as the drummer for the rock band Blink-182. While Barker is a talented drummer and has many fans, he also has his fair share of haters. There are several reasons why some people dislike Travis Barker.

Reasons Why People Dislike Travis Barker

He’s Arrogant and Cocky

One of the main reasons why people hate Travis Barker is his perceived arrogance and cocky attitude. Barker has made comments in interviews before about how he’s the greatest rock drummer alive. He has an over-the-top confidence about his skills that some find off-putting. His tattooed body and flamboyant style also feed into the image of him being full of himself.

His Musical Style is Too Mainstream

While Barker was innovative in the early days of Blink-182, some argue that his drumming style has become too mainstream and uninventive in recent years. He relies on similar fill patterns and basic rock beats. For drummers and music fans looking for more progressive playing, Travis Barker’s style is seen as boring and stale.

He’s Overexposed in the Media

As a celebrity drummer, Barker receives a lot of media attention. Between his relationships with models like Shanna Moakler and Kourtney Kardashian, his frequent shirtless photos, and his public feuds, Barker is constantly in the public eye. Some see him as an attention-seeker hungry for the spotlight, rather than just humbly focusing on his music.

He’s Ego-Driven When Collaborating

Barker has collaborated with many artists like Yelawolf, Steve Aoki, and Lil Wayne. Reports from some fellow musicians indicate that Barker can be ego-driven in collaborative projects. Rather than selflessly contributing to another artist’s vision, Barker allegedly makes demands and ensures his drumming abilities remain front-and-center.

He’s Hypocritical About Substance Use

After surviving a deadly plane crash, Travis Barker has advocated against drug use. However, he continues to profit off Blink-182 songs like “Rock Show” that reference drug use in the lyrics. Some see this as hypocritical and believe Barker should no longer perform songs that contradict his anti-drug stance.

He’s Not Considered a “Real” Drummer

While Barker has amazing punk/pop drumming abilities, his technical skills fall short compared to top rock drummers. His lack of advanced technique, rudimental knowledge, reading skills, and jazz influence cause some to not consider Barker a truly great drummer. Especially among experienced drummers, Travis Barker lacks respect.

Defense of Travis Barker

However, despite the dislike that exists against Travis Barker, there are also counterpoints that defend the controversial drummer:

  • His confidence stems from his early success and shouldn’t be misconstrued as arrogance.
  • His style has evolved appropriately with Blink-182’s sound and helped bring punk influences into the mainstream.
  • He handles fame relatively well considering Blink-182’s level of popularity.
  • Collaborations allow both artists to showcase their skills. Barker upholds his end of agreements.
  • Performing older songs doesn’t mean condoning their lyrics. Musicians tend to avoid censoring their own catalog.
  • Barker openly admits he’s not a technical drummer, but he has still influenced many drummers to pick up the instrument.

Table: Pros and Cons of Travis Barker

Innovative punk/pop drumming stylePerceived as arrogant and cocky
Helped popularize punk rockMusical style has become stale
Collaborated with many different artistsOverexposed celebrity status
Survived a deadly plane crashEgo-driven in collaborations
Skilled at drumming for Blink-182 songsHypocritical about drug use
Influenced younger generation of drummersLacks technical drumming skills

This table summarizes the key pros and cons for Travis Barker and provides a balanced perspective.

Impact on Blink-182’s Music

There’s no denying that Travis Barker has had an enormous impact on the music of Blink-182:

Greater Emphasis on Drums

When he first joined Blink-182, Travis Barker convinced the band to highlight the drums more prominently in their mixes. This gave their music a driving, aggressive sound that became signature to their style.

Faster Tempos

As an exceptionally fast drummer, Barker increased the tempo of Blink-182 songs, giving them an energized punk/pop feel. Signature tracks like “All the Small Things” demonstrate Barker’s ability to play at rapid speeds.

More Complex Drum Parts

Travis Barker elevated Blink-182’s drum arrangements with more complex parts. He moved beyond basic timekeeping and created catchy, intricate drum patterns. His creativity shines through in Blink-182’s catalog.

Implementation of Electronics

Never afraid to experiment, Barker incorporated electronic effects and loops alongside traditional acoustic drums. This allowed Blink-182 to stay current yet maintain their core sound.


Travis Barker’s showmanship, celebrity romances, and outspoken personality certainly rub some people the wrong way. However, his influence on punk/pop drumming and Blink-182’s sound is undeniable. While his technical chops have room for improvement, Barker’s creativity, speed, and innovation have made a permanent mark on the rock genre. As with many polarizing public figures, the truth about Travis Barker likely lies somewhere in the middle between love and hate. Regardless of public perception, Barker’s legacy as an iconic drummer seems cemented in music history.

FAQs about Travis Barker

What bands was Travis Barker in before Blink-182?

Before joining Blink-182 in 1998, Travis Barker played with the punk rock bands The Aquabats and The Suicide Machines. He also was in the rap-rock group The Transplants.

How did Travis Barker meet the members of Blink-182?

Travis Barker first met the members of Blink-182 in 1996. He was playing with The Aquabats and Blink-182 was also on the bill for a show. He eventually officially joined Blink in 1998.

Why does Travis Barker hate flying?

In 2008, Travis Barker survived a devastating plane crash that killed four other passengers. He suffered third-degree burns from the accident. Understandably, this caused him to develop a fear of flying.

What are some of Travis Barker’s non-musical business ventures?

Outside of drumming, Travis Barker has his own clothing company called Famous Stars and Straps. He also has invested in a restaurant chain called Crossroads Kitchen that serves vegan food.

How many albums has Travis Barker recorded with Blink-182?

Since joining Blink-182 in 1998, Travis Barker has recorded five studio albums with the band: Enema of the State, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, Blink-182, Neighborhoods, and California.

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