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Why Do People Love Hudson Yang?

Hudson Yang is an American actor best known for his breakout lead role as Eddie Huang in ABC’s comedy series Fresh Off the Boat. Since premiering in 2015, the show has received praise for its groundbreaking depiction of an Asian-American family on network television.

But beyond representing greater diversity on the small screen, Hudson’s charismatic yet relatable performance has gained him an enthusiastic fanbase spanning all ages and backgrounds.

Early Life and Background

Hudson David Yang was born on October 25, 2002 in New York City. His parents are both first-generation Taiwanese immigrants who came to America independently as young adults.

As a child, Hudson attended public schools in New York and was more interested in sports than acting. He played little league baseball and basketball through middle school. But when his older sister worked on student films at New York University, he got inspired to give acting a try himself.

Moments Leading Up to Fresh Off the Boat

  • Performed in school plays in 4th and 5th grade
  • Enrolled in acting classes at youth talent incubator ITE (In the Enrichment)
  • Booked first agent at age 11 after small TV and film roles
  • Auditioned for Eddie Huang role 3 times before being cast

With support from his parents, who saw acting as a positive creative outlet, Hudson started taking on small parts here and there. But it wasn’t until 2015, at age 12, that he caught his big break when he landed the lead role in ABC’s new sitcom centered around chef Eddie Huang’s memoirs.

Rise to Fame as Eddie Huang

In February 2015, Fresh Off the Boat premiered on ABC as only the second American sitcom to focus on an Asian-American family after 1994’s All-American Girl starring Margaret Cho.

Based loosely on Eddie Huang’s bestselling memoir of the same name, the show followed 12-year-old hip-hop and basketball obsessed Eddie after his family moves from Washington D.C.’s Chinatown to predominantly white Orlando, Florida.

Tasked with portraying a younger version of series creator Eddie Huang himself, Hudson brought heart, humor, and swagger to the role. While the two Eddies didn’t always see eye to eye, Hudson’s charismatic and subtly nuanced performance garnered widespread critical praise.

Initial Reviews

Critics instantly singled out Hudson Yang’s starring performance in those early reviews:

  • “Yang’s simultaneously sarcastic and indefatigable turn is the best child performance on TV since Kiernan Shipka was on Mad Men.” – Entertainment Weekly
  • “If there is a find so far this year, it might be Hudson Yang… He made me laugh out loud.” – NPR
  • “Yang is fantastic, maneuvering nimbly between sarcastic teenager and vulnerable outsider.” – USA Today

The role of Eddie Huang was Hudson’s first ever acting gig. But rather than crumbling under the pressure of carrying a network sitcom as its lead, the 12-year-old brought an intoxicating blend of humor, heart, and infectious charisma to his debut role.

Early Ratings and Reviews Summary

Premiere Night Viewers7.94 million
First Season Rotten Tomatoes Score95% Certified Fresh
First Season Metacritic Score88 (“Universal Acclaim”)

Propelled by Hudson’s instant star-making performance, Fresh Off the Boat debuted to strong viewership and went on to become a surprise critical darling during its first season run.

Awards Attention

As the heartbeat of the show, Hudson quickly established himself as a magnetic up-and-coming star and earned individual award nominations.

Critics’ Choice Television Awards:

  • Nominated for Best Young Actor in a Comedy Series (2016)

Teen Choice Awards:

  • Nominated for Choice TV Actor: Comedy (2017)
  • Nominated for Choice Comedy TV Show (2017)

He also shared in back-to-back Television Critics Association Award nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy as part of the show’s ensemble cast.

And Hudson wasn’t just a hit with awards voters. His relatable, wise-cracking performance struck a major chord with viewers of all ages.

Building a Loyal Fan Base

While OTHER young actors might fade into obscurity or stumble under early attention, Hudson has handled the spotlight with preternatural grace from day one.

Off-screen he comes across as unfailingly humble, gracious towards fans, and dedicated to his craft. His infectious enthusiasm and passion for performance married with his character’s fan-favorite blend of humor and cultural commentary have spawned a remarkably broad and loyal fanbase.

Breaking Stereotypes

As one of the few Asian-American families on network TV, Fresh Off the Boat filled an important cultural void in American media. Hudson’s performance lent increased authenticity, depth, and dimension to depictions of the Asian-American experience.

Rather than stereotypical tropes like tiger moms and math prodigies, viewers got to follow Eddie’s first crush, friend drama, hip-hop infatuation and school hijinks just like any other American kid. Hudson portrayed Eddie Huang as the complex multidimensional pre-teen he was, inviting viewers to connect with and be entertained by him beyond just his ethnicity.

“Hudson Yang’s Eddie Huang Crushes Asian-American Stereotypes”

  • Headline praising Hudson’s stereotype-defying performance in Entertainment Weekly

This role in breaking stereotypes and expanding representation deepened Hudson’s importance to underserved audiences and fans.

By the Numbers: Awards and Ratings Overview

  • 6 Critic’s Choice TV Awards Nominations
  • 4 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS nominations (1 win)
  • 2 TCA Awards nominations
  • #1 highest-rated Asian-American sitcom since 1994

Relatable Stories

Even for viewers outside the Asian-American community, Hudson’s balance of heartfelt emotion and quick-witted delivery made Eddie Huang eminently relatable.

Who wasn’t tripped up by first crushes, rumors, and trying desperately to fit in at school? Hudson embodied that awkwardness of straddling childhood innocence with teen posturing in an entertaining yet poignant light.

The show’s family focus also struck a chord with viewers across generations. Parents related to Eddie’s struggles to understand their at-times overbearing but ultimately loving parents. And kids Eddie’s age saw glimpses of their own family lives unfold through his stories.

Hudson’s ability to connect so genuinely and broadly with such a wide audience speaks to his effortless charisma and quietly brilliant comedic talents on display from the very start.

Hudson’s Impact Beyond Acting

Now nine seasons into its run, Fresh Off the Boat retains a sharp cultural relevance buoyed by Hudson’s star turn. Beyond critical darling status, the show and Hudson have built an enduring, passionate fanbase that only continues to grow.

Cultural Milestones

In telling the story of his Taiwanese family’s immigrant experience with humor, compassion and specificity, Fresh Off the Boat filled an undeniable void on the cultural landscape.

For the show to retain such creative verve anchored in the strength of its characters is a testament to the cast. But time and again critics, commentators, and fans single out Hudson’s performance as central to its sustained success.

Some key milestones Hudson has contributed to through Fresh Off the Boat:

  • Longest running Asian-American focused sitcom
  • Ushered in wave of more Asian-American stories being told in Hollywood
  • Ranked as Television Academy’s best comedy in recent years for fair Asian representation
  • Inspired a generation of Asian-American kids to pursue entertainment careers telling their own stories

Beyond just ratings or awards marks though, Hudson Yang’s beloved run as iconic everykid Eddie Huang leaves behind a legacy of Asian-American visibility and creative influence for generations to come.

Future Career Ceiling

With his star-making turn on Fresh Off the Boat launched at such a young age, Hudson’s future career prospects appear sky-high.

The show ends after 6 seasons and over 100 episodes, closing the book on Hudson’s chapter as Eddie Huang next year. But rather than fading out, Hudson now looks poised to capitalize on his momentum to expand his creative pursuits.

Some possible next directions include:

College and Future Education

  • Taking a break to focus on academics
  • Attending college to study theater, creative writing or entertainment-related field
  • Continuing acting classes and training outside of a degree program

Movie Roles

  • Lead or supporting roles in indie films or blockbuster movies
  • Expanding filmography into drama, action, or other genres
  • Hollywood studios capitalize on Hudson’s name recognition to cast him in upcoming projects

Other TV Projects

  • Recurring guest spots on popular shows
  • New leading sitcom role once he’s older
  • Reality judging series given his experience


As Fresh Off the Boat approaches its series finale, it does so leaving behind an indelible mark on the television landscape as the longest-running Asian American sitcom in over 20 years. An entire generation of viewers have grown up with the Huang family and star Hudson Yang as ever-relatable Eddie.

While some child actors stumble later on, Hudson has navigated the rigors of fame and growing up on screen with preternatural grace and charm. Now with over 100 episodes showcasing his talents under his belt, Hudson leaves behind a legacy as a pioneering Asian American actor who broke barriers and brightened millions of lives.

No matter where his rising talents take him next, for audiences around the world Hudson Yang’s name will forever conjure up memories of Eddie rapping in the car, bonding with Grandma Huang, and navigating young life lessons universal to us all. The show may be ending, but the cultural impact Hudson has had even at his young age will continue reverberating for decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Hudson’s first acting role?

Hudson Yang’s first ever acting role came as the lead character Eddie Huang in ABC’s comedy series Fresh Off the Boat which premiered in 2015. He landed the high-pressure role at just 12 years old.

Is Hudson Yang leaving acting?

No. While Fresh Off the Boat is ending after its 6th season, Hudson Yang is still actively pursuing acting. As he exits his star-making childhood role, Hudson is now looking ahead to new challenges in film, TV or other entertainment fields.

What awards has Hudson Yang won?

Hudson received his first individual acting award win at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards where he took home the trophy for Choice Comedy TV Actor. He also shared in two consecutive Television Critics Association Award nominations for Fresh Off the Boat.

What is Hudson’s background?

Hudson Yang was born in New York City in 2002 to Taiwanese immigrant parents. Prior to his breakout role on Fresh Off the Boat, Hudson performed in school plays and took acting classes at a youth enrichment program.

What jobs could Hudson do next?

Now 17 years old, Hudson could take college courses, appear in movies or indie films, guest star on other hit TV shows, and generally continue building his acting resume. His future career prospects look extremely bright.

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