Why Do People Love Zhang Ziyi?

Zhang Ziyi is one of China’s most beloved and well-known actresses. Since bursting onto the scene in the late 1990s, she has starred in numerous popular Chinese films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, and House of Flying Daggers.

Her grace, beauty, and acting talents have won her fans all over the world. But what is it exactly about Zhang Ziyi that makes people love her so much? Here are some of the main reasons she is so adored:

Her Acting Talent

One of the biggest reasons Zhang Ziyi is so loved is her incredible acting talent. She has showcased her abilities in a diverse range of roles, from epic martial arts films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to intimate art house dramas like The Road Home.

Zhang always fully immerses herself into her characters and makes them feel real, complex, and human. Even in her early roles, critics and audiences were blown away by the depth and nuance of her performances. She elevates any film she is in.

Her Grace and Beauty

In addition to her acting, Zhang Ziyi is simply beautiful and graceful to watch on screen. She has an elegant, delicate beauty that is quintessentially Chinese but also universally admired.

In films like Memoirs of a Geisha or The Banquet, she perfectly epitomizes the traditional image of feminine beauty in China. But even in her sword fighting scenes in Crouching Tiger or Hero, she moves with such fluidity and grace that it almost seems like she’s dancing. Audiences are as captivated by her physical screen presence as much as her acting.

Her Range and Risk-Taking

While Zhang has always excelled in traditional Chinese roles, she has also sought out challenging, unconventional parts over her career.

In films like 2046, she played complicated, emotionally damaged characters far different from her usual parts. Her role in Memoirs of a Geisha required her to learn English and Japanese to portray a Geisha perfectly.

She is not afraid to take risks and stretch her abilities as an actress into new territories. Her range is part of what makes her so respected.

Her Crossover Appeal

As one of the first Chinese actresses to garner major international recognition, Zhang Ziyi has acted as a bridge between East and West. Her breakout role in Crouching Tiger made her a global star and introduced her to a wider world audience.

She showed that a Chinese actress could hold her own next to legends like Michelle Yeoh in a global blockbuster.

Since then, Zhang has continued to star in Chinese language hits as well as English language films, gaining appreciation from audiences in China and beyond. She has proven the universality of Chinese culture through her art.

Her Fashion and Brand Ambassador Roles

In addition to being a top actress, Zhang Ziyi has become a fashion icon, brand ambassador, and one of the most influential cultural figures in China. She has been the public face of brands like Omega, Maybelline, and Shiseido and is frequently found on “most beautiful people” lists.

She sets trends with her designer outfits and unique personal style. Beyond the big screen, her cultural impact and status as a celebrity role model has made her so beloved in China.

Her Commitment to Charity

Zhang has given back to her community through extensive charity and aid work. She played a crucial role in raising funds and awareness after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China.

She has also served as an ambassador for causes like The Special Olympics, animal rights, and more. Her philanthropy and social consciousness has shown she is more than just a pretty face – she is committed to making the world a better place. This endears her greatly to fans who connect with her principles.

She Represents a New Confident China

In many ways, Zhang Ziyi’s ascendance and massive popularity in China paralleled the rise of a more modern, cosmopolitan China on the global stage. She represents a generation of young Chinese who are educated, stylish, appreciate their traditional culture but also very much part of the modern world.

With her international fame and fluency in English, she was a perfect representative to the West of this new, confident China. To many Chinese, she embodies the pride they feel in China’s growing cultural and economic power. She is a symbol of their nation’s modern identity.

Her Scandals and Setbacks

In some ways, Zhang Ziyi’s popularity has only been strengthened by the controversies and scandals she has faced over her career. Unlike some Chinese stars who fade away after a scandal, Zhang faced them head-on and regained her position.

After facing rumors of prostitution in 2012, she successfully sued for libel and cleared her name.

Other controversies like being linked to corrupt politicians have also not permanently damaged her career. To her fans, this resilience in the face of turmoil has only proven her strength and integrity as an artist.

What Makes Zhang Ziyi Such a Beloved Chinese Actress?

Zhang Ziyi is considered a national treasure in China and has gained appreciation worldwide. Here are some of the key factors behind her popularity:

Her Timeless Beauty

  • Zhang Ziyi has a delicate and graceful beauty that hearkens back to classic Chinese aesthetics.
  • She became famous for her role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in which her beauty left a deep impression.
  • She often plays roles that emphasize feminine charm, grace, and delicacy which appeals to Chinese and international audiences.

Her Acting Skills

  • Zhang is renowned for the depth and complexity she brings to her roles.
  • She has proven her versatility through varied roles – from an aristocratic Manchu princess to a poverty-stricken prostitute.
  • Directors like Zhang Yimou have praised her dedication and immersion into character.
  • She is skilled in roles requiring martial arts, dance, and theater.

Success Promoting Chinese Culture Overseas

  • Zhang’s rise coincided with China’s growing cultural and economic power on the global stage.
  • She represents a new worldly and fashionable Chinese identity to international audiences.
  • Movies like Memoirs of a Geisha made her one of the first Chinese actresses to gain major Hollywood success.
  • She showed that Chinese stars could attract both Eastern and Western audiences.

Ambassadorial and Charity Roles

  • Zhang uses her celebrity to give back, through charity work and ambassador roles.
  • She donated millions to relief efforts for the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.
  • She represented brands like Omega and Maybelline and worked for causes like animal rights.
  • Her philanthropy and social consciousness appeals to many fans.

Overcoming Controversies

  • Zhang has faced scandals, rumors and controversies at various points in her career.
  • However, she handled them directly and did not let them derail her long-term success.
  • To many fans, this resilience in the face of turmoil proved her fortitude as an artist.
  • She maintains integrity by not compromising even when under pressure.

Zhang Ziyi’s Most Iconic Roles

Throughout her acting career, Zhang Ziyi has delivered powerful performances in many classic Chinese films as well as Hollywood blockbusters. Here are some of her most iconic roles that made her a household name:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

  • Zhang rose to fame with this martial arts film directed by Ang Lee.
  • She played Jen Yu, an aristocratic Manchu woman stifled by her orderly life.
  • Her sword fighting scenes and forbidden love story enthralled audiences globally.
  • The film won Zhang many acting awards and catapulted her to stardom.

The Road Home (1999)

  • This drama by Zhang Yimou was an early critical success for Zhang.
  • She played Zhao Di, a country girl who falls for the new village teacher.
  • Her performance was charming and emotional, showcasing her acting chops.
  • The simplicity and tragedy of the story made it a cult hit in China.

Hero (2002)

  • Zhang played the elusive assassin Moon in this martial arts blockbuster.
  • She showed off her athleticism and grace in the stunning sword and hand-to-hand fight scenes.
  • The visually lush film by Zhang Yimou was an international hit and made Zhang a global star.

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

  • Zhang’s first major Hollywood role was the lead in this adaptation of the bestselling book.
  • To play the Japanese geisha Sayuri, Zhang learned English, Japanese, and traditional geisha dances.
  • The lavish romantic drama earned Zhang critical praise and wider international fame.

The Grandmaster (2013)

  • In this Wong Kar Wai martial arts biopic, Zhang played the daughter of a kung fu master.
  • She trained rigorously in Wing Chun for the intensive fight sequences with Tony Leung.
  • Zhang considered this role one of her most physically and emotionally demanding.

Zhang Ziyi’s Influence on Chinese Cinema

As one of the country’s biggest stars, Zhang Ziyi has had a profound influence both on Chinese cinema and pop culture:

Global Recognition for Chinese Actresses

  • Zhang was one of the first Chinese actresses to gain major international fame, especially through Crouching Tiger.
  • She showed that Chinese stars could hold their own in global blockbusters next to the likes of Michelle Yeoh.
  • This paved the way for other Chinese actresses to gain recognition overseas.

Reviving Female-Centered Cinema in China

  • Zhang starred in several major films like The Road Home and House of Flying Daggers that focused on female leads.
  • Her popularity revived female-centered cinema in China after a long slump.
  • It also inspired young Chinese women with her representations of bold, free-spirited women.

Promoted Crossover Appeal

  • Zhang starred in both Chinese language films and English language Hollywood movies.
  • She increased crossover appeal between Hollywood and Asian cinema.
  • Directors like Zhang Yimou and Wong Kar Wai gained more international commercial success collaborating with her.

Fashion and Beauty Icon

  • Zhang is considered the epitome of elegance in China and defines fashion trends.
  • Brands like Omega and Maybelline lined up to have her as their ambassador.
  • Her look inspired makeup, hair, and clothing styles among young Chinese women.

Cultural Ambassador

  • As one of China’s most globally recognized stars, Zhang served as a cultural ambassador.
  • She represented modern Chinese culture, especially the rising cosmopolitan identity.
  • She showed that Chinese stars could be bilingual, stylish, and comfortable straddling East and West.

Zhang Ziyi’s Personal Life and Relationships

While tremendously successful professionally, Zhang Ziyi’s personal relationships and romantic life has also faced ups and downs under intense media scrutiny:

Early Relationships

  • Zhang had an early relationship with director Zhang Yimou, who was instrumental in her career. He was over 20 years her senior.
  • She dated Taiwanese singer-actor Jackie Chan in 2000 after they starred together in The Road Home.

Engagement to Aviv Nevo

  • Zhang met Israeli billionaire Aviv Nevo at a CFDA event in NYC in 2007. They quickly became engaged.
  • The cross-cultural relationship attracted much interest but they called off the engagement by 2010.

Marriage to Wang Feng

  • Zhang began dating Chinese rock musician Wang Feng in secret around 2010.
  • They married in 2015 and have two children together, a daughter born in 2015 and a son born in 2017.
  • The family keeps a low profile and protects the children from public attention.

Divorce Rumors

  • In 2018, rumors of their marriage in trouble emerged when Zhang took the kids to the UK for several months.
  • But she denied divorce and the couple seems to have worked through whatever issues they faced.

Lawsuits Over Scandals

  • Zhang sued for libel and won in 2012 when a Hong Kong newspaper claimed she was paid to have trysts with government officials.
  • In 2014, she again sued over claims that she was linked to a scandal involving former security tsar Zhou Yongkang.

Zhang Ziyi’s Legacy

Looking at the totality of her prolific career and impact on Chinese cinema, Zhang Ziyi leaves behind a tremendous legacy:

International Face of Chinese Cinema

  • Zhang represents a key bridging point between China and the West for film.
  • She gave confidence that Chinese stories could appeal to global audiences and be represented by global stars.
  • She paved the way for other Chinese talents to gain recognition through international collaborations.

Inspiring a Generation

  • Zhang inspired an entire generation of young Chinese women with her grace, talent, and fortitude.
  • She broke barriers as a relatable role model who balanced modernity with appreciation for China’s traditions.
  • Many budding Chinese actresses cite her as their chief inspiration for entering the industry.

Reviving Female-Centered Films

  • Zhang was central to the revival of nuanced female lead roles after years of male-dominated cinema in China.
  • Films like The Road Home and House of Flying Daggers put complex women characters back in the spotlight.
  • Zhang proved these films could achieve both critical and commercial success.

Acting Excellence

  • Critics worldwide have praised Zhang’s acting talents and uncanny on-screen presence.
  • She is renowned for her ability to disappear completely into even the most challenging roles.
  • Her skills have set the bar higher for acting standards in China and beyond.

Cultural Diplomat

  • As one of China’s most globally famous faces, Zhang served as an informal cultural diplomat.
  • She exemplified China’s growing cosmopolitanism and connectivity with the world.
  • She showed that Chinese identity and culture could gracefully straddle East and West on the global stage.


In conclusion, Zhang Ziyi is such a beloved actress in China and around the world because she represents the ideal fusion of classic Chinese beauty and acting talent with a modern, international star power.

She opened the door for other Chinese actresses to find global fame and demonstrated that Chinese stories can appeal to diverse audiences if represented authentically. With her elegance, skill, intelligence, and fortitude, she inspired young Chinese women and elevated the standards of acting.

Despite controversies, she has remained dedicated to her craft without compromising her principles. Zhang Ziyi’s combination of cultural ambassadorship, technical excellence, fashionable appeal, and global stardom has made her a national treasure who will endure as a symbol of a rising, confident China.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zhang Ziyi’s Popularity

Why is Zhang Ziyi so famous and beloved in China?

Zhang Ziyi rose to fame with movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and became China’s most internationally successful actress. Her elegance, acting talent, and ability to appeal to both Eastern and Western audiences made her a superstar in China. She is considered a cultural ambassador.

What was Zhang Ziyi’s breakout role?

Zhang’s breakout role was Jen Yu in Ang Lee’s 2000 martial arts hit Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Despite being her first major role, her performance was so mesmerizing it catapulted her to instant fame.

How did Zhang Ziyi help revive female-centered cinema in China?

After male-dominated films ruled China for years, Zhang’s runaway success in movies like The Road Home and House of Flying Daggers reminded studios that female-lead stories could also achieve critical and commercial success.

Why did Zhang Ziyi gain appeal in Hollywood?

Zhang gained fame in Hollywood through her roles in transnational hits like Crouching Tiger and Memoirs of a Geisha. Her beauty and acting chops defied Western stereotypes of Asian actresses at the time.

How does Zhang Ziyi maintain her popularity despite scandals?

Despite tabloid scandals over the years, Zhang has maintained integrity and focus on her work. She directly confronted controversies by suing for libel which proved her fortitude against pressure.

What are some of Zhang Ziyi’s most famous movies?

Some of Zhang’s most acclaimed movies are Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, 2046, The Grandmaster, The Road Home, and Memoirs of a Geisha.

How did Zhang Ziyi influence beauty standards in China?

Zhang came to represent classical Chinese beauty ideals of grace and feminine charm. Her flawless style made her a fashion icon and her look inspired makeup and clothing trends among young Chinese women.

Why is Zhang Ziyi considered a cultural ambassador?

As one of China’s most globally famous celebrities, Zhang Ziyi serves informally as a cultural ambassador representing the country’s cosmopolitanism and connectivity with the wider world.

What philanthropic causes has Zhang Ziyi supported?

Zhang Ziyi has engaged in philanthropy over causes like earthquake relief, the Special Olympics, animal rights and more. She donated millions to help victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

How has Zhang Ziyi influenced other Chinese actresses?

Zhang has inspired a whole generation of Chinese actresses with her acting skills, her crossover appeal, and her fortitude against industry pressures. Many emerging Chinese stars cite her as their chief role model.

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