A Collector’s Guide to the Rolex Daytona

A Collector’s Guide to the Rolex Daytona

Back in 2017, Phillips held a special watch auction. They were selling a super cool Rolex Daytona—not just any Daytona, though—this one was given as a gift to a famous movie star named Paul Newman by his wife in 1968!

Everyone wanted this watch, so the price kept going up—like in a bidding war! Finally, someone bought it for a whopping $17 MILLION!

That’s right, millions of dollars for this special watch! This incredible price made the Daytona one of the most expensive watches ever sold, showing just how much people love these cool timepieces. And that brings us to this blog, where we will discuss Rolex Daytona in detail and share some incredible information about this unique timepiece.

A Bit of History

Back in the day, race car drivers needed tough watches to keep track of their races, just like runners use stopwatches. Rolex decided to create a special watch for these racers. They named it after a famous racetrack—Daytona Beach!

But these Daytona watches became super popular, not just with racers, but with everyone who loved cool and fast things. Daytona soon became a symbol of speed, style, and even a little bit of mystery.

Since there aren’t enough Daytona watches made for everyone, it can be really hard to find them in stores. That’s why they can be quite expensive, just like rare trading cards or special edition sneakers! So, the Daytona went from a watch for speed demons to a super cool timepiece that everyone wants – that’s what makes it so special!

Racing Stars and Their Watches

Known for tracking speed, the Rolex Daytona became popular, not just with Paul Newman, but with many other racing legends.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: A known name in NASCAR, this race star is known for his humble personality and, of course, his incredible driving skills. He was often seen sporting a Rolex Daytona, which not only proved to be functional for the race car driver but also added a touch of class to his racing attire.

Juan Pablo Montoya: Famous for his lightning-fast reflexes and aggressive style, this Colombian racer often flaunted his Rolex Daytona throughout his racing career. No wonder, he stood out for his unique style.

Mario Andretti: Another racing legend, this time from the Formula One category. Mario Andretti made headlines not just for Formula One but also for his superb performances in NASCAR and IndyCar. Like a true champion, style was also a top priority for him. He’s been spotted wearing various Rolex models, but especially Daytona, for his public appearances.

Sir Jackie Stewart: A Formula One racer, Sir Jackie Stewart has three championship titles under his belt and is a strong advocate for safety in all kinds of racing and motorsport. Not to mention, his sophisticated style and elegance are hard to match. Complementing his crisp image is the Rolex Daytona, which is often seen gracing his wrist.

Paul Newman: The man where it all started! While Paul Newman wasn’t a professional racer, he was a passionate car enthusiast and even took part in various beginner-level racing events. It was Paul’s unique, black-dial Rolex Daytona that took the watch world by storm. It became legendary overnight, fetching a record price at auction and securing its position as a collector’s item.

Spilling the Beans about Rolex Daytona

What’s It Made Of?

Rolex didn’t just make the Daytona tough; they made it in a variety of armor. There’s stainless steel, the kind that’s tough enough for everyday adventures. Then there’s gold in three shiny types: yellow, white, and Everose, a special pink that looks like a sunrise. For those who want something even more extraordinary, there’s platinum, as rare and special as it sounds.

Tick-Tock of the Watch

In the beginning, Daytonas needed a little nudge every day to keep ticking because they were manual. But then Rolex worked its magic and created automatic ones that keep going according to the movement of your arm. Over the years, the insides of the Daytona, called movements, got quite advanced, making them reliable and exciting.

The Dial

The dial of the Daytona is like its face, and it can have many expressions. Some are simple and elegant, while others are more playful with bright colors. The most special ones are called Paul Newman dials, with a design that’s as charming and iconic as the man himself. These dials have special patterns and colors that make them stand out from the crowd.

The Bezel

The bezel is like the frame for the beautiful picture that is the Daytona’s dial. Initially, they were made from the same material as the watch, but then Rolex introduced ones made from black acrylic, which gave them a cool, vintage look. The latest and greatest are the Cerachrom bezels, made from a special ceramic that’s super tough, keeping the watch looking new for years to come.

A Smart Choice: Investing in a Daytona

Think of a Daytona as a treasure. Some are more rare and valuable, like finding a diamond. The things that make a Daytona special are its model number, how few of them are out there, how well it’s been taken care of, and if it still has its original box and papers. These treasures can grow in value over time, making them a smart choice for collectors.

Where to Find These Treasures

Finding a Daytona can be an adventure. You might visit a trusted watch shop or go to a big auction where people bid on rare finds. The internet also has special places where collectors buy and sell these treasures. But remember, it’s important to be careful and make sure the watch is real and in good shape.

Keeping It Real: Spotting a True Daytona

In a world full of treasures, there are also fakes. To make sure a Daytona is the real deal, you can ask experts who know all about Rolex watches or use special services that check every tiny detail to confirm its authenticity.

It’s also advisable to deal with only reliable sellers with a reputable status to ensure you don’t get cheated on. You should be particularly cautious about this if you’re getting a pre-loved Rolex Daytona. This way, you know you’re getting a true piece of racing history.


So, we’ve checked through the track and learned all about the Rolex Daytona. From its roots in the racing world to its status as a collector’s dream, the Daytona is more than just a watch. It represents history, a work of art, and an investment all rolled into one. Whether you’re just starting your collection or looking to add a new gem, the Daytona is a timeless choice that carries the spirit of adventure and the promise of lasting value.

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