Embrace Your Femininity: Traditional Ideas For Women’s Day

Women’s Day is close enough, and in a couple of weeks, the day will be here. What’s your plan for 8th March this year? Well, for instance, there are several things you can do, but what does not make this Women’s Day a little bit more special than previous ones? You can embrace your feminity, spread awareness, and do lots of things while celebrating the occasion. 

Wearing purple, green, or white, celebrating with your friends, and eating a special Womens Day cake is always the best option. However, let’s make this year more special with something creative and add value to all women’s femininity around the world.

How Can You Make This Women’s Day Special?

When it comes to Women’s Day celebrations, there are tons of things women and girls do. From sending and receiving gifts to political speeches and protests, women choose to make the best out of this day. So, if you don’t have an idea about what to do this year, here are a few of the best ideas for a Women’s Day celebration:

Contribute To A Charity

When it’s Women’s Day, and you have the motivation to give back to the community, what’s better than contributing to a charity? You can plan a charity event along with your friends and distribute food, clothes, or any other daily items among the poor. You can even collect charity funds for cancer patients, orphans, and homeless people. 

Not only will it be added to your good karma, but it can also provide you with core satisfaction. Doing good deeds, among all others, is why Women’s Day was initiated In India for the first time.

Go For Ethnic Clothing

Now, for your Women’s Day celebration, you can go for traditional and ethnic clothes. You can wear whatever you feel like wearing. However,  traditional clothes add that extra value to this occasion; you can wear a saree, salwar suit, ghagra choli, or whatever your region demands. You can add jewelry like necklaces, rings, and bracelets to your appearance and polish out your looks this Women’s Day as well.

Decorate Your Office

Now, if you are an office goer, doing charity events and collecting funds might seem to be a chaotic chore to you. Instead, you can decorate your office and spread awareness on certain topics like real feminism, education, and great women of history. Make sure you are adding a relevant Women’s Day message to your decorations in the office.

Social Media Challenge

Women are mostly photogenic and like to take pictures whenever they get the chance. Now, for Women’s Day, you can plan a social media challenge for all your female friends. A photoshoot session for every photogenic friend of yours, posting them on social media and spreading awareness to as many audiences as possible. Make sure you are adding relevant Women’s Day messages to your posts about which people need to be aware.

Celebrate With Besties

For a cute and simple celebration of Women’s Day, you can do it with your friends anywhere you like. If you and your friends like to spend time together while being active, you can plan a workout together at a sports gym. On the other hand, if you like to spend time together in peace, you can choose a cafe for some breakfast or coffee. You can do anything on Women’s Day instead of just being inside your home in your bed.

Send Gifts And Cards

There are always a few precious friends who live far away, and it takes months before you meet them in person. For those friends who seem to live far away but stay close to your heart, you can send them  Bakingo Cakes in Delhi, Noida, or any other location. Make sure to send them some Women’s Day gift cards with the cake to your friends. You can even add small gifts, like figurines or accessories, to add more value to your gifts.

Plan An Awareness Event

Now, if you are into political stuff and want to spread awareness among people, Women’s Day might be the best occasion to do so. You can plan an event in your neighbourhood to bring up the importance of Women’s Day and tons of other topics out there. For that, you might need to consult all the women in your neighbourhood to join the event. Make sure you are preparing a speech or a debate to contribute to society and spread awareness about topics like child marriage, education, domestic violence, and much more.

The Bottom Line

Now, in the end, Women’s Day is an occasion that was first initiated in India to establish equal Women’s Rights and equal opportunities. Respecting that, you can mourn Sarojini Naidu, who initiated this day for Indian Women. Anyway, make sure to take things lightly and not get too much invested in protests. You can do your awareness events calmly and with Peace. And, make sure to eat healthy and go for those resolutions you might have forgotten since the new year.

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