Impact Of Bali’s Natural Environment On Yoga Teacher Training 

Bali is one of the most beautiful islands today, where people go for relaxation. The sceneries are simply breath-taking there, and the crowd is also welcoming in nature. Located in Indonesia, you will find people thronging to this country, for therapy. The spectacular vistas will simply spellbind you. You will come across lush green forests, waterfalls, jungles, mountains, rivers, streams, rice fields, and more there. With such beauty around you, how can you not opt for the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The place is still untouched by mass industrialization, and that makes it pollution-free as well. It offers the perfect environment for yoga learning. When you practice yoga in such natural surroundings, you can quickly develop a connection with Mother Nature. If you are keen on embarking on a yoga teacher training in Bali, then you should read about the impact of the place before heading there. 

Relaxing In A Serene Environment 

When you visit Bali, you can instantly feel relaxed. The place is still unpolluted, and that makes breathing pretty easy. The place serves as a pleasant environment, so that you can concentrate on your yogic endeavours. You will experience soothing music and the smell of incense, wherever you go in Bali. There are many temples and monasteries that add to the divine quotient. The location of Living Yoga School is also splendid. While you practice yoga, you can watch out of the window and stare at the birds and bees. Their constant chirping and humming adds a pleasant feeling, as well. The sounds of nature will calm you, and keep you composed. The crowds are also not there, to pollute the environment. All these attributes of the place make it ideal for yoga learning and practice. 

Meditation Amidst Nature 

Bali offers the perfect ambience, where you can meditate for self-growth and transformation. The place will be extremely suitable for nature-based meditation, which is a part of the syllabus at the school, too. Meditation happens to be an important part of yoga, and carries a lot of importance. Moreover, in this context, you should know, that outdoor meditation has significant benefits. You will be able to go through a digital detox, if you happen to go for meditation to Bali. Have you ever thought, why most sages, seers, and meditation experts go to the hills and mountains to meditate? It is because, nature has a lot of wisdom to offer you. Your learning is also awakened manifold, when you meditate in nature. The founder of Living Yoga School understands the importance of meditation in the hills and higher altitudes. There are several types of meditation that you can practice in Bali. There is nature meditation, walking meditation, and so on. The sounds of nature further add to the allure. That is why, you will make the best decision, if you enrol for a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. 

Yoga – Standing For Sustainability 

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali plays a pivotal role in shaping the lives and careers of yoga students. Apart from getting technical knowledge, one also gets the knowledge of postures, philosophy, and anatomy. Additionally, the courses also instil eco-consciousness into the minds of the practitioner. You will also learn eco-management fundamentals like sustainable school building, community building, and so on. One of the main principles of yoga which you stand to imbibe, is non-attachment. Yoga helps with mindful consumption. What you eat, how you arrange the classes, and how you use the available resources can have a huge impact on your life and on the lives around you. You will learn about various sustainability principles at the school, as well. 

Apart from the surroundings, what you eat also promotes towards a natural harmony. The course at Living Yoga School promotes Sattvic ahara. It is important that you pressurize your organs less, if you want to reach out to the higher realm. You will likely learn about the environmental impact of food choices. 

Impact On Yoga Philosophy And Ethics 

You mainly learn about the principles like ahimsa, satya, aparigraha, and others, that are a part of the teachings from Patanjali Yoga Sutras. The teacher training courses as designed by the school are impacted by the ambience. You will also get to explore this realm, in the light of an ecological balance. This allows the trainees to reflect upon their actions and their effect on the environment. After you complete the training, you can align your life’s objectives to go with the ethical guidelines that you learn. 

Effect On The Mind-Body Connection 

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali emphasizes the development of the mind-body connection. You also learn how to care for the planet as a whole. There are various emotional and spiritual benefits associated with the process of learning in Bali. It is not just about learning physical poses, any longer. The more you nourish your brains through yogic learning, the better it is for you. In due course of time, you will experience less stress and tension. This will help you to establish a beautiful life-earth balance, even after you complete the course in Bali. 


While studying the course at Bali, you will get a lot of awareness apart from the education. Eco-consciousness and its alignment with yoga philosophy can take you far. Teacher training programs designed by the school aim to inspire and raise awareness. You are bound to get a comprehensive set of information at the school. 

Bali is certainly the place to be for all your yoga endeavours. After you enrol yourself and land in the beautiful location, you can start counting the benefits. The school also provides a supportive ambience, apart from the natural environment. The training is not just limited to the books and soft copies of study materials. There is a lot more, that you can unearth in the divine location of Bali. So, you should give it a try and make the experience delightful for yourself and the others as well. 

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