Six Celebrity Interviews That Ruined Careers

No one is invincible if we have learned one thing over the years in Tinsel Town. It takes only one misstep for you to lose all your connections and well-earned fame. This is often done through botched interviews or unbecoming presence on live television.

We are going to discuss some celebrities who almost lost their golden ticket because of a single interview. Some of them may have bounced back from the blunder while others never recovered. 

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  1. Tom Cruz

When it comes to the filmography of the celebrated Tom Cruz, 2005 onwards was a tough time for him. A certain misdemeanor caused this situation. He displayed some bizarre behavior on the Oprah Winfree show. 

He then went on to criticize Brook Shields for her open use of anti-depressants for postpartum depression. After this, he was asked to clarify the Today Program by Matt Lauer. It was a particularly rough one. Crux took it a notch up and called psychiatry a “pseudo-science”. 

After this ignorant and misguided opinion, Paramount Pictures deemed it fit to not be associated with the actor in 2006. Steven Spielberg also condemned his actions. They reconciled last year.  

  1. Pierce Morgan

No one is a stranger to the mediocre standards of broadcasting that Pierce Morgan brings to the table. By 2014, his career at CNN was hanging by a thread mainly due to ratings that were tanking fast. 

As a final nail in the coffin, he interviewed comedian Chelsea Handler. After a couple of missteps, Handler criticized his short attention span and said that he was a “terrible interviewer.”

Morgan tried to shift the blame on her by saying that the guest had to be interesting. Handler stated that it was his job to make her appear interesting. With his US reputation already blown up, Morgan returned to the UK and joined Good Morning Britain.

It did not stop there. He went on a drivel about Megan Markle’s admittance of her mental health struggles. His fellow presenter, Alex Beresford, confronted him on this. Morgan walked off the set. He later left the show and has been maligned for poor journalistic capabilities. 

  1. John Meyer

John Mayer had the reputation of a great musician on the onset of his career. He was expected to reach legendary status as his career progressed. Fate had other plans. He gave an interview to the Playboy magazine in 2010 that altered the course.

He went on to be lewd and disrespectful about Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, two women he was romantic with. In addition, he did a comparison of Little John and white supremacist David Duke. There were clear racial slurs a couple of times as well.

Meyer came out with an apology on social media, however, he never reached the same status again. He has had no singles reach the top 25 on the US Billboard Chart since 2010’s Half of My Heart with Taylor Swift.

  1. Prince Andrew

This interview is considered as the disaster that ultimately resulted in Prince Andrew relinquishing his public duties as a member of the royal family. Emily Maitliss, A BBC journalist questioned him about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. The prince’s answer was outrageous.

He denied ever meeting Virginia Roberts who accused him even though there was photographic evidence of the two together. The interview was filled with retorts like saying he didn’t regret his association to Jeffrey Epstein as it made way for opportunities.

  1. Katherine Heigl

Heigl is known to be difficult to work. However, there was a particular interview with Vanity Fair. It proved to be a PR disaster. She harshly rained down on the movie Knocked Up which she just starred in. She said that the movie was sexist. She also had qualms about how it portrays women.

This frustrated people because it was her own decision to star in the film. A year later she starred in the movie The Ugly Truth. This movie was misogynistic to everyone’s surprise. As a result, directors started to actively avoid working with her. 

  1. Megan Fox

Transformers star Megan Fox in an interview with British Wonderland talked about how Michael Bay was like Hitler. The interview went viral. 

As a result, she was fired from the Transformers franchise. Interestingly it was not Bay who wanted her gone. It was Steven Spielberg, the executive producer of the franchise, who insisted she be fired. 

Bay and Fox worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films together. Other than this, her notable appearances have been few and far between.

Summing Up

All of these case studies are a testament to the fact that no matter how rich and famous you get, audiences are unforgiving. It is a good idea to manage your appearance on live TV and not to lose composure under any circumstances. Did you see your favorite celebrity on this problematic list?

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