Top 8 Office Desk Accessories to send Brother on Rakhi 

The work culture can be quite demanding and requires extra attention. It can be a challenge to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, which falls on a working day. However, as a caring sister, you always strive to make every moment special for your brother. So why not decorate your brother’s desk on Raksha Bandhan to make it look festive and celebrate the occasion in style?

Here are the Top 8 Office Desk Accessories to send Brother on Rakhi:-

  1. Rakhi with Exclusive Diary Combo:

It’s no myth that brothers have an organising freak deep in their bones. As his sister, you know his mind and his tendency to forget at times. In his Rakhi Combo, a fine fox leather-bound executive diary will do perfectly well. 

Make sure that the pages are equally promising as the cover. Rakhi Bazaar specialises in Online Rakhi delivery in India, maintaining the standards of quality over quantity to make every celebration memorable for every brother-sister bond.

  1. Antique Elephant Globe for Rakhi:

For a map enthusiast who likes making caricatures of ideas gathered from around the world, would love to have a Globe at their office desk. 

How about a fascinating antique collection of elephants bearing the revolving globe of all the upgraded national borders and seas right before their eyes? To keep them safe, you can pair their Rakhi present with an evil eye or a swastika Rakhi to Bless or even venture up and take it.

  1. Fascinating Marble Sculpture for Cow and calf for Rakhi

The marvellous carving of traditionally important animals who bear virtue and wisdom of timeless knowledge. 

Gift the majestic myth in Rakhi with the depiction of Sacred Mother and cafe standing on a pasture of a marvellous white field, with them as pristine and clear as snow, bringing ease to his screen-scorched eyes. Pair up with an exquisite Meenakari or a Kundan Rakhi Design from online.

  1. Personalised Mug for Brother for Rakhi:

An adorable present for Raksha Bandhan is to hand over a tasteful personalised mug to Brother.  Most coffee mugs sure are lifelines for the frequently hectic office work schedule. 

Knowing that your brother finds it hard to leave his desk on most days for a cup of coffee or chai breaks on the very day, try scheduling an online Rakhi delivery in Noida and urge him to get up and grab a cup of beverage.

  1. Rakhi with Leather Wallet:

Despite his high earnings, he often carried a large number of cards with him. As a result, he sometimes risks leaving them on his office desk. You can help him avoid his forgetfulness by sending him with a sweet gesture of an online wallet. 

Starting his workday with your thoughtful Rakhi tied on his wrist by you in Rakhi Combo would run through his mind when he opens his new wallet to use.

  1. Exclusive Fountain Pen with Rakhi:

Fountain pens have always been considered a symbol of sophistication and refinement, especially among men. Although we are now in the 21st century, this old-fashioned fascination with poetic expression and elegance is likely to endure. 

Make a lasting impression by gifting your married brother a classic Rakhi design paired with a Rakhi for him and a Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi.

  1. Gold Table Clock with Rakhi:

Although phones provide us with access to everything from our photo gallery to tracking our daily activities, they can invade and clutter our minds. What’s remarkable is that the charm of a table clock ticking is a sentimental gift that only a physical clock can offer. 

Receiving a clock on the tabletop never fades from its beauty and fruitfulness in life. It can be best described in the Designed Gold’s Clock by the Rakhi Bazaar, which offers the most fashionable Rakhi’s to send Rakhi to Gurgaon.

  1. Rakhi Customised Photo Frame:

Having an enchanting reminder by our side framed in photography. Not even time can erode the purest of memories of your times when they glance right before your brother’s eyes. A personalised photo frame is worth a thousand words, and you can express it by sending an online Rakhi to recreate a beautiful reminder of the great times you shared with him.


Office desks personalise space. Though they are invited to work, they also should balance one’s lives outside the office desk. Especially on Raksha Bandhan, let’s bring out the beauty of strengthened family ties and create a lasting impression for your beloved brother at work.

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