Top Trending Rug Styles For New Zealand Homes

A rug adds to the physical appeal of your space and increases the charm. It is a piece of adornment that is much more than a carpet, unique and creative in its presentation. It acts as an ornament that enhances the looks of your space manifold times. It functions to add insulation, softness, and remarkable comfort. These cozy rugs trend worldwide. But here, we will see a few specific rugs in New Zealand homes. New Zealand wool is used throughout the country. It is known for its quality and softness. New Zealand wool is used in many indoor and outdoor rugs. Considering the weather in New Zealand, it is not uncommon for people to use rugs regularly in indoor and outdoor living spaces.  

Whether you use a muted theme or a vibrant colour scheme in your living room, there are a variety of colour schemes available. You may want the rug to give a base to your decor. Or, you may want it to be the centre of attention. There are striking patterns through which you can turn your plain room into a thing of beauty. In all colours and textures, a rug’s grace and aesthetic appeal are defined not only by different times and eras but also by different geographical areas. The rugs in New Zealand homes are, for example, unique in their fashion and materials. Let us discuss some of these quintessential trends here. 

Trends in Rugs in New Zealand

  • Traditional Rugs – It is worth starting the discussion with timeless, traditional rugs displaying exquisite craftsmanship by traditional artists. The handwork is intricate; the materials are organic, soft, and warm. These rugs composed of wool and cotton will never go out of style. They will keep adding splendour to many New Zealand homes.
  • Modern Rugs –  Modern rugs add much serenity to homes. Modern rugs combine bold designs, bright colours and materials like polyester, acrylic, and nylon. These rugs are more versatile. Experiments with these modern materials have brought some innovative designs to the table. These rugs can adapt dynamically to suit modern-day needs. 
  • Handmade Rugs – The artistry and personal touch make it remarkable. Various techniques present intricate artwork, namely hand-knotting, hand-tufting, and hand-weaving. Whether in the Persian, Oriental or in the Moroccan style, these handmade rugs are used in many New Zealand homes.
  • Galet Wool Rug – Another style and design of rugs in New Zealand is the much used Galet wool rug. This rug displays a gorgeous chunky design created using loops. Despite its chunky look, its texture is soft and mushy. This is because of its yarn construction. These are seen mostly in soft, neutral colours, though a little bright addition is always welcome. 

Well-Known New Zealand Wool 

New Zealand wool is considered a premium material. It is made of high-grade, authentic material. It has a very soft feel, yet is durable and long lasting. Owing to these qualities, rugs in New Zealand are used in versatile manners, both in indoor and outdoor setups. New Zealand’s wool and silk rugs are a given trend in and around the country. Pure wool never goes out of fashion, yet a fusion of wool and silk gives the piece of floor-ornament a glazy and attractive look. These rugs are incorporated in both traditional and modern styles. One well- known brand example is Nourison’s ”Silk Pointe” luxury carpets. They have a fabulous range of wool and silk rugs in New Zealand.

Outdoor Rug Trends in New Zealand 

The country has a moderate climate compared to others at the same latitude.So, there is a trend for outdoor rugs. The outdoor rugs’ materials are strong, durable, and carry a fair share of softness. In this category, one would find mostly earthy colours. They include pretty bright, natural shades with flowery patterns.

The variety of styles and trends of rugs in New Zealand and their uses are synced in with the decor of the spaces. The rugs are matched with the room’s colour combinations. The style of rugs in New Zealand homes align with the purpose of the space. The living room could use more durable materials and have an inviting look like a bedroom. The bedroom, in turn, may use softer materials and muted shades. Selecting the ideal material also supports using the rugs appropriately. Considering the footfall, a pathway or passage can be decorated with more user-friendly materials, for example, acrylic or polyester. Aligning the rugs in trend with the shape and measurements of the space is again. An oversized rug can make the room seem small and vice versa. So, the attunement is needed. 

Make your pick of stylish decors in New Zealand homes from the Missamara range of rugs. They showcase the best quality rugs in a vast variety and myriad colours. Homemade New Zealand wool is both artful and authentic. Missamara combines NZ wool to bring fancy and unique styles for your spaces. If you want to decorate your cocoon in this country pleasingly, the above tips will be handy enough. 

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