Unique Wedding Themes to Wow Your Guests

Your wedding isn’t just any wedding, chances are your guests have been to plenty of those already. Your wedding should be an experience. A vivid memory that lives on in the minds of everyone who attends—something you and your guests can look back on and marvel over for years to come.

The best way to achieve this—and truly wow your guests—is to pick a theme for your big day. Something exciting, fresh, and unique. A concept that sets your wedding apart from all the rest.

To help inspire you, we’ve put together this novel list of wedding themes guaranteed to impress everyone and leave a lasting impression.

A Moment in Time

Selecting a historic theme for your big day is such a lively way to celebrate, and there are so many good ones to choose from.

The 1920s are an especially fun era: the dresses are iconic, the mood is hedonistic, the cocktails are boozy, and the music exuberant.

Dress your wedding party in flashy sequin-style dresses, or something ultra-glam. 

Still looking for bridesmaid dresses? Check out Bella Bridesmaids. They have an incredible selection of classic timeless pieces to ultra-modern looks—and everything in between.

Celebrate in a dimly lit speakeasy with an art deco flair, and you’ve nailed it. Your guests will absolutely love this Great Gatsby-like theme.

An Otherworldly Experience

Add some enchantment—a dash of mystery to your big day.

You can achieve this by having a dreamy forest wedding complete with tall pines, lace, little flickering lights, flower bouquets wrapped with burlap twine, and silks fluttering in the breeze.

The key to evoking the otherworldly feel in any space is through incorporating plenty of texture, deep rich dark tones, and warm flickering light. Gather inspo from natural elements—use water, air, earth, and fire as your guide—and layer. You want plenty of layers.

Pure Romance

Crimson roses with velvet soft petals and gentle warm light flickering from candles. There’s soft music playing, red wine in long-stemmed glasses, and plenty of cozy nooks.

That’s our idea of a romantic theme; what’s yours?

Whatever you think of, go for it! Just make sure there are plenty of flowers.

The Great Outdoors

Why dawdle over décor when Mother Nature has you covered?

Choosing an awe-inspiring outdoor setting as the backdrop means you don’t have to do much to create the wow factor.

Tying the knot outdoors is an excellent way to combine themes, too. For instance, the forest is the ideal setting for an enchanted wedding. The desert has that distinctive boho flair, and a sprawling lawn or barnyard setting makes the perfect garden party or country-themed experience.

Wild Wedding

Those who’d love nothing more than to tie the knot under the watchful gaze of lions and tigers can. Places like the San Diego Zoo specifically cater to weddings and other events.

Another fun way to inject untamed spontaneity is to have a circus-themed wedding. You can take this as far as you’d like and serve corn dogs and drunken snow cones— just like regular ones, except with booze.

Music Festival

Turn up the volume on your big day with a music festival theme. Create the same low-key yet slightly edgy vibe by enlisting food trucks to cater, incorporate jean jackets and boots, and rock out to a local band you hired to play all your favorite songs.

Or, let your guests provide the entertainment with a live band karaoke setup.

Murder Mystery

This is a fun interactive way to really drive a theme home. You can buy games online, or hire actual improv teams that will customize a scenario however you’d like and really make your reception a fun and unforgettable experience.

Tie in a specific time period for extra theatrical flair.

Garden Party 

Romantic, refined, and absolutely dripping in florals. The delicate details are what make garden party-themed weddings so memorable and lovely—English accents optional.

Dainty sandwiches and other finger foods can be presented on tiers, and coffee, and tea served in tea cups with saucers. 

As dusk falls, light it up with lanterns and trees wrapped in fairy lights. 

Pick Your Passion

Truly, when it comes to wedding themes, anything goes.

From rock climbing to horseback riding, even Harry Potter. If there’s something that both you and your fiancée are obsessed with, you have every right to choose that as the theme for your wedding.

The same goes for décor and aesthetics. If you’re drawn to maximalism and a mismatch of colors and patterns, pull them into your wedding. If you love to travel or are obsessed with a specific region, that’s an excellent theme too.


The goal is to just be you—don’t hold back.  

Have fun. Let your wedding day be a shining testament to who you are and what you value.

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