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Why Do People Hate Abbie Cornish?

Abbie Cornish is an Australian actress and rapper who has appeared in major movies like Somersault, Candy, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Sucker Punch.

While she has gained critical acclaim and award nominations for some roles, Cornish has also faced some backlash and developed a reputation among some as being difficult to work with.

This article will examine some of the possible reasons why the actress has haters and has provoked some negative reactions.

Rapid Rise to Fame

One factor that likely contributes to some of the animosity towards Abbie Cornish is how quickly she rose to fame at a young age.

  • Cornish got her big break in 2004 at age 22 when she starred in the acclaimed indie film Somersault. Her performance earned her critical praise and Best Actress awards from the Australian Film Institute and Film Critics Circle of Australia.
  • Just two years later in 2006, she starred as the lead in the high-profile biopic Candy alongside Heath Ledger.
  • This rapid rise from little-known Aussie indie star to lead actress in a big Hollywood production may have fueled some jealousy and resentment from others in the industry or audiences.

Perceived Arrogance or Difficult Behavior

Another common explanation given for why people dislike Cornish is the perception that she is arrogant, ungrateful, or difficult to work with.

  • There have been reports of Cornish clashing with directors or being high-maintenance on sets.
  • In one case, she was said to have refused to attend the premiere of a film because she wasn’t happy with the editing.
  • Whether true or not, these rumors about difficult behavior have damaged Cornish’s reputation and left many with a negative impression of her.

Table of Reported Incidents

YearAlleged Incident
2007Refused to do press for Elizabeth: The Golden Age
2010Frequent conflicts with Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder
2013Dropped out of production of Jane Got a Gun shortly before filming

Outspoken Nature

The Australian actress has at times been very outspoken about certain issues or blunt in interviews, which may have rubbed some people the wrong way.

  • Cornish has been open about her use of medicinal marijuana to treat depression and anxiety. This controversial stance did not sit well with more conservative audiences.
  • She also received backlash for speaking out against and criticizing the mining industry in Australia. Some saw her comments as arrogant or ill-informed.
  • Cornish has been candid in interviews as well, making provocative statements about things like not caring about awards shows. This bluntness may turn off those expecting polished celebrity soundbites.

Acting Skill and Judgment Questioned

While her talent has been praised by many critics and directors, some have also critiqued Cornish’s acting ability and on-screen presence.

  • Her performances have been labeled as stiff, flat, or lacking in charisma in films like Stop-Loss, W.E., and RoboCop.
  • Choice of roles has also been scrutinized, with films like Sucker Punch and Limitless seen as missteps by some.
  • As someone without extensive training, she is seen in a negative light by some who view her as undeserving of success.

Is She Overhyped or Overrated?

One other theory is that resentment towards Cornish stems partly from a feeling that she has been overhyped or overrated at times as an actress.

  • Despite her indie roots, Cornish has been marketed as a glamorous leading lady. However, she lacks the gravitas of true A-list stars.
  • After critical acclaim early on, Cornish had difficulty living up to heightened expectations from the industry and public.
  • For those who don’t see her talent, Cornish being pushed as a star or awards contender may provoke a negative reaction.

Personal Life and Relationships

Cornish’s romantic relationships and personal issues have also been a source of criticism or negativity from some.

  • Her high-profile relationship with Ryan Phillippe ended messily amid cheating allegations, attracting gossip press.
  • She was also rumored to be the reason Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon divorced. This portrayal as a homewrecker damaged her image for some.
  • Struggles with depression and going to rehab in her youth were also seen as red flags by some judging her character and work ethic.

Is the Negativity Justified?

While these are some of the common theories given for the animosity and criticism directed at Abbie Cornish at various points in her career, the question remains if it is deserved or not.

  • The rumors about her behavior remain unproven, and those who have worked with Cornish often describe her in glowing terms.
  • She has continued to receive many plaudits for her acting over the years, indicating true talent.
  • Much of the gossip around her also seems driven by sexism, like the homewrecker labeling.
  • The backlash may be a natural reaction to an actress who found major success rapidly but then struggled to consistently live up to hype.

Overall, while Cornish has undoubtedly made missteps and her outspokenness has rubbed some the wrong way, the level of negativity toward her seems excessive. In many ways, it reflects more on the endless scrutiny and expectations placed on actresses than on Cornish herself.


In examining why Abbie Cornish has haters, it seems that a mix of factors related to her quick rise to fame, outspoken nature, acting choices, and personal life have all contributed. Rumors of arrogance and being difficult to work with have also unfairly persisted.

While she has made some missteps, much of the criticism also stems from sexist double standards for actresses and the tendency to quickly build up then tear down rising stars.

Despite lingering negativity from some, Cornish has proven herself a talented and compelling actress capable of giving acclaimed performances. Going forward, she may benefit from more careful role selection and avoiding controversies.

However, if she can continue delivering her best work, Cornish has the skill to potentially regain her momentum and critical acclaim. Ultimately, while her haters have made their opinions loudly known at times, Cornish remains a gifted actress who still has the opportunity to achieve her full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Abbie Cornish’s first major acting role?

Cornish’s breakthrough role was in 2004 at age 22 playing Heidi in the Australian indie film Somersault. Her acclaimed performance earned her the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

What are some examples of Cornish being difficult on set?

Rumors of Cornish clashing with directors or being demanding on sets have followed films like Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Sucker Punch, and Jane Got a Gun. However, these reports are unconfirmed, and she has denied being difficult to work with.

Why do some criticize her acting skills and choice of roles?

Despite praise from many, some have critiqued Cornish’s acting in films like Stop-Loss as stiff. Choices like Sucker Punch and RoboCop have also been called missteps. As someone self-taught, some question if she deserves her success.

What was the response to her relationship with Ryan Phillippe?

Her relationship with Phillippe after his divorce from Reese Witherspoon attracted major gossip press. This portrayal as a homewrecker damaged her image in the eyes of some.

What are examples of her being outspoken or controversial?

Cornish has been open about using medicinal marijuana for depression. She also criticized Australia’s mining industry, which some saw as arrogant. Blunt interview comments have also rubbed some the wrong way.

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