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Why Do People Hate Asher Angel?

Asher Angel is an American actor and singer who rose to fame playing Jonah Beck on the Disney Channel show “Andi Mack.” Despite his popularity among young audiences, Asher has faced some backlash and dislike from certain groups over the years. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why Asher Angel has his detractors.

Criticism of His Acting Abilities

One of the most common criticisms of Asher Angel is that he’s not a very strong actor. Some feel that he delivers his lines in a stilted, unnatural manner and that his facial expressions and body language are overly exaggerated. This perception stems primarily from his work on Disney Channel shows, which tend to favor broad acting styles.

During his time on “Andi Mack,” many viewers felt that Asher’s character Jonah came across as bland and one-dimensional. While part of this was due to the writing, some placed blame on Asher’s acting abilities and claimed he lacked nuance and depth in the role. The same critiques emerged when he starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Stuck in the Middle.”

Some argue that Asher’s acting training and experience are limited due to his young age. With more time and roles under his belt, he may grow and improve as an actor. But for now, his skill set remains a pain point for critics.

How can Asher improve as an actor?

  • Take on more challenging, complex roles that require subtlety and range
  • Study acting techniques like Method or Meisner to add depth
  • Work with coaches and teachers to strengthen weak areas
  • Join acting workshops and classes to get feedback from peers
  • Observe and learn from veteran, acclaimed actors

Perception He is Overexposed

Another reason why Asher Angel draws backlash is a feeling among some viewers that he is overexposed. After his breakout role on “Andi Mack,” Disney Channel quickly cast him in leading parts across many of their projects. From shows to original movies to music recordings, Asher’s face and voice became omnipresent across Disney media.

This level of saturation can cause people to feel fatigue and irritation with an actor. The sense that someone is being overexposed or “shoved down your throat” tends to breed resentment, even among fans. It’s simply the nature of human psychology – too much of anything, even something you like, eventually leads to dislike.

Asher’s constant presence across Disney platforms reached its peak around 2018-2019. Since then, he has diversified by taking on film roles outside of Disney. But for critics at the time, the non-stop hype around Asher crossed over into annoying territory.

How can Asher avoid overexposure?

  • Take time off between projects
  • Diversify by working with different studios/networks
  • Limit promotional appearances during peak periods
  • Let public demand guide involvement rather than oversaturating
  • Avoid taking on too many simultaneous projects

Perceived Lack of Humility

Some people perceive Asher Angel to lack humility and grace. While he generally comes across as friendly and cheerful in interviews, he has had moments that rubbed people the wrong way.

For example, Asher has repeatedly stated that his ultimate goal is to win an Oscar one day. While ambition is admirable, some felt that this declaration indicated arrogance and entitlement, especially from someone so young and early in their career. Declaring yourself the next Meryl Streep or Daniel Day Lewis can appear presumptuous and off-putting.

There have also been occasions where Asher seemed to speak dismissively about his Disney Channel roots now that he is transitioning into film. He made comments about only taking on more mature roles from now on, which some interpreted as insulting to the kids/family projects that gave him his big break.

Whether true or not, Asher risks developing a reputation as cocky or ungrateful. Retaining humility and perspective as his stardom rises will be crucial to maintaining goodwill from the public.

How can Asher show more humility?

  • Talk less about accolades and keep focus on the work
  • Express gratitude to those who contributed to his success
  • Avoid appearing to look down on past roles/work
  • Keep grounded by surrounding himself with down-to-earth friends/family
  • Use fame as a platform for good causes rather than self-promotion

Support for Donald Trump

Prior to the 2016 election, a 13-year-old Asher Angel expressed his support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He posted a video of himself online explaining why he hoped Trump would win.

This video garnered a lot of attention and backlash. Many felt it was inappropriate for someone so young to be declaring political affiliations online where they would be subject to attacks. Others were disappointed that Asher would publicly support such a controversial candidate.

While Asher has not been vocal about politics since, some fans have not forgotten his past Trump support. This is especially true of more liberal-leaning viewers who disagree with President Trump’s policies and conduct while in office. Even those who choose not to hold it against Asher see the video as an example of immaturity and impressionability in his younger teen years.

What should child/teen actors know about publicly discussing politics?

  • Their fame means their opinions carry weight and will be scrutinized
  • Fans will not separate them from their political stances
  • They likely lack the maturity and knowledge to speak out on complex issues
  • Discussing politics risks angering and alienating segments of their audience
  • Their agents/managers will likely advise them to remain neutral

Perception He is Being Promoted for Looks, Not Talent

Like many young actors, Asher Angel draws significant attention for his appearance. He has a devoted following of fans who dote on him primarily for his good looks and heartthrob potential.

While this is common for male stars of his age, it does lead some to dismiss Asher as merely a pretty face whose career rests more on image than ability. There is a perception among skeptics that his average acting skills are being overlooked in favor of capitalizing on his desirability to young audiences.

Comments about Asher’s dreamy eyes, perfect hair and crush-worthy smile often overshadow substantive critiques of his work. This imbalance leads some to believe he is coasting on superficial charm and physical appeal rather than actual acting chops.

How can Asher prove himself as more than just eye candy?

  • Select roles that demand strong acting over good looks
  • Highlight his acting training and preparation for roles
  • Pursue diverse genres from action to drama to show his range
  • Take reputation-changing roles that defy his image
  • Use his platform to promote positive messages over persona

Shift Away from Disney Worries Fans

Asher Angel built his entire career on the Disney Channel. His first major role in a Disney Original Movie led straight into his star-making turn on “Andi Mack” for three seasons. So when Asher suddenly declared he was leaving Disney behind, many of his young fans felt worried and abandoned.

After being so closely associated with Disney and family-friendly entertainment, Asher’s pursuit of more mature projects felt jarring to fans. Pre-teens who had grown up with him on their screens feared this meant he was outgrowing them. The parents who had trusted Disney’s brand with their kids also felt hesitation about where Asher was headed next.

While Disney fare limited his options, Asher’s wholesale departure left fans feeling like he had turned his back on them. A more gradual transition that retained some of his wholesome roots may have eased this shift.

How can Asher maintain his younger fans amid career changes?

  • Communicate that he still cherishes their support even as he expands his roles
  • Avoid seeming embarrassed or above his Disney past
  • Promote his new projects while also participating in Disney reunions/events
  • Reassure families that he will remain thoughtful about his content/image
  • Find age-appropriate ways to keep engaged with the pre-teen crowd

Still Feels Untested in Serious Acting Roles

Thus far, Asher Angel’s acting resume consists almost entirely of Disney Channel projects and other wholesome family fare. While popular with younger audiences, these roles do not provide much chance for Angel to demonstrate nuanced acting chops. For many serious critics and devotees of cinema, the jury is still out on whether he has real talent that translates beyond tween fluff.

Until Angel takes on weightier dramatic roles, his skills remain unproven outside of cute television comedies. He has expressed a strong desire to take on more mature, complex characters that allow him to show his full range. But so far, his opportunities to do so have been limited.

This contributes to a perception among skeptics that Asher remains merely a Disney child actor out of his depth in realacting. His continued pursuit of serious film projects will be crucial to changing this narrative.

What types of roles would showcase Asher’s talent?

  • A period drama focusing on character development over style
  • A gritty, introspective indie film requiring emotional depth
  • A biopic about a historically significant figure
  • An intense psychological thriller or horror film
  • A war/military movie emphasizing internal conflict


In summary, Asher Angel faces his share of criticism and dislike for various reasons. His acting skills remain a work in progress, he suffers from overexposure, he sometimes comes across as arrogant, his wholesome Disney past feels at odds with his shift to mature roles, and his talent remains largely unproven outside of youth programming.

However, Angel is still very young with a promising career ahead, if he can learn from constructive feedback. By diversifying his roles, retaining humility, keeping his fans in mind during major transitions, and focusing on improving his craft above all else, he has the potential to change negative perceptions.

As he navigates his meteoric rise to fame, the ways in which Asher Angel responds to backlash and critique may ultimately define his reputation and longevity as an actor.


Is criticism of Asher Angel fair?

Much of the criticism Asher faces is fairly typical for actors, especially those who rose to fame as children. However, some critique seems unduly harsh given his young age. Asher is likely still learning and growing into his skills.

How can Asher Angel revive his reputation?

Taking on challenging new roles and avoiding overexposure can help Asher prove himself as more than just a Disney child actor. Staying humble and gracious throughout his career will also be important.

Will Asher’s fans stick by him post-Disney?

He may lose some fans but likely can retain most by thoughtfully balancing family-friendly projects with more mature work. Keeping young fans in mind through social media and age-appropriate projects will help ease transitions.

Does Asher have potential as a serious actor?

While unproven currently, Asher’s raw skills and passion for the craft suggest he can succeed in more serious roles. He will need to commit fully to intensive training and challenging parts that expand his range.

Is Asher’s response to backlash important going forward?

Yes, how graciously Asher handles critique and controversies now will shape public perception. He needs to avoid defensive or arrogant reactions in order to be seen as mature beyond his years.

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