Why Do People Hate Ashton Kutcher?

Ashton Kutcher is an American actor, producer, entrepreneur and former fashion model who began his acting career portraying Michael Kelso in sitcom That ’70s Show. He later went on to star in romantic comedies like Dude, Where’s My Car?, Just Married, and What Happens in Vegas.

Kutcher has been nominated for various awards and was the first user of Twitter to reach 1 million followers. Despite his success, Kutcher has garnered a fair share of haters over the years. This article will explore some of the main reasons why people dislike Ashton Kutcher.

Immaturity and Silly Roles

One of the biggest reasons people dislike Kutcher is that many of his acting roles have portrayed him as an immature, silly, and unintelligent character. His breakout role as Michael Kelso on That ’70s Show cemented him as a lovable idiot in the minds of many viewers. While the character was endearing to fans, it also typecast Kutcher as a goofball.

Many of his subsequent rom-com roles also painted him as a buffoonish man-child. Some feel his frequently silly, immature roles promote negative stereotypes about men. They see Kutcher’s continued choice to take on such parts as him not taking acting seriously or wanting to break out of the dumb comedy mold.

Key Examples of Silly Roles

  • Michael Kelso on That ’70s Show
  • Jesse Montgomery III in Dude, Where’s My Car?
  • Tom Stansfield in What Happens in Vegas
  • Walter in Guess Who

Critics argue he continues to cash in on low-brow, unintelligent roles instead of showcasing greater acting range.

Perceived Arrogance

Another common complaint about Kutcher is that he comes across as arrogant or full of himself. Some feel his good looks and success went to his head early in his career. They see him as smug instead of humble.

Incidents that Sparked Arrogance Claims

  • Bragging about being first user to reach 1 million Twitter followers
  • Publicly dismissing acting talent and hard work as luck
  • Various tabloid antics during relationship with Demi Moore

Kutcher has made public comments over the years, like claiming hard work matters less than opportunity in show business, that struck people as bragging or downplaying others’ efforts. Some tabloid stories focused on supposed partying during his marriage to Demi Moore also painted him in an unfavorable light. Whether true or not, these incidents bolstered the public image of Kutcher as cocky or self-absorbed.

Perception He Cheated on Demi Moore

Kutcher’s six year marriage to actress Demi Moore, who is 15 years older than him, was heavily covered by the tabloids. Their relationship unfortunately culminated in divorce amidst cheating rumors about Kutcher. While infidelity often damages a celebrity’s reputation, affair rumors so soon after Moore’s previous turbulent divorce really turned public opinion against Kutcher.

He went from being viewed as a fun, harmless heartthrob to being labeled a cheating scumbag by many. The alleged circumstances, including that Moore’s ex-husband Bruce Willis defended Kutcher’s character, made parts of the public skeptical. But the cheating stigma has stuck with Ashton’s reputation whether true or not.

Divorce Timeline That Fueled Cheating Rumors

  • Married in 2005 after 2 years of dating
  • Split in 2011 after 6 years of marriage
  • Moore previously divorced Bruce Willis in 2000 after 13 year marriage
  • Tabloids claimed Kutcher cheated with college student Sara Leal

The narrative of moving on from Willis to the younger Kutcher, only to be burned again, made Moore a sympathetic figure in the public eye. Kutcher faced enduring criticism.

Criticism and Controversy Surrounding Punk’d

Another source of animosity toward Kutcher stemmed from the prank show Punk’d which he created, produced, and hosted for MTV. The program relied on elaborate pranks played on celebrities without their knowledge. Many people disliked the mean-spirited humiliation at the core of the show’s premise.

Why Punk’d Sparked Hatred

  • Pranks designed to deeply embarrass famous targets
  • Kutcher perceived as cruel, mean, bully
  • Some pranks involved serious subjects like arrest, death
  • Undermined charitability by embarrassing famous people

Targets often cried, screamed, or begged during pranks covering dark topics like harm to loved ones. The callous punking of stars turned off viewers who felt it crossed the line from joke to trauma. While Kutcher has not been involved with Punk’d in many years, for some, the damage to his reputation was already done.

Relationship and Age Gap With Mila Kunis

While Kunis and Kutcher’s marriage seems strong today, some people attacked Kutcher when they first got together in 2012. This stemmed from the 15 year age gap between the pair, as well as the fact that they met and co-starred on That 70’s Show when Kunis was only 14. Kutcher faced allegations by some of grooming or taking advantage of Kunis.

Details That Fueled Controversy

  • 15 year age gap between Kutcher and Kunis
  • Met and co-starred together when she was 14 and he was 19
  • Began dating in 2012, after over a decade of friendship
  • Married in 2015, now have 2 children

Kutcher denies any impropriety, noting he and Kunis were only ever friends and colleagues until she was an adult. They reconnected at an awards show years after 70’s Show. But some still criticize Kutcher over the age gap and youth when the stars first met.

Perceived Hypocrisy and Pretentiousness

Finally, some people feel Kutcher’s outspoken activism and interest in politics in recent years seems hypocritical or pretentious. They see the former sitcom star as not knowledgeable enough to warrant his pulpit.

Incidents Sparking Hypocrisy Claims

  • Outspoken politically on Twitter with liberal views
  • Started foundation to fight child sex trafficking
  • Produced documentary on American factory jobs

Critics argue Kutcher adopts causes to seem socially aware but doesn’t back it up with enough action. Additionally, some see his shift from acting to activism as disingenuous image rehab. They believe Kutcher wants to be seen as mature and aware to offset his past reputation for immaturity and superficiality. Whether a fair critique or not, many now see his interest in activism as self-serving.

Conclusion: Why Kutcher Has So Many Detractors

In summary, Ashton Kutcher has developed a sizeable group of critics over his decades in the public eye. Between immature acting roles, allegations of infidelity and arrogance, his punking of stars, questions about relationships, and perceived pretentiousness, various incidents have damaged his reputation with parts of the public. While still successful and popular with many fans, he remains a divisive celebrity. Despite weathering scandals and criticisms, Kutcher has carved out a lucrative post-sitcom career. But his past continues to polarize public opinion on the actor/entrepreneur’s true character.

Summary of Reasons People Dislike Kutcher:

  • Immature, unintelligent movie and TV roles
  • Perceived arrogance and cockiness
  • Cheating rumors during Demi Moore marriage
  • Controversy surrounding mean-spirited prank show Punk’d
  • Age gap scrutiny around relationship with Mila Kunis
  • Seen as hypocritical for shift into activism and politics

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people think Ashton Kutcher is immature?

Kutcher is often seen as immature due to playing silly, unintelligent characters in many comedy films and That 70s Show early in his career. The “lovable idiot” roles typecast and reinforced a perception of him as goofy and juvenile.

What cheating rumors is Ashton Kutcher associated with?

Ashton faced strong cheating allegations during his marriage to actress Demi Moore. Rumors claimed he was unfaithful with college student Sara Leal, fueling Moore’s 2011 divorce from Kutcher after 6 years together.

How did Punk’d make Ashton Kutcher seem mean?

As creator and host of the celeb prank show Punk’d, Kutcher orchestrated embarrassing hidden camera stunts targeting stars. The cruel humiliations involved serious topics, sparking criticism of Kutcher as a bully.

Why did people criticize Ashton’s relationship with Mila Kunis?

Some criticized their 15 year age gap. Also, they met as co-stars on That 70s Show when she was 14 and he was 19, fueling grooming accusations, despite no romantic relationship until over a decade later.

What makes people see Ashton as pretentious or hypocritical?

After building an acting career on silly comedy, Kutcher rebranded as a political activist and entrepreneur. Some see the shift to serious causes as hypocritical and disingenuous image rehab.

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