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Why Do People Hate Austin Abrams?

Austin Abrams is an American actor known for his roles in popular shows like Euphoria, Dash & Lily, and The Walking Dead. However, despite his success, Abrams has faced some backlash and hatred online from certain groups of people. In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons why people hate Austin Abrams and the controversies surrounding him.

Reasons Why People Dislike Austin Abrams

One of the most common criticisms of Austin Abrams is that he comes across as arrogant or entitled in interviews and on social media. Some people feel he acts like he’s better than others or is ungrateful for his success.

Quotes and moments that have fueled this perception include:

  • In an interview with NY Times in 2020, he said “I’m the best thing about Euphoria” which rubbed people the wrong way.
  • On Instagram, he occasionally makes tone-deaf or flashy posts that make him seem out-of-touch.
  • In Euphoria interviews, co-stars have hinted at him being difficult to work with at times.

So while he may just have a blunt or dry sense of humor, many interpret his words and actions as signs of arrogance.

Lacks Charisma On-Screen

Another common criticism is that Austin Abrams is not a particularly charismatic or magnetic actor on screen. While talented, some feel he lacks the “it factor” that makes stars like Zendaya so compelling to watch.

In Euphoria, for example, Abrams’ character Ethan has been criticized as being boring, one-note, and lacking personality. Abrams’ subdued acting style may not help endear him to audiences.

So those looking for lively, vibrant characters may find Abrams’ understated portrayals to be dull or forgettable.

Perceived as Overrated

There is also a subset of people who feel that Austin Abrams is overhyped or overrated as an actor. They think he gets high-profile roles and opportunities that should go to other up-and-coming actors.

Some feel that nepotism or industry connections have advanced Abrams’ career, rather than pure talent alone. They think actors like Jacob Elordi and Angus Cloud have shown far greater acting ability and screen presence in Euphoria.

So some of the hate Abrams gets is a pushback against the sense that he’s been given more than he deserves at this stage of his career. They want his elevated status to better reflect his skills and experience.

Lacks a Distinct Persona On-Screen

Tying into the charisma critique, some believe Austin Abrams lacks a magnetic on-screen persona that makes him stand out. Actors like Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, and Tom Holland have very distinctive vibes and energies on camera.

By contrast, Abrams has been criticized for blending into the background and not having a unique screen presence. Between Euphoria, The Walking Dead, and other roles, people say he essentially plays the same understated, brooding character.

So to some, Abrams fails to demonstrate much range or bring compelling singular traits to each role. Greater variation in characters could help Abrams win over more fans.

Associated With Controversial Topics on Euphoria

Euphoria is a very controversial show known for graphic content involving teens. Austin Abrams’ character Ethan dates a trans girl, Kat, and their relationship arc has sparked some backlash online.

Some accuse the show of fetishizing trans characters for drama. Others say Ethan pressured Kat into sex in ways that normalized abuse. Many social justice advocates have criticized Euphoria heavily for its treatment of sensitive issues.

So by association, Abrams has become linked to these ongoing controversies and criticisms around Euphoria’s writing and characters. Even though he doesn’t write the show, he still gets some negative reactions as part of the cast.

Deeper Analysis: Nuances Around Austin Abrams Hate

While at first glance it may seem like Austin Abrams gets an excessive amount of unwarranted criticism, there are some nuances to consider around the apparent “hate” he receives.

Some Critiques Are Valid

To an extent, criticism around his lack of charisma or arrogant attitude have validity. Every actor has room for improvement, and examining what works vs what doesn’t is how performers grow.

Over-the-Top Hate Is Often Excessive

That said, the intense hate Abrams gets, especially on social media, far outweighs any of his actual missteps. Hyperbolic bashing is unfortunately common online today.

Backlash Reflects Changing Attitudes

Some backlash represents changing social attitudes, especially around topics like privilege and representation. But actors like Abrams usually don’t create the systems – they just navigate them.

Acting Is Highly Subjective

At the end of the day, what makes an actor “good” or “bad” is largely subjective and a matter of personal taste. So universal consensus on Abrams’ abilities, or any actor’s, is realistically impossible.

He’s Still Early in His Career

As a young actor, Abrams is still evolving and developing his skills. Those who dislike his roles so far may warm up to him in time as he hones his craft further.


In summary, Austin Abrams faces a mix of both reasonable criticism and excessive online hate. Some people genuinely find him arrogant or untalented, while others simply jump on the online bandwagon because hating on a celebrity is a social media trend.

In truth, Abrams is likely just a shy young actor still coming into his own and learning to navigate his growing fame. While not without faults, the extreme venom he receives seems disproportionate to his actual actions or behavior.

As with any celebrity who captures widespread attention, judging Abrams’ character is best done with nuance rather than reactionary takes. With time and experience, he may yet evolve into a more charismatic and versatile star capable of winning over even his harshest critics. Until then, media consumers should view him as a flawed but promising talent rather than write him off completely based on questionable perceptions alone.

FAQs about Austin Abrams Hate

Why do some people think Austin Abrams is a bad actor?

Some people think Abrams lacks charisma and range as an actor. Critics say he doesn’t bring a captivating persona or distinct vibe to his roles.

What evidence is there that Austin Abrams is arrogant?

Quotes on social media and in interviews paint him as arrogant and entitled in some people’s eyes. But his dry humor may be misinterpreted.

How is Austin Abrams associated with controversies about Euphoria?

As part of the cast, Abrams is tied to backlash about how Euphoria handles sensitive issues like addiction and trans characters.

Does Austin Abrams deserve the amount of hate he receives?

The intensity of hate Abrams receives online is likely excessive compared to any problems with his attitude or acting skills. Some criticism is valid but the hate goes too far.

How might Austin Abrams win over more fans in the future?

Displaying more charisma and range in future roles could help Abrams gain wider admiration. He’s still early in his career so has room to evolve as an actor.

Why do people hate Austin Abrams so much?

The common reasons include perceived arrogance/entitlement, lack of charisma on-screen, being overrated talent-wise, lacking a distinct persona in roles, and his association with Euphoria controversies.

Is Austin Abrams problematic?

Abrams himself doesn’t have a very problematic history, but he has been tied to some of the issues surrounding Euphoria such as claims of the show fetishizing trans characters. He also has an arrogant reputation.

Is Austin Abrams a bad actor?

He has talent but some feel he’s overhyped. Critics say he lacks charisma on-screen and fails to bring a magnetic persona to roles. But skills-wise he has potential to keep improving.

Is Austin Abrams hard to work with?

There have been vague rumors and hints that he can be difficult on set at times. But no major public feuds yet. Co-stars generally describe him as quiet and focused.

Is Austin Abrams rude in real life?

He can come across as blunt, dry, or arrogant in interviews – but that may just be his offbeat sense of humor. By most accounts he’s simply reserved and very focused on work.

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