Why Do People Hate Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser is an actor best known for his roles in popular 1990s and early 2000s movies like The Mummy, George of the Jungle, and Bedazzled. While he was a major box office draw and heartthrob back in his heyday, Fraser’s career slowed down in the late 2000s after a series of poorly received films and personal struggles.

In recent years, he’s made a bit of a comeback with acclaimed roles in TV and film, leading many to champion him as an underdog. However, some people still seem to harbor animosity for the actor. Here’s an in-depth look at why certain groups dislike Brendan Fraser.

What are the main reasons for the Brendan Fraser hate?

There are a few primary factors that fuel the anti-Fraser sentiment:

His meteoric rise to fame in the late 90s

After breakout roles in School Ties and Gods and Monsters, Fraser became a massive movie star seemingly overnight with 1997’s George of the Jungle. Some believe his swift catapult to heartthrob status made him overexposed and bred resentment.

Perceived lack of acting ability

While Fraser showed off good comedic chops in his slapstick blockbusters, some criticized him as a lightweight lacking dramatic skills. Many wrote him off as just another hunky action star without real talent.

Career decline in the 2000s

After a hot streak at the box office, Fraser’s films like Dudley Do-Right and Looney Tunes: Back in Action fizzled in the early 2000s. His star power subsequently faded, causing people to view him as a passing fad.

Comeback after long absence from Hollywood

Fraser was out of the spotlight for nearly a decade due to his personal issues and career missteps. His return to acting with acclaimed roles like Trust and Doom Patrol rubbed some the wrong way.

Problematic allegations from his past

Fraser alleged misconduct against a former Hollywood Foreign Press Association president. Rumors also emerged about his bad behavior on movie sets earlier in his career. This may have soured some people’s perceptions of him.

What are some common arguments people make against Brendan Fraser?

Here are some of the specific criticisms and arguments people make to justify their dislike of Brendan Fraser:

He only ever plays the same goofy, affable character

Some argue Fraser lacks range and versatility, playing a version of his dopey, lovable persona in nearly all of his films. They believe he relies more on charm than actual acting ability.

He torpedoed his own career with bad decisions

Many blame Fraser himself for fizzling out in the 2000s, choosing paycheck roles in lowbrow comedies like Monkeybone over more strategic career moves. His personal issues like divorce also distracted from his work.

He’s not talented enough to deserve a comeback

Some have pushed back against the Brendan Fraser career rehabilitation campaign, arguing he didn’t have the acting chops to merit major Hollywood roles again. His comeback has more to do with nostalgia than talent, they claim.

He’s problematic and possibly abusive

While not proven, allegations emerged of Fraser being difficult on sets early in his career. Rumors of hook ups with fans paint him in an unflattering light. For some, where there’s smoke, there’s fire when it comes to Fraser’s rumored bad behavior.

He stole roles from more deserving actors

Fraser’s casting in things like Doom Patrol and The Whale has led some to argue those parts should have gone to better actors who never got their big breaks. His comeback takes roles away from more talented performers, they believe.

What evidence is there that Brendan Fraser is genuinely disliked?

While Fraser certainly has his detractors, concrete evidence of widespread hatred for him is lacking. Here are some indicators it’s overblown:

  • Box office receipts show many paid to see Fraser’s films back in the 90s and 2000s indicating his broad appeal.
  • He has no major controversies or public feuds. Co-stars describe him as kind.
  • His recent comeback roles have been critically acclaimed, suggesting real talent.
  • Social media shows a tide of goodwill towards Fraser from nostalgic fans, not vitriol.
  • No polls substantiate claims of overwhelming negativity toward Fraser. Most seem to like him or are indifferent.

Who tends to dislike Brendan Fraser the most?

While not a universal sentiment, the bulk of anti-Fraser criticism seems to come from a few key groups:

Film snobs

So-called cinephiles who look down on popular crowd-pleasing blockbusters often see Fraser as a lightweight symbol of crass Hollywood excess.

Culture writers

Some culture columnists disparage Fraser as a way to appear edgy or express faux concern about his comeback bumping more worthy artists.

Younger audiences

While many millennials and Gen Z enjoy Fraser’s 90s nostalgia factor, some younger people don’t understand his enduring appeal.

Right-wing trolls

Fraser’s sensitivity and feminism make him a target for alt-right types who aim to mock sensitive or vulnerable male celebrities.

Jealous actors

Like any successful actor, Fraser likely has peers who resent his accolades and wish they had his roles and opportunities.

Why has public opinion on Brendan Fraser softened in recent years?

Though he always had loyal fans, several factors have reshaped Fraser’s public image to be more positive in the last decade:

Nostalgia for his 90s and 2000s movies

A wave of nostalgia for Fraser’s silly adventure comedies has emerged online, reminding people of their goodwill for him.

MeToo-era reevaluation of his treatment

Fraser’s allegations against the HFPA president earned him support and spotlighted the unfairness he faced.

His resilience overcoming career and personal obstacles

Fraser persevered through professional and private struggles, making him an underdog people want to root for.

Comeback in acclaimed films and shows

Critically praised performances in smaller films like The Whale have demonstrated Fraser’s chops and work ethic.

His absence from the spotlight

Spending a decade out of the limelight allowed some negative associations to fade from people’s minds.

Goodwill as a Gen X icon

As a representative of Gen X, Fraser inspires fondness from older millennials who grew up watching his movies.

Is the Brendan Fraser hate just manufactured internet outrage?

In many ways, yes. The overblown anti-Fraser sentiment seems to stem more from manufactured online drama than a real groundswell of public opposition. Here’s why it’s likely overhyped:

  • Very little organized opposition or boycotts of his work exist.
  • No verified accounts of bad behavior or concrete evidence of widespread dislike.
  • Small pockets of snark blown out of proportion via social media and clickbait.
  • Performative dislike masking nostalgic enjoyment of his movies.
  • Backlash to his comeback by contrarians trying to stand out from widespread goodwill.
  • Outrage fabricated to drive engagement, clicks, and polarization.

So while a vocal minority still dislikes Fraser, the prevailing sentiments suggest the dramatic levels of alleged “hate” are largely exaggerated.

What do supporters say in defense of Brendan Fraser?

Here are some of the common rebuttals Fraser fans make to combat the overblown hatred:

  • He takes risky, interesting roles when given the chance.
  • He has real comedic gifts and charm thatelevate even bad films.
  • Reports of bad behavior are unproven rumors and hearsay.
  • He’s faced unfair industry obstacles and personal issues with grace.
  • By all accounts he is a nice, humble person in real life.
  • He was unfairly shunned and blacklisted for a long time.
  • His acclaimed comeback performances prove his talent.
  • The fact he’s so likeable onscreen makes hatred seem illogical.
  • The public’s clear nostalgia for him undermines claims he’s broadly disliked.

Could Brendan Fraser hatred negatively impact his career moving forward?

While some stubborn pockets of Brendan Fraser haters may remain, it’s unlikely their dislike will have any major career repercussions given all the positive momentum and goodwill on his side these days. Here’s why ongoing backlash is unlikely to hurt him:

  • It has not impacted the success of his recent projects. The Whale received a prolonged standing ovation at its film festival premiere.
  • He has key advocates like directors Darren Aronofsky and Steven Soderbergh in his corner championing him.
  • Online support drowns out the relatively small chorus of vocal critics.
  • He has successfully navigated past career adversity before.
  • Public eagerness to see his comeback continue insulates him from cancellation attempts.
  • His talent and work ethic speak for themselves at this point in his career arc.
  • The narrative of overcoming past industry exploitation protects him from vitriol.

Barring an unforeseen major scandal, the avalanche of good vibes surrounding Brendan Fraser these days should easily overcome lingering pockets of unfair hatred.


In summary, while Brendan Fraser certainly has critics who voice dislike for him, the dramatic levels of alleged widespread “hatred” for the actor appear largely exaggerated. Close examination shows only small fringe groups harbor serious anti-Fraser sentiment.

The prevailing public opinion skews positive due to nostalgia for his films, his underdog career redemption arc, and his talents showcased in acclaimed new roles. While unfair dislike toward Fraser may never disappear entirely, supporters drown out the vocal minority of detractors.

Barring an unforeseen scandal, ongoing waves of goodwill and redemption narratives are likely to carry Fraser to continued success in his career resurgence. The days of Brendan Fraser being broadly hated are mostly in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Brendan Fraser’s career decline in the early 2000s?

Fraser’s career slowed in the early 2000s due to poorly received films like Dudley Do-Right, Monkeybone, and Looney Tunes: Back in Action underperforming at the box office.

He also faced more competition from rising action stars like Dwayne Johnson. Personal issues like his divorce also distracted from his work.

Did Brendan Fraser do something to deserve people hating him?

No concrete evidence exists that Fraser did anything egregious to warrant widespread hatred. While unproven allegations emerged about bad behavior early in his career, these rumors remain unconfirmed. Most accounts suggest he is a nice person.

What was the deal with Brendan Fraser’s blacklisting in Hollywood?

Fraser alleges he was sexually assaulted by a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which led to him being blacklisted from major roles as retaliation. This affected his career for many years before the current re-evaluation of his treatment.

How does Brendan Fraser avoid internet trolls and haters?

By largely avoiding social media until more recently to promote his projects, Fraser has sidestepped a lot of the negativity other celebs face online. He focuses on his work and family life rather than public feuds.

Did people dislike Brendan Fraser movies back in the 1990s?

No, Fraser was a major box office draw in the 1990s, and his films like George of the Jungle and The Mummy were enjoyed by audiences, grossing well above their budgets. Any dislike was limited to some critics, not the general public.

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