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Why Do People Hate Caitlin Stasey?

Caitlin Stasey is an Australian actress and director best known for her roles in popular TV shows like “Neighbours”, “Reign”, and “Please Like Me”. However, in recent years, Stasey has faced significant backlash and hatred online for her outspoken feminism and activism.

Reasons For The Controversy Around Caitlin Stasey

Her Feminist Beliefs And Outspoken Personality

A major source of controversy is Stasey’s firmly held feminist beliefs and outspoken personality when addressing issues like sexuality, consent, and equality. She launched, a website dedicated to female empowerment and sexuality.

Some key incidents that sparked backlash include:

  • Calling out Hollywood sexism and pay gaps for actresses
  • Candidly addressing issues like body image and unrealistic beauty standards
  • Openly discussing female sexuality and pleasure

Many find her views too radical or outspoken, while others admire and agree with her frank perspectives. However, she has undoubtedly become a polarizing figure.

Provocative Personal Photography

Additionally, Stasey has received criticism for some of her provocative personal photography posted on Instagram and her website.

These artistic, erotic photoshoots intended to portray female empowerment and sexuality have been called obscene, vulgar, or overly sexual by some. This photography has been another flashpoint fueling online hatred from more conservative viewers.

Table: Key Controversial Caitlin Stasey Incidents

2015Launched siteSite’s frank content on female sexuality called obscene
2018Called out Hollywood pay gap issuesFaced criticism for being overly outspoken
2020Shared artistic erotic photoshootPhotos called vulgar and inappropriate

Acting Roles And Projects

Finally, some criticism towards Stasey stems from disappointment or disagreement with some of her acting roles and filmmaking projects in recent years.

For example, the indie film “All About Caitlin”, which she wrote, directed and starred in, received very poor reviews. Some fans felt let down by this and other poorly received projects.

While much of the backlash comes from her outspoken persona off-screen, some acting or directing missteps have contributed towards a growth in online Stasey critics.

Do People Have Valid Reasons To Dislike Caitlin Stasey?

Yes: She Goes Too Far For Some

  • Her extremely frank opinions on issues like female sexuality simply go too far for some more conservative viewers.
  • Posing fully nude for erotic photoshoots can understandably anger people who feel it’s inappropriate.
  • Fans confused or upset by poorly received projects like “All About Caitlin” feel justifiably let down.

No: Backlash Is Often Unfair

  • She bravely tackles vital issues that spark dialogue and challenge norms that disempower women.
  • Her acting roles or directing efforts may miss the mark at times but don’t warrant severe criticism.
  • Female sexuality remains far more taboo than male sexuality, leading to unfair criticism.
  • She’s entitled to her opinions and modes of expression without facing hatred.

In short – it depends on one’s personal values and perspectives on issues like feminism and appropriate activism.

Unpacking Specific Criticism & Controversy

“Her views on female empowerment are too extreme”

On her site and across social media, Stasey tackles topics like equality, consent, abortion rights and more from an unabashedly progressive feminist lens.

Key counterpoints:

  • Female empowerment remains sorely lacking in society – her views provide an urgent counterbalance.
  • Discrimination persists – “extreme” views are often needed to spur real dialogue and change.
  • She has the right to openly share her views without facing hatred.

“Her erotic photoshoots are just vulgar, not empowering”

Stasey sees her artistic nude photos as portraying female sexual empowerment. But critics argue they actually undermine women and set a bad example.

Key counterpoints:

  • The policing of women’s bodies and sexuality has long been used as a tool to disempower them. Stasey challenges this control.
  • The photos aim to portray sexuality in an artistic, body-positive light aligned to her feminist principles.
  • Male actors who pose nude or act in graphic sex scenes rarely face similar criticism, pointing to a double standard.

“She clearly just craves attention and publicity”

Some believe Stasey courts controversy deliberately just to raise her profile and stay famous, rather than sincerely caring about issues.

Key counterpoints:

  • She was advocating equality, consent and female empowerment long before significant fame via speeches, blogs and short films. This indicates authenticity in her views.
  • Celebrities who don’t court controversy via safe opinions rarely spark vital dialogue on issues that demand change.
  • Even if attention or fame played some role, it need not diminish the value of her messaging.


Caitlin Stasey’s brand of bold, provocative feminism paired with risqué artistic photoshoots undoubtedly proves divisive. She evokes both ardent praise and intense criticism.

Her detractors seem to primarily take issue with the extremity of her views on female empowerment and sexuality as well as her tendency to openly court controversy. But there are reasonable counterarguments around the need for overt activism to drive cultural change.

Ultimately, Stasey challenges norms around femininity in ways certain to generate backlash. And while fans feel rightly disappointed when her projects miss the mark, judging from her established principles, she will likely continue tackling vital issues without tempering her message.

Time will tell whether future creative works help demonstrate her talents to critics or simply spur further targeted backlash toward her from the segments of society she directly confronts.

FAQs Around The Caitlin Stasey Backlash

Did Caitlin face backlash in Australia specifically?

Yes, in her native Australia some have accused Stasey of perpetuating negative stereotypes about Australians abroad due to her controversies. Conservative Australian personalities have often led the criticism around her photography and feminism.

How has Caitlin responded to hatred against her?

She has addressed her critics directly on occasion through social media posts and interviews. But more broadly, she continues disseminating her message of empowerment unapologetically despite the criticism she knows she’ll face.

Have her friends or partners defended her against criticism?

Yes, female friends and collaborators like model Alexa Pollard have praised her courage and integrity when facing backlash. Longtime boyfriend Lucas Neff has also defended her work and ethos while denouncing online trolls.

Did past trauma influence her feminist views and activism?

Stasey has been open about body image issues and managers taking advantage of her as a young actress. So early industry and personal struggles likely reinforced her views around equality, consent and female empowerment.

Could future acting or directing projects win over some critics?

Yes, if Stasey can channel her drive and vision effectively into well-executed, mainstream film and TV projects it could highlight her talents in a way that tempers criticism from disappointed fans or industry figures.

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