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Why Do People Hate Charles Melton?

Charles Melton is an American actor best known for playing Reggie Mantle on the hit TV show Riverdale. While Melton has many fans who adore him, he’s also faced some backlash and criticism from viewers. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the reasons why some people dislike or “hate” Charles Melton.

Reasons For Dislike

One source of controversy surrounding Charles Melton is his relationship and breakup with Riverdale co-star Camila Mendes. Melton and Mendes dated for over a year but split up in late 2019. Some fans blamed Melton for the breakup and felt he mistreated Mendes. There was also gossip about Melton cheating, although this was never confirmed.

On-Set Behavior Rumors

There were also rumors of Melton exhibiting rude, arrogant, or unprofessional behavior on the Riverdale set. However, most of these rumors were unverified and denied by other cast and crew members.

Backlash For Reggie Mantle Character

As the actor playing Reggie Mantle, Melton received some criticism for Reggie’s actions as an arrogant bully in early Riverdale seasons. Some fans had a hard time separating the actor from his bad-boy character.

Perceived Lack of Acting Talent

When Riverdale first premiered, some people felt Melton was untalented or miscast as Reggie and criticized his acting abilities. However, many believe he has improved over time and grown into the role.

Social Media Presence

Melton has occasionally faced backlash for his social media posts and activity. For example, some people found the photos he shared of his trip to Hawaii in 2021 to be insensitive during COVID. He’s also been accused of excessive product sponsorship posts.

General Backlash Against Riverdale Stars

As a core Riverdale actor, Melton gets some of the general dislike aimed at the show and its cast. The teen drama has many haters who find it overdramatic or inauthentic.

Cancel Culture Bandwagon

Some negativity toward Melton likely comes from people jumping on the “cancel culture” bandwagon. As a relatively famous young actor, he’s inevitably subject to some degree of excessive scrutiny and criticism.

Defense & Positive Qualities

Despite the criticisms, Melton has retained many fans and defenders who point to his positive traits and conduct.

Co-Star & Crew Support

Melton’s Riverdale co-stars and crew have spoken very highly of him and denied most negative rumors. They describe him as kind, humble, professional on set.

Good Relationships with Fans

Fan accounts generally characterize Melton as gracious, polite, and appreciative when meeting supporters in public. He takes time for autographs and photos.

Charitable Efforts

Melton uses his platform for good by supporting several social causes and charities. He has advocated for The Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention in LGBTQ youth.

Staying Out of Drama

Aside from the Mendes breakup, Melton typically stays out of relationship or public drama. He keeps his private life very low-key.

Acting Growth

As Riverdale has progressed, many acknowledge Melton has grown into the role of Reggie and delivers solid acting – especially in more dramatic scenes.

Handsome & Stylish

Melton’s undeniable good looks and fashion sense make him a favorite “heartthrob” for many fans. His physique and style earn him plenty of admiration.

The Psychology Behind Charles Melton Hate

Why do some people harbor such dislike or hatred toward a celebrity like Charles Melton? Psychologists categorize a few key explanations.

Parasocial Relationships

Fans often form one-sided parasocial bonds with celebrities. When there’s a perceived slight or betrayal, fans can feel disproportionately hurt and lash out. This may fuel some Melton hate.

Actor vs Character Criticism

Viewers sometimes overly conflate an actor with their characters. Criticism of a Melton’s arrogant Reggie role bleeds into dislike for him as a person.


For fans, attractiveness and success can breed jealousy. Melton’s good looks, girlfriend, and rising fame make him an enviable target. Haters want to “take him down a peg.”

Moral Righteousness

Criticizing a celebrity’s behavior allows haters to feel morally superior. By joining a “take-down”, they boost self-esteem.

Outrage Culture

It’s increasingly popular to express outrage and join “cancel campaigns” on social media. Some fans pile on just to share in the outrage moment.

Cognitive Dissonance

Those who strongly disliked Melton early on experience cognitive dissonance when he receives praise. They double down on negativity to ease their internal conflict.

The Major Allegations Against Charles Melton

While Melton has faced general criticism and dislike from some corners, a few specific allegations typically fuel the strongest hate. Let’s examine them:

Cheating on Camila Mendes

The most scandalous accusation against Melton is that he cheated on Camila Mendes, leading to their 2019 breakup. However, Mendes has denied these cheating rumors.

On-Set Diva Behavior

Rumors persist of Melton acting like an arrogant diva during Riverdale filming. But no co-stars have confirmed this narrative.

Rude to Fans

Some claim Melton can be rude, impatient, or dismissive with supporters seeking autographs or photos in public. But the majority of fan accounts praise his friendliness.

Bad Actor

Critics argue Melton delivers a wooden, emotionless performance as Reggie Mantle. However, by Season 3, reviews of his acting improved.

Charles Melton’s Perspective

Melton himself has remained relatively quiet regarding the negativity and allegations. But at times, he has offered his perspective:

  • On cheating rumors: “I cherish our time together.”
  • On acting critiques: “I take each role seriously and try to improve.”
  • On arrogance claims: “I don’t see myself that way at all.”
  • On fan interactions: “Making people happy means so much.”

Melton seems focused on his work while avoiding engaging with toxicity. He aims to retain positivity and good values.

The Verdict

Based on a holistic analysis of evidence, the strongest arguments suggest Melton does not deserve the intense disdain from some online communities. While not perfect, he has far more positive qualities and conduct than negative.

Most allegations lack substantiation or exaggerate relatively minor transgressions. Some criticisms seem rooted in misunderstanding, jealousy, or parasocial over-attachment.

Overall, Melton comes across as a well-intentioned, hard-working actor making his way in Hollywood. The breadth and intensity of “hate” he receives often feels disproportionate.

In truth, we cannot fully know celebrities based on limited public information. So forming extreme hatred verdicts seems unwise. With Melton, as with anyone, balanced nuance better reflects reality.


In summary, Charles Melton faces disproportionate disdain and “hate” from some online communities relative to substantiated facts. While not perfect, little evidence justifies canceling his career. Allegations often stem from rumor, exaggeration, or misplaced feelings.

Perspective is needed; we cannot fully know celebrities. With balanced analysis, Melton overall appears a well-intentioned person and dedicated actor. Some criticisms have validity, but the hate depth exceeds reason.

Ultimately Melton seems focused on improving his craft. Despite negativity in some corners of the internet, his talents continue earning him roles. Going forward, he would do well to avoid engaging hate and instead interacting with fans constructively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charles Melton Hate

Why do some fans hate Charles Melton?

Some fans hate Melton due to cheating rumors, perceived mistreatment of Camila Mendes, or disliking his arrogant Reggie character on Riverdale. Jealousy over his attractiveness and success also fuels hate.

What are the main allegations against him?

The biggest allegations are that he cheated on Camila Mendes, is rude to fans, and acts arrogantly on set. However, most rumors lack evidence or balance from neutral sources.

Is the hate justified?

The intensity of hate often seems unjustified based on flimsy evidence. While Melton has flaws, the hate exceeds his known actions. Some comes from misplaced parasocial relationships or jealousy.

Does Melton respond to the criticism?

Melton rarely responds directly to criticism about his acting or conduct. He seems to avoid engaging with the hate to stay positive. Co-stars defend his good character.

Does he deserve to be “canceled”?

No, most claims about Melton lack substantiation and overwhelm his positive qualities. The allegations hardly warrant canceling his career. Acting weakness does not merit such extreme retaliation.

Is the hate one-sided from fans?

Largely yes, the most vocal hate comes from fans in parasocial relationships, not objective critics. Co-workers defend Melton, and neutral observers don’t exhibit such hate.

Will the controversy affect Melton’s career?

It’s unlikely the exaggerated allegations or “hate club” anger will significantly damage Melton’s career long-term. He has many defenders and remains valued by producers.

Does Melton exhibit diva behavior on Riverdale?

No evidence suggests Melton acts like a diva onset; co-stars characterize him as a consummate professional. Unverified gossip likely fuels this narrative.

Why don’t outsiders hate Melton as much?

Outsiders see Melton more objectively. They are less prone to jealousy or parasocial betrayal. Positive qualities balance flaws more reasonably from a neutral perspective.

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