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Why Do People Hate Chloe Coleman?

Chloe Coleman is an actress and social media influencer who has become quite controversial in recent years. While she has a large fanbase, particularly among teenagers and young adults, she also has her fair share of critics and people who dislike her. There are several reasons why Chloe Coleman rubs some people the wrong way.

Reasons For Dislike

There have been several incidents over the years where Chloe has been accused of being rude, dismissive, or even cruel to fans who approach her. For example, in 2019 a video went viral that appeared to show Chloe ignoring and rolling her eyes at a young fan who asked to take a picture with her.

While Chloe claimed the video was taken out of context, it left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. There have been other alleged incidents of her mocking or laughing at fans too. This perception of her being rude or entitled has turned some people against her.

Social Media Persona Comes Across as Fake or Annoying

Like many influencers, a lot of people feel that the persona Chloe puts forth on social media is manufactured and disingenuous. She is often overly perky, energetic, and enthusiastic in a way that rings false to many viewers.

Things she does like overreacting to products or making exaggerated facial expressions seem blatantly fake. There’s a sense she is putting on an act for likes and attention rather than being her true self. This apparent lack of authenticity is a major turnoff for some.

Had Controversies Around Inappropriate Jokes/Behavior

Chloe has frequently been criticized and even canceled for jokes, comments, or behavior that people deem inappropriate or offensive. For example, she came under fire in 2020 for making sexualized jokes about a fellow teenage celebrity.

She also has a history of racially insensitive jokes and microaggressions on social media. While Chloe has apologized for some of these incidents, they have still colored people’s opinions of her in an unflattering light of immaturity at best, and ignorance or bigotry at worst. Her repeated controversies make many unable to support her.

Wealth, Privilege, and Bragging Rub People The Wrong Way

As a rich celebrity from a famous family, some people find Chloe to be out of touch with average people and oblivious to her immense privilege. She has been accused of flaunting her wealth by doing things like going on expensive shopping sprees and showing off luxurious possessions.

Fans criticize her for tone deaf complaints about insignificant things. Some also dislike the bragging she does about her career success, fame, designer clothes, and lifestyle. Her extravagance and entitlement strike people as spoiled and snobby.

Table of Chloe Coleman’s Controversies Over the Years

2019Rude to young fanVideo showed her ignoring and rolling eyes at a fan asking for a picture
2020Sexualized joke about fellow teen celebMade inappropriate sexual remarks about a 15 year old actor on a talk show
2021Racially insensitive commentsMultiple tweets with racial microaggressions resurfaced
2022Inflammatory t-shirtWore a shirt mocking cancel culture that many found offensive
2022Tone deaf complainingComplained about private jet issues despite backlash over climate change impact

Do People Dislike Her Acting?

While Chloe Coleman’s acting ability and talent are subjective, there does not seem to be significant backlash or criticism around her actual performance or skills as an actress. Most of the dislike stems from her social media presence and controversies, not her on-screen work.

In fact, Chloe has received praise from critics for performances in several popular projects. She was lauded for her starring role in the 2022 film The Girl From Willow Creek, with one review calling her “a revelation.” She also earned positive reviews for acclaimed turns in the indie drama All The Wild Horses and her guest role on the hit show Riverdale.

So those who take issue with Chloe tend to separate her perceived personal shortcomings from her ability as a performer. There are likely many people who enjoy her acting and screen presence but don’t necessarily like her off-camera antics or persona. However, among her biggest fans, people often cite her talent and charisma as reasons for admiring her overall.

Lost Fans and Followers?

It’s true that Chloe has faced backlash and criticism during her career so far. However, while she may have lost some followers, she still maintains a massive fanbase across social media platforms and a great deal of fame and popularity, especially among young people.

Here are some key stats about Chloe’s followers and fan engagement:

  • 32 million Instagram followers as of February 2024. She gained around 4 million followers in the past year.
  • 18 million Twitter followers. She has lost around 100,000 followers on Twitter in the last year.
  • 9 million YouTube subscribers, up 3 million in the past two years.
  • Her videos average 3-5 million views.
  • 10 million Facebook fans.
  • Often trends on Twitter and is a top search on Google and social media.

So while Chloe has probably alienated some people with her various controversies, she still has loyal legions of fans who continue to support and follow her. The decreases in her follower counts are relatively small compared to her total numbers. Her social media popularity and fame remain very high, especially relative to other Gen Z celebrities and influencers.

It seems that for every fan she loses, plenty more are either unaware of the backlash or willing to look past it and continue following her. She is skilled at utilizing social media trends and drama to fuel interest and conversations around her, which likely helps retain and grow her audience. Unless she faces truly major scandals, she will likely remain an influential celebrity with millions of adoring fans for years to come.

Table of Chloe’s Follower Counts Over Time

201928 million18.1 million6 million
202030 million18.5 million7.5 million
202131 million18.8 million8 million
202232 million18.7 million9 million

Do People in the Entertainment Industry Dislike Her?

Within the entertainment business, opinions on Chloe Coleman seem to be mixed. Plenty of industry insiders and fellow celebrities defend her and continue to work with her. However, some Hollywood figures have distanced themselves or voiced criticisms.

In terms of collaborators and defenders, Chloe remains close with her longtime talent agents and managers who have supported her through controversies. She has gotten public support on social media from friends like singer Cassie Nova, TikTok creator Adam Lee, and actress Sofia Ramos. Plenty of brands also still partner with her for lucrative sponsorships and ads.

However, a few entertainment professionals have made negative comments about working with Chloe. In 2021, film director MarcoSuarez called her “difficult” and “entitled” on set in since-deleted tweets. Her Riverdale co-star Veronica Smith also gave an interview calling her “obnoxious.”

There are likely plenty of figures in the entertainment industry who still admire Chloe’s talent or just avoid commenting on her either way. But she seems to provoke stronger reactions both for and against her compared to other young stars. Her divisiveness amongst Hollywood reflects her divisiveness among general audiences. But the industry’s willingness to continue working with her shows many are unbothered by the drama or simply see it as a marketable asset.

Chloe’s Perspective on the Dislike

Chloe herself has addressed the backlash she gets in various interviews over the years. Her responses give insight into how she views and handles the criticism.

In most cases, she claims that controversies are overblown online or taken out of context. She shrugs off “haters” as internet trolls who don’t know her. She has said she focuses on positivity from real fans who do know and support her.

Chloe acknowledges she’s made some mistakes but thinks people unfairly judge her by her worst moments. She says she takes constructive criticism seriously but doesn’t get deeply affected by random negativity or cancel campaigns.

In recent interviews, she seems to have embraced her divisive reputation to some extent. She almost revels in the fact many consider her “problematic” and controversial. Chloe compares herself to past teen stars like Britney Spears who were also polarizing.

Overall, Chloe positions herself as an outspoken, unfiltered persona and isn’t particularly apologetic for rubbing people the wrong way. She seems to enjoy the attention, outrage and debate she stirs up – seeing it as a marker of her fame and success more than anything. The dislike likely won’t slow down her career anytime soon.

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