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Why Do People Hate Dev Patel?

Dev Patel is an English actor known for his roles in films like Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and Lion. While he has received praise and awards for his acting over the years, some people have expressed dislike towards Dev Patel. This article explores the possible reasons behind that dislike.

Criticism of His Acting Skills

Some people feel Dev Patel is not a strong actor and dislike his performances. Common critiques include:

Lack of Range

  • Dev Patel has played similar roles focused on his Indian heritage
  • Some feel he lacks versatility as an actor
  • Wish to see him in more diverse roles

Overacting Accusations

  • In more intense scenes, critics accuse Dev Patel of overacting
  • His emotional displays may feel exaggerated or inauthentic

This table summarizes the acting critique against Dev Patel:

Acting CritiqueDescription
Lack of RangePlays similar roles focused on his Indian background
Overacting AccusationsEmotional scenes feel exaggerated

However, others feel these critiques are unfair and fail to recognize his acting talents that have earned awards like his 2009 BAFTA.

Backlash Against His Early Fame

Dev Patel rapidly rose to fame with his breakout role in 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire:

  • Was an unknown actor before landing the lead role
  • Slumdog Millionaire brought him instant fame and recognition
  • Some feel the early praise was overblown

“Industry Outsider” Resentment

Some speculate established actors in Hollywood resented his rapid rise as an “industry outsider.”

Common views:

  • He didn’t “pay his dues” via smaller roles before becoming a leading man
  • Resistant to an unknown actor receiving awards & fame so quickly
  • His success felt sudden & unchecked by typical industry barriers

Backlash Can Impact Opinions

The swift backlash itself also likely impacted opinions and caused more people to critically examine Dev Patel’s performances.

Without the heightened scrutiny, fewer people may have developed strong negative opinions toward his acting abilities in the first place.

Stereotypical Indian Roles

Another source of dislike is the view that Dev Patel keeps playing stereotypical Indian roles focused on race and ethnicity:

Repeated “Foreigner” Types

Dev Patel has played an Indian immigrant in multiple films like Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and Lion.

To some, this suggests:

  • Dev Patel can only play one type of role – the “foreigner”
  • He inevitably plays characters defined by race or ethnicity
  • Pigeon-holed into stereotypical “Indian roles”

Calls for Wider Representation

Some critics feel these repetitive roles promote narrow representations of Indians in Western media.

  • Often used to explore racial dynamics rather than well-rounded characters
  • Reinforcing stereotypes about Indian immigrants and people
  • Part of wider calls for more diversity in Hollywood

There’s debate around whether blaming actors like Dev Patel for this issue is fair or misdirected anger.

Perceived Cockiness

Another complaint about Dev Patel involves a perceived sense of arrogance or “cockiness” – both in early interviews and his film roles playing confident characters.

Brash Early Media Appearances

In Dev Patel’s first interviews when Slumdog Millionaire came out, some felt he acted brash and overconfident:

  • Lacked humbleness expected of a newcomer
  • Rubbed people the wrong way
  • Fed into resentment over his rapid fame

First impressions tend to stick, making it hard to overcome.

Cocky Roles

Additionally, in one of Dev Patel’s breakout roles playing teen “Jamal” in Slumdog Millionaire, his character is intelligent and confident even when being tortured:

  • Outsmarts police interrogators
  • Jamal’s cockiness in dire situations annoyed some viewers
  • Felt his character didn’t show real fear others would feel

While likely the writers and directors’ decisions, some audience’s irritations got unfairly directed at the actor himself.

Racist Criticism Towards Dev Patel

Sadly, likely some dislike towards Dev Patel stems from racist attitudes as well.

Backlash to Interracial Couples

When photos appeared showing Dev Patel dating his white costar from Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto, some showed racist backlash:

  • Anger over an Indian man with a woman outside his race
  • Belief races shouldn’t mix relationships

Their breakup was celebrated by racist online communities – showing the couple faced hostility.

Bias Against Indian Leading Men

Some suggest bias exists against Asian Indian actors playing leading hero roles and forming interracial relationships:

  • Indian men rarely seen as sex symbols or romantic leads in Western films
  • Pushback when that racial stereotype gets challenged
  • Undermines dominant white male heroic archetypes

It’s impossible to quantify this unspoken bias but likely influences some opinions.

Online Hate and Trolling

There are also undoubtedly racist trolls who dislike Dev Patel merely for his brown skin and Indian heritage:

  • Use anonymity of internet to spread racism
  • Part of wider bigotry and hatred Patel faces as a minority
  • Would attack any non-white race in spotlight

Ongoing Typecasting Frustrations

Another contributor to Dev Patel dislike is his ongoing career moves suggesting he hasn’t escaped typecasting.

Returned to Familiar Indian Roles

Despite early Oscar buzz, Dev Patel returned to roles focused on his Indian background:

  • 2016’s Lion about an adopted Indian immigrant
  • 2019’s The Wedding Guest playing a Muslim man

Suggests he feels:

  • Unable to escape Indian stereotypes and limitations in opportunities
  • Forced to lean into race-focused roles at expense of range

Failure to Win Diverse Roles

Additionally, Patel failed to win roles that challenged stereotypes of Asian actors in Hollywood:

  • Lost leading roles in Star Wars and Marvel films to white actors
  • Suggests ingrained bias limiting opportunities

Including parts specifically seeking “diversity” but ultimately going to other races.

Reinforcing Career Limitations

To those who want Dev Patel to have opportunities beyond repetitive Indian roles, choices like Lion and The Wedding Guest felt disappointing:

  • Limits journeys out of stereotypical creative boxes
  • Reinforcing perceived career limitations and biases

Even if decisions are pragmatic given restrictive options.


In examining possible reasons behind dislike towards Dev Patel, some seem based on unfair perceptions, others on legit critiques, and some clearly stem from racist biases.

The early backlash likely set up rigid initial viewpoints that left little room for growth in opinions. Even well-founded criticism toward Patel seems heightened by his rapid fame.

However, it’s equally unfair to demand Dev Patel carry the burden of correcting all lack of representation and stereotyping of Indians in Western films alone. There are much larger systemic forces at play as well beyond just Patel’s career choices.

In truth he likely took roles he felt would showcase depth and care around Indian experiences – even if they ultimately reinforced stereotypes for some viewers.

As Patel navigates Hollywood, he faces unfair expectations, racial barriers inhibiting opportunities, and outsized scorn mixed illogically with fame. No doubt such pressures impact his roles and stifle his talent, whether audiences realize it or not in their dislike.

Perhaps the questions around Dev Patel should focus less on why people dislike him and more on why so few leading Indian actors thrive in Western storytelling and media overall. The answers demand more societal accountability than just scapegoating individual actors like Patel unfairly tasked with shouldering systemic representation issues alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people dislike Dev Patel’s acting?

Some people feel Dev Patel lacks range as an actor or overacts in emotional scenes. However, others feel these critiques fail to recognize his proven talents.

How did people react to Dev Patel’s sudden fame from Slumdog Millionaire?

Many were surprised when the previously unknown Dev Patel became a star overnight with Slumdog Millionaire. Some established Hollywood actors likely resented his rapid rise and felt he didn’t deserve fame so quickly.

What Indian stereotypes has Dev Patel been accused of reinforcing?

Critics feel Dev Patel has played similar Indian immigrant roles focused on race like in Slumdog Millionaire, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and Lion. To some, this narrow representation promotes stereotypes about Indians in Western films.

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