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Why Do People Hate Dominic West?

Dominic West is a British actor best known for his roles in popular TV shows like The Wire, The Affair, and The Pursuit of Love.

However, in recent years, he has faced backlash from fans and the public for various controversies and questionable behavior. Here are some of the main reasons why Dominic West has inspired hatred from certain groups of people:

Cheating Scandal with Lily James

In October 2020, Dominic West was photographed getting cozy with his younger co-star Lily James while on a romantic getaway in Rome. At the time, West had been married to landscape designer Catherine FitzGerald for 10 years and they share 4 children together.

The photos of West intimately kissing and cuddling James during their vacation went viral and caused outrage, considering he was a married father of 4. Many criticized West for disrespecting his wife and family by cheating so publicly. The backlash was swift, with people calling him a womanizer and bad role model.

West later held a press conference with his wife Catherine where they kissed for the cameras and claimed their marriage was “strong.” However, the bizarre publicity stunt was seen as damage control and only made people angrier at West’s callous behavior. The cheating scandal cemented his reputation as an unfaithful husband in the eyes of the public.

Why was Dominic West’s affair with Lily James controversial?

  • He was married with four young children at the time, so cheating was seen as immoral
  • The affair was brazenly public, with intimate photos splashed all over media
  • West is over 20 years older than James, raising eyebrows over power imbalance
  • His press conference with wife was seen as a PR stunt, not genuine apology
  • Undermined his family man reputation built through shows like The Affair

Comments Defending Jeffrey Epstein

In August 2019, Dominic West signed a letter defending disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with sex trafficking of underage girls before his jailhouse suicide.

By signing the letter, West called Epstein’s crimes “uncharged” and suggested he should await trial before judgment, despite the overwhelming evidence against him. West also highlighted Epstein’s work in the science and technology fields, seeming to defend the convicted sex offender.

Considering Epstein’s predatory crimes against young women and girls, West’s comments were abhorrent to many. They saw his stance as misogynistic, elitist victim-blaming that excused intimate violence. Critics called out West’s privilege and willful ignorance. This further damaged his feminist credentials and reinforced the view of him as an out-of-touch celebrity.

What was problematic about Dominic West’s defense of Jeffrey Epstein?

  • Epstein had been convicted and charged with sex trafficking before his death
  • West seemed to dismiss/downplay extensive evidence against Epstein
  • Highlighting Epstein’s work came across as excusing his crimes
  • Seen as showing disregard for victims and enabling intimate violence
  • Revealed West’s elitism and poor judgment as a public figure

His Support for Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Dominic West is a vocal supporter of Britain’s controversial former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He has openly supported Johnson through numerous political scandals and ethics violations that have angered citizens.

In 2019, West defended Johnson over his unlawful proroguing of parliament to force through Brexit. He also condoned Johnson’s lies and failures during the Covid-19 pandemic that led to thousands of deaths. Throughout sexual misconduct allegations and corruption inquiries, West continued praising Johnson’s character and policies.

To many, West’s stalwart support of Johnson despite troubling behavior revealed his poor judgment and right-wing political biases. It signaled an aloofness and disregard for misconduct allegations. This association with Johnson’s polarizing premiership fueled resentment from liberal groups towards West.

What aspects of Dominic West’s support for Boris Johnson upset people?

  • Johnson was a divisive PM with many scandals and ethics issues
  • West backed Johnson despite unlawful prorogation of parliament
  • He supported Johnson despite pandemic lies and failures costing lives
  • Overlooked Johnson’s sexual misconduct and corruption allegations
  • Highlighted West’s questionable judgment and conservative leanings
  • Seemed tolerant of misconduct and ignorance of valid criticisms

Hypocritical Feminist Stances

Throughout his career, Dominic West has portrayed himself as a feminist and supporter of women’s rights through roles playing flawed men. However, his real-life behavior has conflicted with this public persona.

West proclaiming himself a feminist despite cheating on his wife struck many as hypocritical. The Jeffrey Epstein defense also undermined his credentials as a feminist. Even his show The Affair, which examines affairs and their impact, rang hollow after his own infidelity.

Overall, the dissonance between West’s feminist posturing and his unethical actions towards women come across as insincere. This breeds resentment from women who feel he exploits feminist themes for acclaim while not upholding them personally. It reflects broader frustrations with performative ‘woke’ male celebrities.

What makes Dominic West’s feminism seem questionable to critics?

  • His cheating undermines his pro-women image and roles
  • Defending Epstein seems anti-feminist and enabling of abuse
  • Feminist show The Affair rang false after his own affair
  • Actions contradict his public feminist persona and statements
  • Seen as inauthentic performance to win acclaim and praise
  • Breeds resentment from women over double standards

Arrogant and Pretentious Public Image

Some people find Dominic West arrogant or pretentious in his public persona and interviews. He often discusses his highbrow interests like literature, philosophy, and classical music. References to intellectual figures like Gustave Flaubert come across as haughty or highfalutin.

West’s posh British background and Eton education also feed into perceptions of elitism and privilege. His adulterous behavior and defenses of controversial men indicate an air of entitlement to critics. Even his unkempt, informal fashion sense has been labeled contrived and trying too hard to seem nonconformist.

Overall, the combination of an Oxford education, libidinous antics, name-dropping, and irreverent image strikes some as pretense and vanity. These factors contribute to the irritation some people feel towards West’s cultivated public persona.

What aspects of Dominic West’s image seem pretentious to his critics?

  • His namedropping of intellectual interests like Flaubert
  • Discussing highbrow philosophy, literature, and classical music
  • Played up Eton background and privileged upbringing
  • Unkempt fashion sense seen as contrived nonconformity
  • Cheating scandal indicates air of sexual entitlement
  • Overall cultivated persona strikes some as arrogance/pretense

Hypocritical Stance on Wealth and Status

While often presenting himself as bohemian and irreverent, Dominic West simultaneously lives an extravagant lifestyle enabled by wealth and fame. He owns an aristocratic estate and castle in Ireland worth millions.

West’s enjoyment of luxury real estate and the high life seems at odds with his attempts to come across as non-materialistic. To some, it illustrates the ultimate hypocrisy of a rich celebrity posturing as a man of the people. The fact he profited enormously from shows like The Wire that explore inequality also rings false.

His friendship with posh celebrities like Boris Johnson likewise undermines his bohemian credentials. Overall, West’s airs of privilege and wealth contradict his efforts to seem down-to-earth. This fuels a perception that his stances are more posed than genuine conviction.

How does Dominic West’s lifestyle contradict his public image?

  • Owns castles and lavish real estate despite seeming bohemian
  • Profited from show The Wire exploring inequality
  • Posh celebrity friends like Boris Johnson seem at odds with his image
  • Luxury estates indicate he enjoys wealth from fame
  • Suggests posh, privileged background supersedes his presentation
  • Undermines his non-materialistic, down-to-earth posing

Tone-Deaf Comments on #MeToo Movement

In 2018, Dominic West drew ire for controversial comments he made criticizing the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment. In an interview, he complained the movement was a “witch hunt” and that some men were unfairly grouped with predators and rapists.

West’s remarks were widely condemned for missing the point of #MeToo – to expose systemic abuse of power and bring sexual misconduct to light. Equating it to a witch hunt dismissed legitimate claims by victims. It implied reputational damage was comparable to the trauma of sexual assault survivors.

Critics pointed out West was wealthily and securely employed, so had not been impacted by #MeToo. His comments came across as tone-deaf and ignorantly trivializing an important social cause. It was an early red flag around West’s views on gender relations for many.

Why were Dominic West’s comments on #MeToo problematic?

  • He called it a “witch hunt” unfairly grouping some men with predators
  • Missed the point – exposing systemic misconduct, not reputational damage
  • Implied fame loss comparable to trauma of assault survivors
  • West hadn’t been personally impacted by #MeToo revelations
  • Came off as tone-deaf and ignorant of why #MeToo is important
  • Revealed questionable views on gender relations

Response to Racism Controversy on The Affair

Dominic West was embroiled in controversy in 2016 when a Black actor on his show The Affair spoke out about a racist incident on set. Actress Ruth Wilson, who dated West years prior, alleged he made a racist joke that offended her and other Black cast and crew members.

However, when asked about it, West denied recollection of any such incident. Rather than take responsibility or acknowledge the racism, he said the accusations were exaggerated and he didn’t remember as it was unimportant to him.

West’s defensive non-apology struck many as evidence of white privilege and fragility. He centered his own perspective rather than listening to and validating the lived experience of Black colleagues. To critics, it illustrated West’s limited self-awareness around race.

How did Dominic West handle The Affair racism allegation poorly?

  • He denied recollection of the racist joke/incident reported
  • Stated the accusations were exaggerated, not a big deal
  • Centered own perspective rather than listening to Black colleagues
  • Did not take responsibility or acknowledge the reported racism
  • Showed white privilege/fragility, inability to self-reflect on race
  • Non-apology indicated lack of awareness on racial issues


In summary, Dominic West faces significant public backlash and hatred for various controversies and behaviors that have fueled negative perceptions of him. His brazen adultery, dubious defense of Jeffrey Epstein, support for Boris Johnson, pretentious persona, tone-deaf comments, and hypocrisy surrounding wealth and feminism have all damaged his reputation.

While a gifted actor, West’s personal conduct and attitudes have elicited intense criticism. His arrogance, privilege, infidelity, and insensitivity have bred resentment from many groups. For these reasons, Dominic West serves as a cautionary example of how scandal, hubris and hypocrisy can engender widespread public disdain.

The journey of his reputation evokes important conversations around misconduct allegations, feminism, racism, accountability for public figures and complexity in how society views art versus artist.


Why do some find Dominic West arrogant?

Some find Dominic West arrogant based on his cultivated public persona – name-dropping intellectual figures, touting his education, indulging in infidelity suggesting sexual entitlement, and displaying a posh, irreverent fashion sense that strikes some as pretentious vanity.

What makes West a hypocrite to his critics?

West is branded a hypocrite for proclaiming himself a feminist yet cheating on his wife and defending Epstein, criticizing #MeToo despite profiting from exploitation narratives, claiming to be bohemian yet living in castles, and starring in The Affair after committing adultery himself.

How has West been insensitive around racial issues?

West showed insensitivity around race by denying and downplaying a racist incident on The Affair set that left Black cast and crew offended. His white privilege and fragility were on display in his defensive non-apology that centered his own perspective.

How did West enable intimate partner violence?

West enabled intimate violence by defending Jeffrey Epstein despite overwhelming evidence of Epstein’s sexual crimes. His comments dismissed charges as “uncharged” and praised Epstein’s work, which many viewed as apologism for predation and enabling further abuse.

Why don’t some buy West’s feminist credentials?

Some don’t buy West’s feminism because his cheating undercut his pro-women image, his Epstein defense was anti-feminist, and his tone-deaf #MeToo critique revealed questionable views on gender relations. His words and actions are seen as contradicting an inauthentic feminist performance.

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