Why Do People Hate Emma Mackey?

Emma Mackey is a French-British actress who rose to fame for her role as Maeve Wiley in the Netflix series Sex Education. Despite her success, Mackey has faced some backlash and hatred online from various groups of people. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why certain groups dislike or hate Emma Mackey.

Her Sudden Fame

One of the main reasons why people hate Emma Mackey is due to her sudden rise to fame after starring in Sex Education.

She Was an Unknown Before Sex Education

Before landing her breakout role on the Netflix hit, Emma Mackey was completely unknown in the entertainment industry. She studied at the University of Leeds and after graduating in 2016, she enrolled at LAMDA, a prestigious drama school in London. She landed her role in Sex Education shortly after finishing her studies at LAMDA in 2018.

Seen as Undeserving of Fame

For many, Mackey’s quick rise to fame seemed undeserved. Oftentimes it takes many years of hard work and small roles before an actor achieves mainstream success. So when Mackey skyrocketed to fame after one role, it led to resentment from some who felt her success was merely luck and good timing.

Her Comparisons to Margot Robbie

Another source of dislike towards Emma Mackey stems from constant comparisons made between her and acclaimed actress Margot Robbie.

Physical Resemblance

With her blonde hair, striking features, and strong jaws, many were quick to point out Emma Mackey’s physical resemblance to Margot Robbie when Sex Education first premiered.

Seen as Copying Robbie’s Style

Beyond just looking alike, Mackey’s fashion and styling also drew comparisons to Robbie’s old looks. This led to accusations that Mackey was purposefully trying to emulate Robbie’s style.

Robbie is More Established and Talented

While the comparisons were not Emma Mackey’s fault, they highlighted the fact that Robbie is a much more established and recognized talent in the industry. This made Mackey seem like an imitator riding on Robbie’s coattails.

Her Acting on Sex Education

Emma Mackey’s actual acting on the show Sex Education itself has also drawn some criticism and haters.

Seen as Wooden or Flat

Some have described Mackey’s acting as wooden or flat. They criticize her delivering lines in a stilted or emotionless manner.

Lacks Range or Versatility

Others have noted that Mackey seems to play Maeve in mainly one register. She has yet to demonstrate significant range or versatility as an actress.

Maeve is an Unlikable Character

Part of the dislike towards Mackey also comes from Maeve being an unlikable character to portions of the Sex Education audience. As the actress portraying her, Mackey bears the brunt of that dislike.

Her Real-Life Personality and Interviews

Apart from her acting, Emma Mackey’s own real-life personality and how she comes across in interviews has also contributed to the hate she receives.

Comes Off as Aloof or Cocky

Mackey often comes across as aloof, guarded, or even somewhat cocky in interviews. She does not open up easily and can give off an arrogant vibe.

Lacks Warmth or Sincerity

Many perceive Emma Mackey as lacking authenticity and sincerity. She seems overly concerned with maintaining a cool detached persona.

Quirkiness Can Seem Annoying or Pretentious

At times, Mackey’s quirky personality crosses over from charming into annoying or pretentious territory for some people. Her “not like other actresses” attitude rubs some the wrong way.

Her Looks and Weight

Sadly, like many actresses, Emma Mackey has also faced body-shaming attacks focused on her looks and weight.

Called Ugly or Masculine Looking

Some have plainly called Emma Mackey ugly or said she has masculine features. This centers on her short hair, strong jawline, and relatively tall stature.

Weight Comments and Eating Disorder Speculation

Mackey’s slim figure has sparked rude comments speculating she may have an eating disorder. Some accuse her of being a bad role model for young girls.

She Has Responded Maturely to Body-Shaming

While awful to experience, Emma Mackey has responded maturely by reaffirming her self-confidence and challenging narrow beauty standards. She refuses to be defined by these attacks.


In summary, Emma Mackey has faced disproportionate dislike and hatred from various groups for reasons including:

  • Her sudden rise to fame from one role
  • Constant comparisons to Margot Robbie
  • Perceived lackluster acting skills
  • Her aloof real-life persona
  • Body-shaming focused on her slim figure

However, much of the hate seems unreasonable and based on factors outside of her control. As she continues acting, hopefully Mackey will be able to showcase a greater range of her talents and win over some of the doubters. Regardless, the hate and body-shaming directed her way is unwarranted and should be called out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Hate Emma Mackey

What was Emma Mackey’s breakout role?

Emma Mackey’s breakout role was playing Maeve Wiley in the Netflix series Sex Education starting in 2019. This was her first major acting role.

What are some of the main physical comparisons made between Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie?

People often compare Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie’s blonde hair, strong jaws, facial features, and overall similar style. Mackey’s fashion is sometimes accused of copying Robbie’s looks.

What criticisms have there been of Emma Mackey’s acting?

Some criticize her acting on Sex Education as being wooden or flat. Others say she lacks range and mainly plays Maeve in one note.

How does Emma Mackey come across in interviews?

In interviews, Mackey can seem aloof, guarded, arrogant or lacking in authenticity and warmth according to her critics. Her quirkiness strikes some as annoying or pretentious.

What kind of body-shaming has Emma Mackey faced?

Mackey has faced comments calling her ugly, too masculine, or speculating she has an eating disorder. She’s been accused of being a bad role model for young girls regarding weight.

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