Why Do People Hate Florence Pugh?

Florence Pugh is a young and rising actress who has quickly made a name for herself in Hollywood over the past few years. However, despite her talent and success, Pugh has also faced some backlash and criticism from certain groups online.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why Pugh has detractors and why she rubs some people the wrong way.

Her Rapid Rise to Fame

One of the primary reasons why Pugh has haters is that her rise to fame in major Hollywood blockbusters happened very quickly. Pugh was a relative unknown just a few years ago but suddenly found herself starring in movies like Midsommar, Little Women, and Black Widow.

This swift trajectory stirs resentment among some who feel she didn’t “pay her dues” or that she was undeserving of such major roles so early in her career. Her meteoric success challenges the typical narrative that actors, especially women, need to struggle for years before getting their big break.

Backlash Against Her Relationship with Zach Braff

Much of the hatred toward Pugh stems from her relationship with the much older actor/director Zach Braff. Braff is 21 years her senior, and they started dating when Pugh was just 19 years old.

Many people considered this inappropriate and predatory given the large age gap when they first got together. Pugh was criticized for dating someone so much older when she was still a teenager. Their relationship stirred up a lot of controversy online.

Her Outspokenness and Clapping Back

Another source of annoyance for some is that Pugh is outspoken and willing to clap back at her critics online. She has defended herself and her relationship with Braff on numerous occasions.

For instance, when an Instagram user commented on the age gap, Pugh responded:

“I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love, and I would never in my life ever tell anyone who they can and cannot love.”

While many find her confidence and willingness to speak out empowering, it also rubs some people the wrong way who feel she should just ignore or avoid engaging with the criticism.

Allegations of Diva Behavior

There have also been some rumors and reports that Pugh is “difficult” to work with and exhibits diva-like behavior on set.

Sources claimed she was sometimes standoffish with fans during the Black Widow press tour. An extra on the set of Don’t Worry Darling also alleged that Pugh refused to interact with other cast members.

However, these rumors about her behavior remain unconfirmed, and Pugh has not directly addressed them. But for some, it confirms their perception of the young actress as entitled or arrogant.

Her Politics and Feminist Views

In today’s polarized culture, celebrities are often criticized when they share political or social opinions that don’t align with certain groups. As an outspoken feminist, Pugh has advocated for women’s rights and called out sexism in the industry.

She has been vocal about abortion rights, gender pay gaps in Hollywood, and standing up to online trolls. This has made her a target for vitriol, especially from more right-leaning circles. Her feminist perspective likely rubs some people the wrong way.

Her Acting Ability and Award Recognition

Frankly, another source of dislike is simply professional jealousy. Despite her youth, Pugh is widely considered one of the most talented up-and-coming actresses today. She has received significant critical praise and award recognition for her performances.

Including Oscar and BAFTA nominations for Little Women. Not everyone agrees, though, and some feel her success is overhyped or premature. There are certainly critics who don’t consider her to be a particularly strong dramatic actress.

Concerns About Being Overexposed

Some have argued that Florence Pugh has simply been in too many major movies lately in a short period of time. She has appeared in about a dozen high-profile films just since 2018, on top of endorsement deals with brands like YSL Beauty.

Between the constant press tours, magazine covers, and big budget movies, some people are just tired of seeing her everywhere. A section of the public feels Pugh has been overexposed and somewhat overrated recently.

Her Occasional Public Missteps

Finally, Pugh has occasionally made public missteps that rubbed people the wrong way and invited criticism. For example, in 2022 she posted an Instagram video defending her nipple covers that some felt came across as insensitive or flippant.

She’s also been accused of cultural appropriation for wearing braids. While likely not major scandals in the big picture, these pr faux pas have fueled negativity around Pugh in some online circles.


In summary, Florence Pugh elicits strong reactions from both fans and critics. Her unusual early success, relationship choices, outspokenness, alleged behavior issues, politics, overexposure, and occasional public gaffes all contribute to negative sentiments from certain groups.

However, the intense backlash is also an unfortunate side effect of becoming famous in the age of social media. Pugh’s talent and accolades make her an inevitable target as her star continues to rise. But she has just as many supporters who find the criticism unwarranted. Only time will tell how her career progresses from here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Florence Pugh

Why do some people think Florence Pugh became famous too quickly?

Some people believe Pugh’s rise to fame happened too swiftly. She went from a relatively unknown actress to starring in major blockbuster films within just a couple years. This rapid trajectory strikes some as undeserved and makes them question her talent.

How much older is Zach Braff than Florence Pugh?

Zach Braff is 21 years older than Florence Pugh. They began dating when she was 19 and he was 40, which stirred up a lot of controversy regarding their major age gap. Critics thought it was inappropriate or predatory given Pugh was still a teenager.

What did Pugh say in response to criticism of her relationship with Braff?

Pugh defended her relationship with Braff passionately on social media. She said “I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love” in response to an Instagram comment criticizing their age difference. Pugh has been outspoken about not caring what people think of who she dates.

What kind of behavior has Pugh allegedly exhibited on set?

There have been some rumors of Pugh behaving in a diva-like manner on sets, including being standoffish with fans and not interacting with other cast members. However, these reports remain unproven, and Pugh has not addressed the allegations.

Why do some people take issue with Pugh’s feminist views?

As an outspoken feminist, Pugh’s political views make her a target of criticism from more right-leaning groups. She has advocated for abortion rights, called out gender pay gaps in Hollywood, and stood up to online trolls. Her willingness to speak on feminist issues has invited backlash.

What awards recognition has Pugh received for her acting?

Despite her young age, Pugh has garnered significant acclaim for her acting abilities. She earned Oscar and BAFTA best supporting actress nominations for her role in Little Women. She’s widely praised as one of the most talented actresses of her generation.

How has overexposure contributed to negativity against Pugh?

Some argue Pugh has simply been overexposed lately, appearing in too many major films and advertisements in a short timeframe. Between constant press and blockbuster movie roles, sections of the public feel fatigue and negativity toward seeing her so ubiquitous.

What public missteps has Pugh made that invited criticism?

Pugh has faced backlash for occasionally making public gaffes, like an insensitive Instagram video about wearing nipple covers. She was also accused of cultural appropriation for wearing braided hairstyles. While not major scandals, these incidents have fueled criticism.

Does Pugh have a lot of supporters and fans as well?

Absolutely. Despite her detractors, Pugh also has a massive global fanbase who find the criticism and hatred toward her unwarranted. She’s considered a hugely talented actress by many fans and critics alike. The intense backlash likely stems in part simply from the nature of fame in the internet age.

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