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Why Do People Hate Gael García Bernal?

Gael García Bernal is a famous Mexican actor known for films like Y Tu Mamá También, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Mozart in the Jungle. While he has a large fan following, some people do express dislike or hatred towards him.

This article will explore the possible reasons why certain individuals harbor negative feelings about Gael García Bernal.

Outspoken Political Views

One of the main reasons people dislike Gael García Bernal is his outspoken progressive political views.

Vocal Critic of Trump

He has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump and his administration’s policies, especially regarding immigration and the Mexico–United States border wall. This has led to backlash from conservative audiences.

Supports Left-Wing Causes

García Bernal also champions several left-wing and social justice causes like environmentalism, indigenous rights, LGBTQ+ rights etc. His activism for progressive issues has made him unpopular among right-leaning groups.

Perceived Anti-American Sentiment

Some people believe his criticism of Trump and US policies exhibits an anti-American sentiment. This angers patriotic fans who see it as an attack on their country.

Womanizing Reputation

Another reason for the hatred is Gael García Bernal’s reputation as a womanizer who cheats on his partners.

Multiple Infidelity Accusations

There have been several accusations of him cheating on his girlfriends and wives like Natalie Portman, Kasia Smutniak, and Dolores Fonzi.

Public Messy Breakups

His breakups have often been public and messy like his highly publicized divorce from Fonzi. This paints him as unreliable.

Objectification of Women

Some criticize his on-screen portrayals in films like Y Tu Mamá También for promoting the objectification of women. This angers feminists and women’s rights activists.

Perceived Cocky and Arrogant Attitude

Gael García Bernal comes across as cocky and arrogant to some people based on his interviews and public appearances.

Flaunting Privilege

He sometimes flaunts his privilege as a wealthy, acclaimed actor traveling the world which people find pompous.

Trying Too Hard to Appear Intellectual

There is also a feeling that he tries too hard to come across as an intellectual making philosophical statements. This seems pretentious to some.

Aloof and Inaccessible Persona

His detached, aloof public persona makes him appear inaccessible and indifferent towards fans. This causes resentment among supporters.

Association with Controversial Directors

Gael García Bernal’s frequent collaboration with controversial directors like Alejandro González Iñárritu and Alfonso Cuarón also sparks hatred.

Iñárritu’s Elitist Style

Iñárritu has been accused of making pretentious Oscar-bait films with an elitist style. Bernal starring in many of them causes a transfer of hate.

Cuarón’s Socialist Messaging

Meanwhile, Cuarón inserts heavy socialist messaging in his films which people either love or hate. Starring in them aligns Bernal to that messaging.

Guilt Through Association

Some people feel Bernal implicitly endorses their controversial styles through frequent collaboration. This evokes intense reactions across the political spectrum.

Frequent Typecasting

The tendency to typecast Gael García Bernal also makes people dislike his acting choices and range.

Often Plays Similar Characters

He often gets cast in similar brooding, restless, philandering Latino/ Hispanic characters in English and Spanish films.

Lack of Versatility

This perceived lack of versatility in taking up more varied, complex roles causes resentment among fans.

Undermines His Talent

Typecasting makes people under-appreciate his true acting talent. It also prevents him from displaying the full spectrum of his skills.


In conclusion, Gael García Bernal faces hatred for a variety of reasons – from political views, cocky attitude, womanizing reputation to typecasting and association with controversial directors.

However, most of the animosity arises from misunderstanding, exaggeration, or disagreement with his progressive stances. Underneath it all, he remains a gifted actor who takes up socially relevant films.

Perhaps with time, the overgeneralized dislike towards him will reduce as people understand the nuance behind his flawed but well-meaning positions.

FAQs about Why People Hate Gael García Bernal

What political views do people hate Gael García Bernal for?

Gael García Bernal faces backlash primarily for his vocal criticism of Donald Trump, opposition to the Mexico border wall, and support for left-wing causes like environmentalism, LGBTQ+ rights, indigenous rights etc. His progressive activism makes him unpopular among conservatives.

What is Gael García Bernal’s womanizing reputation?

Gael García Bernal has been accused of repeatedly cheating on his romantic partners like girlfriends Natalie Portman and Kasia Smutniak, and ex-wife Dolores Fonzi. The public nature of these infidelity accusations and messy breakups fuel his reputation as a womanizer.

How does Gael García Bernal come across as arrogant?

Some people find Gael García Bernal arrogant based on him flaunting privilege, trying too hard to appear intellectual, and having an aloof, inaccessible public persona that disregards fans. This pompous impression causes resentment.

Why do some people hate the films of Iñárritu and Cuarón that Gael stars in?

The hatred arises from the controversial styles of directors Alejandro González Iñárritu and Alfonso Cuarón who Bernal frequently collaborates with.

Iñárritu makes pretentious Oscar-bait films while Cuarón inserts heavy socialist messaging. Starring in their films aligns Bernal to their divisive styles.

How does typecasting of Gael García Bernal evoke dislike?

Gael García Bernal frequently gets typecast in similar brooding, restless Latino/Hispanic roles which makes people under-appreciate his talent.

It prevents him from portraying more complex, versatile characters and showing his full acting range. This causes resentment among fans.

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