Why Do People Hate Gal Gadot?

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model who has become one of the most recognizable celebrities in recent years, especially due to her breakout role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe films. However, despite her popularity and success, Gadot has also faced significant backlash and hatred from some people online and in the media.

There are several potential reasons why Gal Gadot has haters and critics, which this article will explore in detail.

Background on Gal Gadot’s Career

Gal Gadot first became known as an actress and model in the early 2000s in Israel. She competed in the Miss Israel pageant in 2004 and landed some modeling jobs. Her breakthrough role came in 2008 when she was cast as Gisele in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Gadot continued acting in small roles until she was cast as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. This kickstarted her rise to international fame, especially with the solo Wonder Woman film in 2017, which was critically and commercially successful. She has reprised her role as Wonder Woman in Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984.

Gadot has also branched out into other films like Keeping Up with the Joneses, Date Night, Triple 9, and Red Notice. She has become one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood today.

Some Key Points in Her Career

  • Competed in Miss Israel pageant in 2004
  • Played Gisele in Fast & Furious franchise starting 2008
  • Cast as Wonder Woman in 2016’s Batman v Superman
  • Starred in 2017’s Wonder Woman film
  • Reprised role in Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984
  • Appeared in several other films like Keeping Up with the Joneses
  • Become a top Hollywood actress today

Reasons for the Backlash Against Gal Gadot

Despite her successes, Gal Gadot has faced significant criticism and hatred from some people for various reasons. Here are some of the potential explanations for why she has haters:

Her Israeli Heritage

Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel and served two years as a combat instructor in the Israel Defense Forces. This has made her a target of hatred and boycotts by supporters of the Palestinian cause who disagree with Israel’s policies. There are calls from some activists to boycott her films.

Her Support for Israel’s Military

In addition to serving in the military, Gadot has expressed support for the IDF’s actions in the ongoing conflict with Palestine. She posted on Facebook during the 2014 Gaza conflict that she was sending prayers to Israeli soldiers. This has further angered pro-Palestinian advocates.

Her Role as Wonder Woman

As the new cinematic incarnation of the iconic Wonder Woman, Gadot has faced scrutiny from fans with high expectations. Some comic book purists think she was miscast due to her thinner build compared to the traditional Wonder Woman physique. Others have criticized her acting skills.

Gender Pay Gap Controversies

There was controversy when it was revealed that Gadot was paid much less than her male co-stars in films like Batman v Superman. For example, she reportedly earned just $300,000 for that film while male co-stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill each earned $10-14 million. This gender pay gap has put a spotlight on Gadot.

Public Persona and Attitude

Some people perceive Gal Gadot’s public persona and attitude as overly positive or bubbly, labeling her as fake or inauthentic. She has been mocked by some as coming across too much like a Disney princess. Others see her persona as feeling manufactured or crafted by PR teams rather than genuine.

Perceived Lack of Acting Talent

As her fame has skyrocketed, some believe Gal Gadot’s acting abilities have been overrated. Critics say she relies too much on her looks and that she lacks emotional depth and range in her acting. Detractors feel she has been given major roles prematurely before proving herself as a truly skilled actress.

Uncomfortable Interviews/Quotes

Gadot has come under fire for some uncomfortable interviews and questionable quotes over the years. For example, an old interview resurfaced where she expressed happiness over not having to do military service again because she appreciates her freedom as a woman. Others disliked when she stated Wonder Woman was sexually experienced.

Social Media Presence

Gal Gadot has a massive social media following, but some find her Instagram and other posts to be out of touch or tone-deaf. She has been made fun of for singing “Imagine” with other celebs early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Her wealthy lifestyle and glamorous images rub some people the wrong way.

Data on Public Opinion of Gal Gadot

Public opinion surveys and data provide some useful insights into Gal Gadot’s popularity and reputation among various demographics.

Favorability Ratings

According to YouGov Ratings, Gal Gadot has a 43% favorability rating among US adults as of October 2022. 24% view her unfavorably while 33% are unsure. Among younger demographics her favorability rises:

  • Ages 18-29 – 51% favorable, 13% unfavorable
  • Ages 30-44 – 50% favorable, 17% unfavorable

So she remains polarizing but more positively viewed by youth.

Google Search Interest Over Time

Using Google Trends, we can see search interest for Gal Gadot spiked with the release of Wonder Woman in 2017 and has remained relatively high but fluctuating since then:

Show Image

This aligns with the timing of her becoming more well-known globally.

Social Media Followers

On Instagram, Gal Gadot has 71.5 million followers, showing she has substantial reach. However, her engagement rate is estimated at just 1.63%, below the typical 2-4% average for celebrities. So a significant portion of followers may be passive or not very interested.

Sentiment Analysis on Twitter

Using social media listening tools, we can analyze the sentiment around Gal Gadot on platforms like Twitter. According to Omelas, 63% of analyzed tweets about Gadot in 2022 have been positive compared to 37% negative. The most common negative terms are “bad”, “hate” and “overrated” while positive terms include “beautiful”, “love” and “best”.

Common Arguments from Her Critics and Defenders

Understanding the perspectives on both sides of the debate regarding Gal Gadot can help explain the polarization around her.

Key Arguments from Critics

  • She actively and vocally supports Israel’s militarism and oppression of Palestinian rights
  • Her acting skills are mediocre at best but she keeps getting major roles
  • She is just another over-glorified Hollywood star completely disconnected from reality
  • Her Wonder Woman portrayal is a disservice to the character’s legacy
  • She perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards that harm women’s self-esteem

Key Arguments from Defenders

  • She’s just an entertainer and shouldn’t be attacked just for being Israeli
  • Her military experience prepared her well for action films
  • She deserves credit for breaking barriers for female representation in superhero films
  • She is an inspiration and excellent role model for girls and young women
  • Criticism of her acting is exaggerated – she’s had great performances

There are passionate feelings on both sides which leads to inflated praise and/or hatred.

Impact of the Backlash

The polarization around Gal Gadot does seem to have impacted her career and public profile in some tangible ways.

Arab/Muslim Countries Banning Her Films

Some Arab or Muslim-majority countries have banned Gadot’s Wonder Woman films due to her Israeli background and politics. This includes Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar, Jordan, and Algeria. This limits her reach in those markets.

Limited Roles and Opportunities

Gadot has yet to have a major starring role in a non-DC Comics movie, which may be partly due to the divisive perceptions of her. She may be passed over for roles where producers want to avoid controversy.

Social Media Scrutiny

As a mega-celebrity, Gadot’s social media posts and profiles are dissected extensively by online commentators which limits what she can share publicly. She may hold back to avoid fueling controversies.

Reconsidering Future DC Projects

After issues on the set of Justice League and ongoing debate about her acting skills, Gadot may be re-evaluating her future as Wonder Woman beyond the already-filmed Wonder Woman 3. The backlash could push her to seek different roles.

Public Relations Difficulties

Gadot likely has to be very careful about her public relations strategy to avoid inflaming political issues related to Israel. She may avoid certain interviews or platforms. Her team has to work extra hard managing her image.

So the anti-Gadot sentiment certainly complicates her career and interactions with the public. She and her team have to be cautious navigating the polarized landscape around her.


In summary, Gal Gadot has faced substantial backlash and hatred stemming from her background, her iconic role as Wonder Woman, her acting reputation, controversies about her pay and interviews, and her overall public persona.

Key critiques include her support for Israel’s military, exaggerated acting talents, perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, and being out of touch and disconnected from real issues.

Defenders highlight her breaking barriers for women in film, inspiring girls as a strong female character, and her right to have her own political views separate from her entertainment work. The polarization has clearly impacted her career with bans of her films in some countries, social media scrutiny, and PR difficulties.

But despite having many vocal critics and haters, Gal Gadot remains highly popular overall based on data like her favorability ratings and social media following. She is particularly well-liked by younger audiences.

Her career continues successfully though she faces ongoing controversy and criticism that shapes her public image. It remains to be seen how Gadot will navigate the polarized landscape around her going forward.

FAQs about Gal Gadot’s Public Perception

Why do some people believe she was miscast as Wonder Woman?

  • Some comic book fans think she lacks the physical build and warrior presence that matches Wonder Woman’s character in the source material. Her thinner frame doesn’t fit the traditional Wonder Woman visuals.

What was the controversy around her being paid much less than her male co-stars?

  • When it was revealed Gadot earned just $300,000 for Batman v Superman compared to millions for Affleck and Cavill, many saw it as clear gender pay discrimination. Gadot eventually demanded higher pay but the backlash continued.

What are some examples of Gal Gadot’s controversial public statements?

  • In a resurfaced interview, she said as a woman, she appreciates not having to do military service again because she values her freedom. Critics felt this was insensitive to how military service actually oppresses women.

Why do people accuse Gal Gadot of being a propaganda figure?

  • Due to her vocal support of the Israeli military and government policies, some critics view Gadot as a propaganda figure used to cover up human rights abuses perpetrated by Israel. They think she plays this role willingly.

What happened when she led a celebrity singalong of “Imagine” during Covid?

  • Early in the pandemic, Gadot’s star-studded viral video of celebrities singing “Imagine” was criticized as being out of touch and cringeworthy. It reinforced perceptions that she is just a clueless celebrity.

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