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Why Do People Hate Gary Oldman?

Gary Oldman is considered one of the greatest actors of his generation, known for completely transforming himself into the diverse roles he plays. He has portrayed punk rockers, villains, politicians, spies, and many other memorable characters throughout his career.

While Oldman is hugely respected within the film industry and has a large fanbase, he has also received significant backlash and hatred from some people over the years. There are several reasons why Oldman has inspired intense reactions from both lovers and haters.

Why Some People Dislike Gary Oldman

He’s Been Accused of Domestic Abuse

In 2001, Oldman’s then-wife Donya Fiorentino accused him of beating her with a telephone in front of their children.

Oldman denied the claims, but Fiorentino was granted full custody of their kids. These abuse allegations likely turned some people against Oldman. Even if the claims weren’t true, they painted him in a very negative light.

Controversial Comments

Oldman has made comments over the years that offended and angered some people. In a 2014 Playboy interview, he defended Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks and used a racial slur in reference to Nancy Pelosi. He later apologized, but the damage was done. His willingness to defend bigoted speech upset many.

He Can Come Across as Pretentious

Some view Oldman as pretentious – someone who takes himself too seriously. He has been critical of the Oscars and Hollywood politics over the years. While he may have valid points, his comments can come across as haughty and rub people the wrong way.

His Acting Isn’t Always Appreciated

While Oldman is acclaimed for his transformative acting, some critics take issue with his showy, over-the-top performances. Not everyone appreciates his immersive portrayal of characters. Some may see it as superficial or too dramatic.

He’s Made Strange Comments About Acting

In one interview, Oldman said he didn’t consider himself an actor, but rather “a medium” through which characters speak. This odd viewpoint strikes some as egotistical. They may get the sense that he takes himself too seriously.

Reasons For Gary Oldman’s Widespread Fame and Success

Even with the criticisms and controversies, there are valid reasons why Gary Oldman is so famous and acclaimed:

Acting Range is Unmatched

Few actors can so utterly transform for their roles as Gary Oldman consistently does. He loses himself entirely in each new character – their look, voice, mannerisms and more. This total commitment makes his performances extremely convincing.

Fully Embodies Every Role

Rather than just play a role, Oldman becomes that person. He spent months perfecting Sid Vicious’s punk rock sneer for Sid and Nancy. For Churchill, he underwent hours of makeup each day to look exactly like the British leader. This rare dedication impresses audiences.

Brings Humanity to Villains

While often playing villains, Oldman infuses them with depth and humanity. His portrayal of Sirius Black in Harry Potter revealed the pain beneath Black’s frightening exterior. This nuance makes his villains much more complex.

Garnered Immense Respect from Peers

Oldman is hugely admired by fellow actors and directors. Daniel Radcliffe called him one of the greatest living actors. Christopher Nolan said he found working with Oldman inspiring. Such high praise from those in the business confirms his exceptional talent.

Impressive Body of Work

Few actors can point to as many iconic roles as Gary Oldman. He’s played Lee Harvey Oswald, Beethoven, Dracula, George Smiley, Sirius Black, Jim Gordon, and Norman Stansfield to name just a few. The sheer diversity of his roles is staggering.

Extremely Dedicated to His Craft

Gary Oldman truly loves acting and is fully devoted to it. Even when playing unhinged characters, he approaches roles intellectually – studying mannerisms, voice patterns and motivations in depth. His passion shines through in performances.

He Brings Unique Charisma and Energy

In every role, Oldman exhibits an electrifying screen presence. He has a punk rock defiance and charisma that energizes his performances, whether playing Sid Vicious or Churchill. This charisma draws audiences in.

He Disappears Into Roles

Unlike some actors who have a clearly recognizable persona, Oldman utterly transforms for each role. With a radically different look, voice and demeanor, he becomes unrecognizable across diverse roles. This ability convinces audiences they are watching an entirely new person.


There are understandable reasons why some dislike Gary Oldman – from controversial comments to unusual perspectives on acting. However, the greater weight of evidence indicates why he is so widely respected and successful.

Few actors commit as completely to their roles. None can so thoroughly transform themselves physically and emotionally for a part. This singular dedication to his craft results in consistently compelling performances that turn decent films into great ones.

Love him or hate him, Gary Oldman’s commitment to fully inhabiting his roles has made him one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main reasons some people dislike Gary Oldman?

There are a few key reasons why Oldman has faced backlash: allegations of domestic abuse, controversial comments seen as bigoted, a pretentious attitude in interviews, over-the-top acting style, and odd statements about viewing himself as a “medium” rather than actor.

What incident turned the most people against Oldman?

The 2001 abuse allegations from ex-wife Donya Fiorentino that he beat her with a phone have likely been most damaging. Even though Oldman denied it and no charges were filed, the incident painted him in an extremely negative light.

Why do some see Oldman as pretentious?

Oldman has made comments criticizing the Oscars and Hollywood that strike some as haughty. He takes acting extremely seriously and some feel he has an inflated sense of self-importance. Even if his views have validity, his manner rubs some the wrong way.

How does Oldman wholly transform for his roles?

He alters his appearance, voice, accent, mannerisms, and temperament completely for each role. For example, he put in brown contact lenses, wore a fat suit, and intensely studied Churchill to embody him. This total commitment makes his performances particularly convincing.

Why do fellow actors praise Oldman so highly?

Actors and directors rave about Oldman because of his intense dedication, immersive acting style, and willingness to fully transform. They are in awe of his abilities and inspired by his complete commitment to each film role. To peers, he represents the pinnacle of acting talent.

How has Oldman portrayed humanity in villain roles?

As Sirius Black in Harry Potter, he revealed the deep pain and struggle beneath the frightening exterior. Oldman infuses even the darkest roles with emotional depth and complexity. This nuance separates him from more one-dimensional villains.

What role showcased the greatest transformation for Oldman?

As Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, Oldman was utterly unrecognizable through intense makeup transforming him physically, along with adopting Churchill’s voice, mannerisms, and spirit. It represents perhaps his most complete metamorphosis for a role.

Why is Oldman so acclaimed despite controversies?

Because his talent and commitment to acting overrides his flaws in most moviegoers’ eyes. Whatever his shortcomings, Oldman’s ability to transform is unparalleled – making him one of the most compelling and gifted actors working today in the eyes of peers and audiences.

What makes Oldman’s performances so energetic?

He brings an almost punk rock rebellious spirit to all his roles – whether playing Vicious or Churchill – that energizes his acting and makes it particularly intense. There is a defiant vitality he brings to every character.

How has Oldman portrayed a wide range of characters?

Few actors have played such a diversity of roles – from Lee Harvey Oswald to Beethoven to Dracula to George Smiley. The variety of real figures, villains, and ordinary men he has convincingly portrayed is unmatched.

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