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Why Do People Hate Geraldine Viswanathan?

Geraldine Viswanathan is an Australian actress who has risen to prominence in recent years for her roles in films such as Blockers, Bad Education, and Miracle Workers.

However, despite her acting talent, Viswanathan has also faced some backlash and dislike from certain groups online. Here is an in-depth look at some of the potential reasons why the actress has her detractors.

Big Break Role was Controversial

One of the main sources of criticism against Geraldine Viswanathan stems from her breakout role as Kayla in the 2018 comedy Blockers. She played a high school senior who forms a pact with friends to lose their virginity on prom night, much to the horror of their parents.

Some viewers accused the film of promoting underage sexuality and attempting to normalize teenage promiscuity. Others suggested Viswanathan’s role sent the wrong message to young girls about personal values. This controversy created negativity around the actress that has persisted.

Backlash Against Promoting Teen Sexuality

  • Blockers received criticism from conservative parent groups for glorifying teen sex and ignoring the emotional consequences.
  • Kayla’s character was seen as reckless and immoral by some audiences.
  • The lighthearted take on teenage promiscuity did not sit well with certain demographics.

Belief Her Character Was a Negative Influence

  • Kayla was viewed as pressuring her friends to have sex before they were ready.
  • Some argued the movie provided a damaging example for teenage girls about peer pressure.
  • Viswanathan became associated with a character deemed to be a poor role model.

Perceived Cocky and Entitled Attitude

Another grievance some have against Geraldine Viswanathan is that she comes across as arrogant or entitled in interviews and public appearances. Whether fair or not, she has gained a reputation for being somewhat cocky.

Unflattering Persona in Interviews

  • Viswanathan has sometimes seemed dismissive of past roles that got her noticed.
  • She has publicly critiqued her own performances in an unflattering light.
  • Comments about exceeding expectations gave off an overly confident vibe to some.

Ungrateful Towards Early Opportunities

  • Her comments have been interpreted as downplaying the roles that gave her big breaks.
  • She has seemed flippant about past collaborators and creators who hired her.
  • This attitude strikes some as ungrateful for the chances that propelled her career.

Perceived Lack of Talent or Range

Viswanathan has also faced criticism from those who consider her an overrated actress with a lack of talent or acting range. After her initial splash, some feel her performances have failed to impress.

Blockers Role Seen as One-note

  • Outside of Blockers, some feel Viswanathan has failed to give compelling performances.
  • She has been accused of playing variations of the same bold, brash character.
  • Her acting has been labeled as one-note or surface-level by critics.

Failed to Expand Her Repertoire

  • Recent films like Bad Education have not shown new sides to her acting abilities.
  • She has not taken on more challenging roles to showcase her talent.
  • Viswanathan has yet to gain acclaim for displaying a wide emotional range on screen.

Perceived Unlikability in Persona

Separate from her acting abilities, Viswanathan seems to rub some people the wrong way based on her general persona and vibe during interviews. She does not come across as particularly warm or charming to these detractors.

Blunt and Sarcastic Nature

  • Viswanathan’s humor often comes across as deadpan, sarcastic, or overly dry.
  • Her style of joking can feel caustic or arrogant to certain audiences.
  • She does not seem to put much effort into appearing friendly or ingratiating as a celebrity.

Lack of Warmth in Interactions

  • Viswanathan has a casual bluntness that translates as standoffish to some observers.
  • She does not come across as bubbly, sweet, or girl-next-door like many rising young stars.
  • This lack of detectable warmth likely limits her fanbase and likeability.

associations With Controversial Figures

Finally, Geraldine Viswanathan’s associations and collaborations with certain controversial figures have also fueled some backlash against her. The company she keeps sours her reputation with some groups.

Connections to James Franco

  • Viswanathan appeared in a Broadway play directed by James Franco, who has faced sexual misconduct allegations.
  • She defended Franco against the allegations, which did not sit well with his accusers.
  • These ties with Franco have produced criticism that she excuses inappropriate behavior.

Ties to Problematic Directors

  • She has worked with directors like Kay Cannon and Terry Zwigoff, who have histories of racist/sexist tweets.
  • Viswanathan has avoided denouncing these collaborators’ offensive comments and attitudes.
  • This selective silence on social issues comes across as hypocritical to her critics.


In summary, Geraldine Viswanathan elicits a range of reactions from the public and faces dislike for several reasons. Her breakout role was polarizing, she sometimes comes across as entitled or arrogant, some feel she lacks acting skills, her personality rubs certain people the wrong way, and her associations with controversial figures have fueled additional backlash.

However, she remains a rising talent in Hollywood and has many fans and supporters who admire her work. Viswanathan’s career trajectory will likely depend on whether she can overcome these criticisms and perceptions moving forward. Ultimately, public opinion on celebrities is often divided, so it is unsurprising that an emerging star like Viswanathan has both devotees and detractors.

Table of Main Reasons for Dislike

Controversial Breakout RoleBacklash over Blockers teen sexuality themes
Perceived Arrogant AttitudeCocky/entitled vibe in interviews
Questionable Acting AbilityViewed as overrated, one-note performer
Unlikable Public PersonaBlunt, sarcastic nature rubs some wrong way
Associations With ControversiesTies to figures like James Franco

Frequently Asked Questions About Viswanathan’s Public Perception

Why was Blockers so controversial?

Blockers generated controversy for depicting teenage girls making a sex pact and trying to lose their virginity on prom night. Many saw it as an irresponsible teen movie promoting underage sexuality.

How has Viswanathan reacted to criticisms about Blockers?

She has defended the film’s themes and her character, saying teenagers having sex is realistic. But she has avoided extensively discussing the backlash.

What comments has Viswanathan made that seemed arrogant?

She called her Bad Education performance “whatever” and suggested she phoned it in. She has been flippant about past roles that boosted her status.

Why do some people see Viswanathan as a bad role model?

As the lead teen girl in Blockers trying to pressure friends into prom night sex, some saw her character as reckless and promoting peer pressure.

What range has Viswanathan shown as an actress?

So far, critics argue she has played variations on the same bold, sarcastic teenager archetype without demonstrating much versatility.

Why don’t some people find Viswanathan charming?

Her personality in interviews is often seen as deadpan, overly dry, and lacking warmth. She does not come across as ingratiating or girl-next-door-like.

How has Viswanathan responded to collaborators’ controversies?

She has avoided condemning offensive behavior by directors she has worked with like James Franco and Kay Cannon. This silence irks critics.

Why do her ties to James Franco bother people?

Franco faced misconduct allegations, yet Viswanathan defended him and downplayed the accusations, upsetting accusers and #MeToo advocates.

How could Viswanathan potentially improve her public image?

Taking on more complex roles, showing humility, and addressing past controversies maturely could help reshape her reputation with detractors.

Is it fair to judge Viswanathan on her early roles?

Early breakout roles often color public perception, fairly or not. But she is early in her career, so there’s ample time to change minds through her talent.

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