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Why Do People Hate Jack Griffo?

Jack Griffo is an American actor best known for his role as Max Thunderman on the Nickelodeon show “The Thundermans” from 2013-2018. Despite his popularity among young audiences, Griffo has faced some backlash and dislike from certain groups over the years.

Character on The Thundermans

One reason why some people dislike Griffo is his character Max on “The Thundermans.” As the twin brother to the main character Phoebe, Max is written as a mischievous prankster who often gets into trouble.

Max’s Pranks Divide Audiences

While many young viewers find Max’s pranks entertaining, others find his constant scheming and refusal to learn his lesson annoying. There’s an argument that Max glorifies bad behavior and disobedience in a way that negatively influences young audiences.

Perpetuates Stereotypes

Additionally, some argue that Max’s dim-witted, trouble-making character perpetuates negative stereotypes about boys. Rather than showcasing positive representations, Griffo’s typecast role may reinforce outdated gender assumptions.

Controversies Around Griffo Himself

Beyond just his acting role, several controversies surrounding Griffo himself have led to increased dislike from certain viewers over the years.

Rumors About His Relationships

As a teen heartthrob, Griffo’s love life has been under scrutiny. Rumors of relationships with fans and coworkers, including potential underage partners, caused controversy. Whether true or not, these rumors impacted his reputation.

Social Media Presence

Griffo has also faced criticism for his social media presence, with some feeling he relies heavily on posting shirtless selfies to keep up engagement. Detractors see this as egotistical and contributing to over-sexualization of young fame.

Shift Away From Acting

Finally, Griffo’s choice to step back from a full-time acting career has led some fans to turn against him.

Pursuit of Music Instead

In 2019, Griffo announced plans to focus more on pursuing music rather than acting. While fans seem split on his songs, some felt abandoned and betrayed by his shifting priorities away from the acting career they supported.

Less Fan Interaction

Relatedly, Griffo pulled back on engaging with fans as frequently once he stepped back from acting. With fewer posts, events, etc. centered around his original fanbase, some supporters felt spurned.

Why Do People Like Jack Griffo?

However, despite the criticisms and controversies, Jack Griffo still maintains a strong fanbase from his Nickelodeon days. Here are some of the key reasons why many people still enjoy Griffo’s work and public persona:

  • Talented singer, musician, dancer, and actor
  • Charismatic, exciting public presence
  • Relatable struggles with managing fame at a young age
  • Passionate advocacy for animal rights
  • Dedicated charity work supporting various causes
  • Fun, playful social media showing his personality
  • Loyal engagement with supportive fans

So while Griffo isn’t universally liked by all, he continues to win over new generations of fans even as he transitions into new phases of his career beyond just acting.

Griffo Responded to Controversies?

In some cases, yes, Griffo has addressed backlash head on over the years.

Clarifying Rumors

For example, when rumors have swirled about potential relationships, Griffo has gone on record firmly denying them. He’s been quick to clarify his side of stories and shut down gossip.

YearRumor Response
2016Denied dating fan after meeting her at event
2017Clarified status with Thundermans co-star following on-set photos
2020Shut down speculation about manager being a love interest

Apologizing to Fans

Additionally, when fans have expressed disappointment over his shift away from acting or less engagement, he has posted apologies explaining his perspective while validating their feelings.

So while he doesn’t always directly respond to specific criticisms, he has demonstrated a willingness to keep an open dialogue with fans during times of controversy.


In analyzing why people dislike Jack Griffo, most issues ultimately stem from unmet expectations — whether around his acting roles, real life behavior, or career and social media choices. However, he maintains a strong, loyal fanbase drawn to his charisma and talent.

As Griffo continues maturing into adulthood and navigating fame, only time will tell how public perception further evolves. But for now, the divide around opinions on Griffo looks likely to persist, with his acting past remaining contentious even as he pursues new creative outlets.

Griffo occupies a unique place in many millennial and Gen Z childhoods through projects like The Thundermans. So he tends to evoke intense emotions, both positive and negative. Balancing the competing perspectives around rising child stars once they age remains an interesting dilemma in the social media era.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Jack Griffo go to college?

No, Jack Griffo did not attend college. After starring on Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans from 2013-2018, Griffo continued pursuing entertainment rather than further academics. He focused his efforts on his music career once the show ended.

How many followers does Jack Griffo have on Instagram?

A: As of February 2024, Jack Griffo has 2.6 million followers on Instagram under the handle @thejackgriffo. This gives him a substantial platform to promote his music and creative projects.

What was the name of Jack Griffo’s character on The Thundermans?

On the hit Nickelodeon show The Thundermans, Jack Griffo played the role of Max Thunderman. Max was the mischievous twin brother of main character Phoebe Thunderman. Known as a troublemaker, Max contrasted his rule-following sister.

Does Jack Griffo have a criminal record?

No, former child actor Jack Griffo does not have a publicly known criminal record. While his The Thundermans character Max often had run-ins with authority figures over pranks and schemes, Griffo himself has not had legal issues.

What genre of music does Jack Griffo make?

Pop is the predominant genre Jack Griffo has pursued since leaving acting. His songs feature upbeat rhythms and lyrics about relationships and having a good time. He combines pop with R&B and dance influences as well.

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