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Why Do People Hate Kaitlyn Dever?

Kaitlyn Dever is an American actress known for her roles in films like Booksmart, Beautiful Boy, and TV shows like Last Man Standing. While she has many fans, some people have expressed dislike or hatred towards the young actress. There are a few potential reasons why:

Rapid Rise to Fame

Dever started acting at a very young age, booking roles in shows like Justified when she was only 13. Her profile quickly rose after starring as Loretta McCready in Justified from 2010-2015. She then began booking bigger movie roles while still a teenager, like Beautiful Boy in 2018 when she was 21.

Some think Dever’s quick success and fame at a young age is undeserved or premature. There can be resentment from struggling actors towards those who make it big early on.

Perceived Lack of Range or Talent

While Dever has shown range in more dramatic roles like Short Term 12 and Detroit, she’s still early in her career. Some of her performances are seen as one-note or not demonstrating enough depth.

There’s a perception among some that she gets roles based on likability versus superior acting skills. Her talent is still up for debate among critics and audiences.

Typecasting as a Teenager

For a period early in her career, Dever was typecast in mostly teen roles like Loretta in Justified, playing younger characters in more adult-oriented shows.

Some feel she has been lucky to get mature roles while still being a teen herself, when most young actors are relegated to high school parts. There’s a sense she hasn’t “paid her dues” before graduating to more grown-up parts.

Advocacy and Outspokenness

Dever is outspoken about social issues from women’s rights to sexual assault awareness. She uses her platform to advocate for political and social causes she believes in.

Some find her political activism annoying or misguided. There is a segment of the population that believes celebrities should stay out of politics. Her outspokenness can be divisive.

Close Relationship with Timothee Chalamet

Dever is very close friends with fellow actor Timothee Chalamet, with rumors persisting that they dated. Some feel she tries to capitalize on her connection to him.

There could be jealousy that she has ridden Chalamet’s coattails, especially after starring with him in Beautiful Boy. Detractors think she relies on his fame to raise her own profile.

Perceived Cockiness or Lack of Humility

As a young actress catapulted quickly to fame, some may perceive Dever as cocky or entitled. She talks openly in interviews about going after roles she wants.

Her confidence at a young age can rub some people the wrong way. They may feel she lacks humility or graciousness for someone relatively new to Hollywood.

Associations from Last Man Standing

Dever co-starred for years on the sitcom Last Man Standing alongside Tim Allen. Allen and the show have been criticized for having conservative viewpoints.

Guilt by association causes some to look askance at Dever for being part of a show with more right-leaning ideals. They assume she shares the same perspectives.

Breaks the Mold of How Young Starlets “Should” Behave

As an actress who booked major roles as a teenager, some expect Dever to behave like a typical Hollywood train wreck. But by all accounts she has avoided scandals and maintained a good reputation.

Her squeaky clean image, hard work ethic and relative normalcy contradict expectations and may spur unfair criticism. Some are skeptical it’s all an act.


While Kaitlyn Dever has inspired significant backlash and hatred from some corners, most of the criticism seems unjustified or motivated by jealousy. As a young actress still establishing herself, attacks on her seem premature given her talents and conduct.

She chooses substantive roles, avoids controversy, and by all accounts remains humble and hard-working despite early career success. As she continues honing her craft, the quality of her performances will likely determine how public perception shifts.

With longevity, range and discretion, she can potentially win over those skeptics still judging her early achievements. But regardless of others’ opinions, she seems focused on pursuing her passion and expanding her skills rather than getting caught up in negativity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Kaitlyn Dever

Is jealousy the main reason people hate on Kaitlyn Dever?

Jealousy of her rapid rise to fame at a young age is a major factor. Struggling actors often resent those who achieve quick success and get spotlighted in big roles early on. The perception is she hasn’t “paid her dues.”

Does Kaitlyn Dever lack talent and rely only on likeability?

Critics of Dever’s talent are likely premature – she’s still early in her career trajectory at 27 and has demonstrated dramatic chops in acclaimed films. Disparaging her talent stems from resentment more than a fair critique of her skills.

How has Dever avoided typical child star pitfalls?

Unlike many young actors, Dever has stayed away from scandals and maintained a reputation as a hard-working actress focused on her craft. She doesn’t party on the social scene or act out. Her low-key image defies expectations.

What are some examples of substantive roles Kaitlyn Dever has chosen?

Short Term 12, Beautiful Boy, Booksmart, and Unbelievable showcase her talents in complex, dramatic roles about serious issues. She takes risks that defy safe, fluffy teen parts.

Does Dever deserve criticism for her advocacy and politics?

While some may disagree with her stances, actors have as much right as anyone to use their platform to champion causes. Disliking her for her beliefs is different than critiquing her acting.

Is it fair to judge Dever for her association with Last Man Standing?

No – an actor’s participation in a show does not necessarily imply they endorse the show’s perceived politics. Assuming Dever shares the views of Last Man Standing just because she was part of the cast is unfair.

Why do some assume the worst about Dever despite her reputation?

As a young starlet who achieved quick success, some expect Dever to fit the typical Hollywood wild child stereotype. That she avoids scandal and maintains a good image contradicts assumptions.

Does Dever exploit her friendship with Chalamet for fame?

It’s more likely their high-profile friendship results from coming up in the industry together versus her trying to capitalize on his popularity. Both praise each other’s talents – it appears a sincere friendship.

Could Dever’s confidence at a young age bother some?

Yes, her assurance and outspokenness about going after roles rubs some the wrong way. They may see it as cocky versus simply determined and ambitious.

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