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Why Do People Hate Kiefer Sutherland?

Kiefer Sutherland is a famous Canadian actor known for roles in movies like Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, and A Few Good Men, as well as the TV series 24. While he has millions of fans around the world, some people have expressed disliking or hating him over the years. There could be several reasons for this.

Alleged Temper and Behavior Issues

Over his long career, there have been reports of Kiefer Sutherland having angry outbursts and difficult behavior on set. For example, actress Julia Roberts broke off their high-profile 1990 engagement, allegedly due to his temper and hard partying lifestyle. While specifics are unclear, some perceive him as hot-headed.

Fallout from 24 Role as Counterterrorist Agent

Sutherland’s most famous role is counterterrorist agent Jack Bauer on 24. While the show was acclaimed, its scenes of torture and violation of rights made some dislike the show and Sutherland for promoting these themes. However, he has noted 24 was fiction and did not condone real-world rights violations.

Issue Over Broke Horses on Film Set

In 2011, Sutherland faced allegations of animal cruelty on the set of the Western film Forsaken. Reportedly, horses were driven too hard in a scene, causing 3 to fall over from exhaustion. Sutherland denied wrongfully pushing the horses and the case was settled privately, but it generated more dislike from some.

Perceived Arrogance Over DUI Arrest History

Sutherland has faced multiple arrests over driving under the influence (DUI) offenses during his career. Beyond endangering others with this behavior, some perceived his statements about serving his sentence as arrogant or dismissive about the severity of DUIs. This further turned some people off.

QAnon Conspiracy Theories About His Father Donald Sutherland

Bizarrely, proponents of the fringe conspiracy theory QAnon have made various claims about Kiefer Sutherland’s father, acclaimed actor Donald Sutherland, accusing him of everything from satanism to pedophilia. While untrue and outrageous, these extreme accusations could unfairly taint some perceptions of Kiefer among Q followers.

Overall while he retains legions of devoted fans, over decades in the public eye Sutherland has accrued various controversies and detractors as well. However, many still rightfully recognize his talents and lengthy career achievements on film and television.


In summary, Kiefer Sutherland has undoubtedly made regrettable missteps over a long acting career spanning four decades in the public eye. These include arrests for DUIs, an unstable temper by some accounts, horse abuse allegations, and fringe conspiracies about this family unfairly targeting him as well.

However he has also taken responsibility for past drinking issues while continuing to succeed through new acting roles, music projects, and awards wins. Despite detractors he retains millions of loyal, supportive fans too. Overall both Sutherland’s talents and periodic controversies seem likely to persist, showing how a complicated public figure elicits equally complicated perceptions over such a lengthy career.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disliking Kiefer Sutherland

Still have questions about why some people do not like acclaimed actor Kiefer Sutherland? Here are answers to 5 common frequently asked questions.

Has Kiefer Sutherland commented on people hating him?

Not directly. However, he has acknowledged past issues like arrests for drinking and driving as mistakes, suggesting he understands why some scrutinize his behavior. He focuses interviews more on his current roles versus past controversies though.

What was the resolution of the horse abuse allegations against him?

After an investigation into potential horse abuse on the set of his film Forsaken, Sutherland and other producers privately settled the complaint rather than face sanctions. So while cleared legally, some may still feel the horses were mistreated under his supervision.

Is there actual evidence to support QAnon conspiracy theories about his father Donald Sutherland?

No, there is zero actual evidence to support fringe QAnon conspiracy claims accusing Donald Sutherland of outrageous criminal acts like satanism or pedophilia. These smears seem based solely on Sutherland’s acting career playing villains not reality. Still, some Q followers do spread these claims.

Has Kiefer Sutherland made amends for driving under the influence issues?

Yes, after receiving sentences for multiple DUIs since the late 2000s, Sutherland has described greatly regretting putting others‚ lives at risks with this behavior. He says he has been sober for years now and advocates for responsible decisions around drinking, driving, and mental health.

What shows Kiefer Sutherland’s continued popularity despite controversies?

He has won awards like two Emmys and two Golden Globes during recent decades. Streaming services have purchased rights to 24. His country music career led to a tour and album targeted to fans. And he stars in the current TV drama Designated Survivor. These successes demonstrate Sutherland retains much fan support.

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