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Why Do People Hate Kylian Mbappé?

Kylian Mbappé is one of the best football players in the world right now. At just 24 years old, the French phenom has already won almost everything there is to win and has amazed fans with his pace, skill, and prolific goal scoring record. However, despite his undeniable talent, Mbappé is also one of the most hated players in football.

Playing Style and Attitude Frustrate Opponents

One major reason why people hate Mbappé is his playing style. Mbappé uses his electrifying pace and dribbling ability to constantly threaten defenses. He forces opponents to foul him and often draws criticism from rival teams and managers for alleged diving and play acting.

His supreme confidence also annoys other teams. Mbappé plays with an arrogance and swagger that infuriates opponents when he humiliates them with his skills or celebrates excessively after scoring. This cocky attitude is seen as disrespectful by some.

SeasonFouls WonYellow Cards

As the stats for fouls won show, Mbappé frequently forces opponents into fouling him to stop his progress. The constant need to tactically foul him out of frustration leads to resentment from rivals.

Reputation as a Diva

Another reason why Mbappé attracts so much hate is the reputation he has gained off the pitch as having an unpleasant, spoiled personality. Stories of him having an entitled, “diva” attitude have painted him in a very unflattering light.

There were rumors of him feuding with teammates and managers at previous club Monaco and more recently at PSG over privileges and status in the squad. Mbappé also gets criticized for egotistical behavior like releasing his own ridiculously over the top “Bonds” clothing collection.

These perceptions of Mbappé as arrogant, sulky, and high-maintenance have made him extremely unpopular in the sport outside of France.

The “Mercenary” Transfer Saga with Real Madrid

But arguably the main fuel behind the tide of hatred now directed at Kylian Mbappé is the controversial transfer saga between PSG and Real Madrid.

Mbappé had long been expected to join Spanish giants and Champions League holders Real Madrid as a free agent when his PSG contract expired in 2022.

However, in a shock move right before the deadline, Mbappé snubbed Real’s offer and signed bumper $65 million per year deal at Qatari-owned PSG instead.

PSG ContractReal Madrid Offer
Length3 years5 years
Annual Salary$65 million$25 million
Signing Bonus$150 million$100 million
Total$250 million$200 million

This led to accusations from bitterly disappointed Real Madrid fans and Spanish media that Mbappé was an avaricious “mercenary” who went back on his word to follow the money.

The Perception He Chased Money Over Prestige

Mbappé had seemingly flickered over joining Real for years, his reported childhood dream to play for Los Blancos. So his decision to stay at less competitive Ligue 1 side PSG for a astronomically higher salary looks like a cynical cash motivated move to many.

Comments he made about having more control and power at PSG have also not helped the perception of Mbappé chasing money over sporting prestige.

As one of the faces of football, Mbappé’s choice has set an unfortunate example to younger players that cash should come before chasing glory at historically bigger clubs.

What Has Mbappé’s Response Been?

For all the vitriol aimed his way, Kylian Mbappé himself has largely chosen not to fan the flames. When asked about the mercenary claims, he responded philosophically:

“When you are someone important like this, you have to accept that not everyone is going to like you. Of course the criticism affects you a bit, no one likes being hated, but I focus on my job and the people who I care about.”

On the Madrid transfer itself, he has avoided being overtly critical of their position:

“I understand the disappointment, they transmitted to me the feeling of being one of their own. But I had to take time to analyze what was best for me.”

However, someone close to Mbappé was quoted saying:

“Kylian does not say it outwardly, but of course he is hurt by how Madrid turned on him for what he still feels was a professional decision.”

So beneath the thick skin he projects, it seems Mbappé does care about his reputation. Time will tell if he can rebuild his tainted image.

Has the Backlash Gone Too Far?

While Mbappé’s choices can be seen as cynical, the sheer volume of abuse directed at him also seems excessive considering he is just a 23 year old making a career move.

The outrage, burning of jerseys, and even death threats seem beyond the pale. Especially when Mbappé likely left over €100 million on the table to stay in France.

So while fans have a right to feel disappointed, the vicious backlash also arguably reflects the ugly side of modern fandom and player power.

Mbappé’s Charity Efforts Muddy The Waters

Adding further complexity, Kylian Mbappé also puts a significant amount of time, money and profile behind laudible charity endeavors.

He has set up schemes for disadvantaged children and victims of violence and regularly visits children’s hospitals in France. His own charity, Inspired by KM, also partners with established NGOs like Premiers de Cordee on ambitious projects to end illiteracy.

So for all the image missteps, Mbappé does seem to care about more than himself. This muddies the waters somewhat when it comes to judging him compared to other footballers with more questionable off-pitch behavior.

Mbappé’s Story Still Unwritten

At only 23, Mbappé’s full story arc is still unwritten. In time outstanding success at PSG could still vindicate his controversial career moves.

For now though, the stark betrayal of spurning Spanish football’s crown jewel for Qatari money has made him public enemy number one amongst a sizable portion of fans – unfair or not.

So while the outrage will likely fade in time, Kylian Mbappé may have to get used to being football’s bad boy – at least outside the confines of his home country – for this next chapter of his stellar career, touchdowns and trophies or not.

Mbappé’s Net Worth Keeps Rising

Regardless of controversy, Mbappé’s sponsorship deals and salary ensure his personal wealth will keep skyrocketing.

Forbes estimates Mbappé earned $55 million last year between endorsements and salary. And at just 23 years old, he will likely earn over $1 billion cumulatively over his playing career.

So love him or hate him, Kylian Mbappé is laughing all the way to the bank as he cements his name amongst the wealthiest footballers of all time.


In the final analysis, “hate” may be too simplistic to describe how people feel about Kylian Mbappé. Reactions tend to be more complex.

His undeniable football brilliance still thrills legions of loyal French supporters and fans worldwide in awe of his talent.

Among rivals there is certainly intense irritation and resentment towards what they perceive as spoiled arrogance in a young player who humiliates seasoned professionals with ease.

But outright vitriolic hatred tends to stem mainly from a sense of betrayal – both from Real Madrid feeling misled during protracted transfer negotiations and football purists who see Mbappé’s career choices as reflecting everything wrong with the modern game.

So people don’t so much hate Kylian Mbappé himself but more what he represents about changing player power dynamics and the growing influence of money over prestige in football.

Whether you see him as an avatar of player empowerment making reasonable decisions in his own interest or a sellout showcasing everything mercenary about today’s footballers likely informs whether your emotions tend more towards love or hate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of Mbappé’s notable achievements?

Despite the hostility, Mbappé’s career achievements are remarkable for a 23 year old. They include:

  • Youngest player to score in a World Cup final (2018)
  • Won World Cup with France (2018)
  • Ligue 1 top scorer x4 (2017–2022)
  • Won multiple Ligue 1 and other domestic titles with PSG
  • UEFA Nations League winner (2021)

So for all the criticism, Mbappé delivers exceptional performances almost unmatched by modern players at his age.

How has Mbappé performed this season?

If anything, the criticism has brought the best out of Mbappé. This season he has been scintillating, scoring 25 goals and providing 6 assists in just 23 games so far across Ligue 1 and Champions League play. This is comfortably the best goal per game ratio in Europe’s top 5 leagues.

What sponsorship deals does Mbappé have?

Mbappé makes around $30 million annually from numerous personal endorsements. Major sponsors include Nike, Hublot, Panini, luxury car company Infiniti, France food giant Good Gout, and EA Sports’ FIFA video game, for whom Mbappé appears on global cover art.

Where does Mbappé rank on all time goal scorers list?

Mbappé already has 191 career goals at club level which puts him just outside the top 200 scorers in football history aged only 23. If he maintains his ratios as expected, Mbappé could realistically break the top 20 by retirement with over 400 career goals.

Could Mbappé still join Real Madrid one day?

While that ship has likely sailed now, given the anger at feeling betrayed over his transfer U-turn, football can surprise. If Mbappé sees out his 3 year PSG deal and continues this form, few clubs could afford him, but you never know in the modern game. Stranger things have happened in wilder transfer stories.

Why do people dislike Kylian Mbappé’s playing style?

People dislike Mbappé’s playing style because he uses his blistering pace and close control dribbling to threaten defenses constantly. This forces opponents to repeatedly tactically foul him out of frustration which fosters resentment. His perceived arrogance and tendency to showboat also rubs rivals the wrong way.

What transfer caused the most anger towards Mbappé?

Mbappé’s decision to snub Real Madrid’s offer and renew with PSG instead caused immense outrage. After years flirting with a move, choosing more money at PSG over his reported dream of playing for historic Champions League winners Real Madrid made him public enemy number one in Spain.

Has Mbappé responded to the criticism?

While Mbappé tries not to fan the flames publicly, close confidants suggest he is hurt by the backlash. He responds to personal criticism philosophically, accepting his fame means he will have detractors. But on his PSG choice, he asks fans try understanding a difficult personal decision.

Is the hatred towards Mbappé reasonable?

Views diverge on whether the volume of anger directed at a 23 year old over a club transfer is reasonable. Some see it as justified backlash for misleading fans and chasing money over glory. But others feel outraged fans need perspective when Mbappé left over €100 million behind for a move he felt was in his interests.

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