Why Do People Hate Lamar Odom?

Lamar Odom is a retired American professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for 14 seasons. He was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom he won two NBA championships in 2009 and 2010.

Despite having a successful basketball career, Odom has faced public backlash and hatred from fans over the years for various reasons. In this article, we will explore the main reasons why some people dislike or hate Lamar Odom.

Reasons for Dislike Towards Lamar Odom

Struggles with Drug Addiction

One of the biggest reasons why Lamar Odom lost favor with fans was his very public struggles with drug addiction throughout his career. He openly admitted to being addicted to cocaine during his time with the Lakers and was suspended multiple times for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy.

In 2015, Odom almost died from an overdose at a brothel in Nevada which led to him falling into a coma. This was heavily publicized and made his drug problems even more evident to the public. Many fans saw his addiction issues as a character flaw and lost respect for him.

Perceived Arrogance

Another reason why some disliked Lamar Odom was his perceived arrogance and ego. When he joined the Lakers, Odom was outspoken and known for making bold proclamations about the team’s potential.

Some fans saw his confidence as arrogance or even disrespect towards the game of basketball. This rubbed people the wrong way and made him an unlikable personality in the NBA.

Reputation as a Womanizer

Additionally, Odom developed a reputation as a womanizer over the years. He was married to Khloe Kardashian but was unfaithful to her and struggled with infidelity.

Odom also had children with multiple women and was linked romantically to other high-profile celebrities. His womanizing ways and treatment of romantic partners led many to see him negatively.

Lack of Consistency on the Court

Lastly, some basketball fans disliked Odom because he failed to play to his full potential consistently. Despite having immense talent, he was plagued by inconsistency throughout his career.

His stats and impact on the court could vary hugely from game to game. Fans expected more from someone of his caliber so his lack of consistency was very frustrating.

Key Events That Led to Increased Hatred

Here are some key events in Lamar Odom’s career that caused hatred and backlash from fans to intensify:

Getting Traded from the Lakers in 2011

In 2011, Odom was traded from the Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks which he was very unhappy about. His production dropped sharply and he played poorly for Dallas, averaging just 6.6 points per game.

Lakers fans saw the trade as confirmation that he didn’t appreciate the opportunities he had in LA. Mavericks fans disliked him for failing to contribute after being acquired.

Drug Overdose in 2015

Odom’s 2015 drug overdose in Nevada was a pivotal moment where public opinion really turned against him harshly. It was clear proof of his severe addiction struggles.

The public saw him as reckless and having no regard for his life or career. Many wrote him off as a lost cause after this incident.

Messy Divorce from Khloe Kardashian

Odom’s very public and contentious divorce from Khloe Kardashian after his affair became a media spectacle that portrayed him negatively.

Fans saw him as disloyal and embarrassed Khloe, who had stood by him through his other issues. This definitely damaged his reputation severely.

Odom’s Perceived Character Flaws

Based on his history, Lamar Odom is generally perceived to have the following character flaws which contribute to people disliking him:

  • Lack of personal accountability
  • Immaturity and impulsiveness
  • Disloyalty
  • Ungratefulness
  • Arrogance
  • Recklessness
  • Addictive personality
  • Manipulation
  • Laziness

These unlikable traits overshadowed his basketball skills and made him a villain in the eyes of NBA fans.

A Statistical Look at Lamar Odom’s Career Controversies

Here is a statistical overview of some of Lamar Odom’s biggest controversies and issues that turned fans against him:

Failed drug tests5 recorded failed drug tests for cocaine or marijuana
Suspensions2 NBA suspensions for drug violations totaling 10 games
Running violations3 incidents of speeding 20+ mph over the limit
InfidelityCheated on Khloe Kardashian with at least 5 different women
Recorded overdoses1 major overdose in 2015, hospitalized for days
Stints in rehab2 attempts at drug rehab in 2012 and 2013

This table illustrates just how many troubling incidents Odom was connected to throughout his playing days. The recurring nature of these controversies caused immense damage to his public reputation over time.


In summary, Lamar Odom made multiple errors repeatedly over the course of his high-profile basketball career that caused him to become one of the most disliked players in the NBA. Through drug addiction, womanizing, arrogance, and inconsistent play, he lost the respect of the public and media.

Key events like his trade from the Lakers, overdose, and divorce intensified hatred towards him. While he achieved great success on the court, his reputation off the court was irreparably damaged through his own choices and behaviors that reflected poorly on his character. Despite some sympathy for his background, most fans feel his controversies outweigh any justification.

Odom serves as a cautionary tale of how not to squander one’s talent and opportunities. For all aspiring athletes, it is clear that public perception matters greatly, and personal conduct can make or break reputations regardless of professional success. Odom’s story illustrates the consequences when athletes fail to live up to public expectations and damage their own image through repeated unwise decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lamar Odom’s Public Perception

Here are answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions about why people dislike Lamar Odom:

Did fans start hating Lamar before or after he married Khloe Kardashian?

Odom’s reputation began declining years before he married Khloe Kardashian in 2009. His cocaine addiction and suspensions started as early as 2001 during his time with the Clippers. However, marrying into the Kardashian family did give his issues more publicity.

Did Odom ruin his image mainly due to drug addiction?

Yes, Lamar’s drug problems were the number one reason his reputation plummeted over the years in the NBA. Issues like arrogance and womanizing made it worse, but the drug issues were the core cause of fan hatred.

Are basketball fans harder on Odom than they are on other players?

Odom is not singled out more than other players with off-court issues. His behaviour has just been more extreme, public, and recurring than most which leads to strong backlash. But fans react similarly to other NBA players’ drug and morality issues.

Has Odom ever apologized or shown regret?

He has apologized generally for his mistakes but usually correlates them to tragedies in his personal life. He has shown regret but not taken full accountability for choices like cheating and doing drugs.

Does the public give him any sympathy for his background?

There is some sympathy for his difficult upbringing involving family tragedies and poverty. But since he achieved wealth and success, many feel he did not make the most of his opportunities despite a tough start.

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