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Why Do People Hate Melissa George?

Melissa George is an Australian actress and model who has appeared in numerous films and TV shows over the past two decades. Despite her acting talents and natural beauty, Melissa seems to spark strong negative reactions and hatred from some people.

In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons why Melissa George has haters and analyze the validity of their criticisms.

Her “Diva” Reputation

One of the most common criticisms of Melissa George is that she has a reputation for being a “diva” who is difficult to work with. There are stories of her making unreasonable demands, refusing to do scenes, and being rude to co-stars and crew members.

For example, while filming the TV series The Slap in 2011, reports emerged that Melissa was combative on set and clashed frequently with the director. She apparently refused to film certain scenes and challenged the director’s authority.

Some other anecdotes point to Melissa making “ludicrous requests” like demanding that sets be kept extremely cold and requesting luxury toiletries. However, her reps have denied most of these rumors as inaccurate or exaggerated.

It’s unclear how much truth there is to these “diva” reports. Melissa is known for being outspoken so she may rub some people the wrong way. But many of her co-stars have praised her professionalism and work ethic. The diva persona may also partly stem from gender bias, where assertive women get labeled as “difficult.”

Has Melissa George responded to the diva accusations?

Yes, Melissa has directly addressed the diva allegations on several occasions. She contends that the stories are false or stem from miscommunications on set.

In a 2012 interview with Vogue, she said: “I’m outspoken, but that gets misconstrued as being a bitch or a diva. I don’t people please, I don’t play the Hollywood game. But that’s not being a diva, that’s just sticking to my guns.”

She claims the diva persona began due to a misunderstanding on the set of Mulholland Drive:

“On set I made a joke going, ‘I’m not going to do this scene naked, guys. My character should have a robe here.’ Then I went back to my trailer and suddenly I’m this huge diva.”

Melissa says these stories spread and take on a life of their own based on rumors rather than reality. She has tried to counter the diva image but it still persists in some people’s minds.

What evidence is there that Melissa George is difficult to work with?

Here are a few examples that have fueled the diva reputation over the years:

  • Reports from crew members that she was rude, made unreasonable demands, and refused to do scenes on The Slap.
  • Rumors she was difficult on the sets of Mulholland Drive30 Days of Night, and Derailed.
  • She reportedly clashed with Shonda Rhimes while guest starring on Grey’s Anatomy leading to her character being killed off.
  • Director Dario Argento referred to her as “a great actress, but she has a big, strong character” after conflicts on the set of Dracula 3D.
  • She was fired from ABC’s The Fix in 2019 amid rumors she was unpleasant on set and clashed with producers.

However, these are mainly secondhand anecdotes. Melissa denies most of the reports and says she always acts professionally. Some other directors and co-stars have praised her work ethic. So the evidence is still somewhat contradictory.

Has Melissa George acknowledged her reputation or apologized?

Melissa has addressed the diva accusations in interviews but tends to deny them as false rumors or misunderstandings. She hasn’t issued a direct public apology or acknowledgment of her behavior.

In a 2016 interview, she did suggest the reputation may have been warranted earlier in her career:

“There was a period in my career where I was ungrateful. I was childish. I was learning. There are things in my life that happened that I’m not proud of. I was still trying to find my way. But isn’t that all of us?”

However, she said she learned from those experiences and has tried to conduct herself more professionally in recent years.

So while not a direct admission, Melissa has hinted that some of her past on-set behavior wasn’t ideal and may have contributed to the diva persona. But she doesn’t feel it represents who she is today.

Romantic Life and Controversies

Another source of backlash against Melissa George stems from her tumultuous romantic life, filled with messy public breakups and controversies.

Public split from Clive Standen

Melissa dated her former Taken co-star Clive Standen from 2015 to 2016. When they split, it unleashed a flurry of tabloid stories and social media drama.

Both actors made angry posts accusing the other of jealousy, lies, and mistreatment. Melissa also publicly threatened to sue Clive. It was a bitter breakup that played out dramatically online.

Controversial divorce from Jean-David Blanc

Melissa was married to French entrepreneur Jean-David Blanc for three years before divorcing in 2016. The split also turned nasty.

Jean-David penned an open letter painting Melissa as temperamental and absentee. She hit back by accusing him of physical and emotional abuse.

The divorce was finalized in an ugly public spat that likely rubbed many people the wrong way.

Relationship with Heartbreak High co-star Simon Baker

Before Jean-David, Melissa had a high-profile romance with fellow Australian actor Simon Baker. Though they split in 2010, rumors persisted that she caused issues in Baker’s 20+ year marriage.

While unproven, this “homewrecker” reputation spawned considerable vitriol from Baker fans.

Do people think Melissa George is unlucky in love?

Yes, after numerous failed relationships and messy public breakups, many perceive Melissa as having poor luck and judgment when it comes to romance.

Her two divorces, controversial affair with a married man, and the melodramatic Clive Standen split have cemented an image of her being unable to maintain healthy relationships.

Tabloids have even dubbed her “unlucky in love” and questioned her relationship choices.

Rightly or wrongly, this has contributed to a lack of public sympathy and more judgment towards Melissa’s dating history.

Has Melissa commented on the criticism about her love life?

Melissa hasn’t directly addressed the ongoing criticism about her romantic failures.

But in the past, she has spoken about choosing the wrong men and the struggles of dating in the public eye:

In a 2009 interview with Marie Claire, she said:

“I’ve realized now you attract someone on the same level you’re on. So if you’re attracted to danger, it’s only because you need to look at yourself. I can admit that the choices I’ve made in my life haven’t always been wise ones.”

She also said regarding fame and dating:

“It’s difficult now being single because no man really approaches me. He thinks I’m unavailable or too famous for him or that he won’t be intellectual enough.”

While not directly referencing the backlash, these quotes shed light on how Melissa sees the challenges in her romantic life.

Outspoken Political Views

Melissa George has been vocal about her political views in recent years, particularly on issues like refugees and the #MeToo movement. Her outspokenness and activism has sparked significant backlash in some quarters.

Comments about refugees

Melissa has been an advocate for refugee rights in Australia. She has criticized the government’s asylum policies and treatment of refugees, especially regarding detainment camps.

In a 2018 interview, she said:

“What’s happening in Manus and Nauru is disgusting. These people are escaping rape, beheadings and torture and we’ve imprisoned them.”

Comments like this have stoked outrage, especially among nationalists who view refugees negatively. She’s been attacked for being unpatriotic and disrespecting Australia’s policies.

Support of #MeToo and calling out abusers

Melissa has also been vocal in the #MeToo era about calling out sexual abusers. In 2017, she named a French art dealer who she says sexually assaulted her.

And in 2022, she alleged on Instagram that disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein had behaved inappropriately with her in the past.

While largely supported, she has faced some backlash from those who think she’s jumping on bandwagons or making unfounded accusations.

Why might some view Melissa George’s politics negatively?

There are a few reasons why Melissa’s outspoken political stances might rub some people the wrong way:

  • Patriotism – Her criticism of Australian refugee policies could be viewed as unpatriotic or disloyal.
  • Hypocrisy – Some may find it hypocritical for a wealthy celebrity to criticize from a position of privilege.
  • Ulterior motives – Since becoming an activist raises one’s profile, some assume disingenuous motives.
  • Preachiness – Her tone and messaging may come across as preachy or lecturing to some.
  • Feminist backlash – Supporting #MeToo goes against the anti-feminist views of some groups.
  • Alleged opportunism – Naming abusers years later opens her up to accusations of opportunistically piggybacking on trends.

While activism is generally commendable, the above factors help explain the negative reactions from portions of the public.

Has the backlash against her politics caused professional damage?

It doesn’t appear the political backlash has substantially harmed Melissa’s career so far. She continues getting acting roles and doesn’t seem to have been “cancelled” for her views.

However, it likely makes some segments of the audience predisposed against her. The refugee activism in particular may limit her popularity in her native Australia.

It’s also possible that her outspokenness has impacted her ability to get roles in more conservative projects. But overall, the professional fallout seems relatively minimal to date.

As long as she maintains an audience and doesn’t go to extremes, activism is unlikely to get her blacklisted in the entertainment industry. The potential for backlash exists but has yet to derail her career.

Acting Skill and Judgment

While none would dispute Melissa George’s beauty, some believe she lacks the acting talent and judgment expected of an A-list star. From poor role choices to wooden performances, critics say she doesn’t have the goods to become an elite actress.

Early acting performances were panned

Melissa got her start playing “Angel” Parrish on the soap Home and Away from 1993 to 1996. While a star-making role, her acting on the teenage soap was criticized as weak and too melodramatic.

Reviews for her first major Hollywood film, Mulholland Drive, also accused her of seeming amateurish and just playing a caricature. The criticism continued on projects like The Limey and Sugar & Spice.

She plays similar roles and personalities

As her career progressed, Melissa developed a reputation for playing variations on the same character – a beautiful but troubled seductress.

From Derailed to 30 Days of Night to Triangle, she became pigeonholed into femme fatale and sex symbol types. Her acting range was criticized as limited.

Some of her project choices are seen as poor

Melissa has appeared in several critically panned films that some saw as beneath her talents or nonsensical career choices.

Turistas and the aforementioned Triangle and Derailed all flopped both commercially and critically. She was accused of lacking discretion in her roles.

Does Melissa George acknowledge the acting criticism?

Yes, Melissa has admitted that she struggled early on to be taken seriously as an actress and land meaty, challenging roles.

In a 2009 interview with the Daily Mail, she said:

“I still have to fight to be taken seriously…Directors are happy just to see me playing the sexy love interest again and again. I wind up taking parts in bad movies just so I can act.”

She seems to realize she became typecast but took roles as a stepping stone to winning more varied parts.

The criticism stung but motivated her to improve and ultimately enhanced her craft.

Alleged Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Work

Like many celebrities, Melissa George’s appearance has sparked rumors about possible cosmetic procedures over the years.

Speculation she got a nose job early in her career

Looking at photos from early in Melissa’s career, her nose shape appears markedly different than it does today.

The bridge looks narrower and sloped in recent years, spurring speculation she got a rhinoplasty to refine her nose.

Her lips look much fuller

Melissa’s lips were noticeably thinner during her Home and Away days compared to now. The fuller pout suggests she may have gotten lip injections to plump her lips over time.

Her face looks tighter and more filled out

In addition to the nose and lips, Melissa’s whole facial aesthetic looks sharper and more defined nowadays.

This has led to speculation about possible facelifts, Botox, fillers in her cheeks and brows, and other surgical procedures to tighten her visage.

Melissa denies getting extensive plastic surgery

While she hasn’t denied minor procedures like Botox, Melissa George insists she hasn’t undergone the extensive plastic surgery that people accuse her of.

In a 2012 interview with Australia’s Marie Claire, she said:

“I read that I’ve had new cheeks, a new chin – and I haven’t, I promise…I don’t think I’ve been genetically blessed with an especially beautiful face.”

She claims her changed appearance is due to age, makeup, and non-surgical treatments at most.

Does the plastic surgery speculation contribute to the dislike of her?

Yes, exaggerated rumors that Melissa has completely transformed her face likely fuel negativity from some:

  • People may see it as deception, reinforcing an artificial “Hollywood” image.
  • Fake beauty undermines her acting credibility in some people’s minds.
  • It suggests vanity, narcissism, and insecurity.
  • The denial of extensive work makes her seem dishonest.
  • It symbolizes extravagance and privilege.

Whether the rumors are valid or not, plastic surgery speculation contributes to the perception from some that Melissa George is superficial and untrustworthy.

Controversial Parenting Choices

Melissa George has two sons – Raphaël (born 2014) and Solal (born 2015) – with her ex-husband, Jean-David Blanc. Her unconventional parenting style and comments have raised eyebrows and backlash.

Breastfeeding her sons until age 4+

Melissa proudly revealed she breastfed both her sons until they were around 4 years old. Many saw this as extreme and unnecessary.

She told Vogue Arabia in 2018:

“I breastfed them for a good four years…I’m proud of that because now they have perfect immune systems and are very healthy kids.”

But extended breastfeeding remains taboo for some and the comments were controversial.

Co-sleeping with her kids

In addition to breastfeeding, Melissa admitted she co-slept with her sons until about 3-4 years old. She described still cuddling them to sleep as toddlers.

This attachment parenting drew criticism from those who favor more independence for children.

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