Why Do People Hate Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon is an American entertainer who has had a successful career in television, film, comedy, and music. He first gained fame as a cast member on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That in the late 1990s. Since then, he has hosted various TV shows, acted in movies, released rap albums, and done stand-up comedy.

However, despite his accomplishments, Nick Cannon has also become a controversial figure over the years. He has made comments, taken actions, and expressed views that have angered and offended many people. This has led some to strongly dislike or even hate Nick Cannon. Here is an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why people hate Nick Cannon:

Controversial and Offensive Comments

One of the biggest reasons why Nick Cannon has haters is because of controversial statements he has made that some find offensive:

Anti-Semitic Remarks

In 2020, Nick Cannon made anti-Semitic comments on his podcast, claiming that Black people are the “true Hebrews” and talked about anti-Semitic conspiracy theories regarding Jewish control over banks and media. This caused outrage and led ViacomCBS to cut ties with him. He later apologized.

Comments About Planned Parenthood

In 2017, Nick Cannon claimed Planned Parenthood was committing “real genocide” against Black Americans through abortion. Many saw this as an irresponsible attack on an organization providing healthcare services.

Homophobic Lyrics

Some of Nick Cannon’s rap songs feature homophobic lyrics, including slurs like “f****t.” This has angered LGBTQ advocates and fans.

Remarks About White People

On his podcast in 2020, Nick Cannon said that White people were “savages” and “a little less” than darker-skinned people. He received backlash for promoting a racist ideology.

Perceived Hypocrisy and Ego

Another complaint against Nick Cannon is that he is hypocritical and egotistical:

  • He has made many controversial comments but doesn’t want to be canceled and demands tolerance for his own views.
  • He was fired by ViacomCBS for anti-Semitism but didn’t think he should face consequences.
  • He has a huge ego and loves being the center of attention. His various feuds and antics rub people the wrong way.

This hypocrisy and ego make Nick Cannon unlikable in the eyes of many.

Feuds and Provocative Antics

Nick Cannon has been involved in various feuds and attention-grabbing antics throughout his career:

  • Long-running feud with Eminem over Mariah Carey – took shots at Eminem in his music
  • Made provocative music video for his song “I’m a Slick Rick” mocking Eminem
  • Ongoing feud with NBC’s America’s Got Talent – bashed the show and alleged racism after he was fired
  • Dressed up as a whiteface character “Connor Smallnut” to mock America’s Got Talent
  • Feud with actor Orlando Brown over who originated the “Roc” hand gesture

These types of stunts make Nick Cannon seem immature and petty to some. The feuds also rub people the wrong way.

Perceived Arrogance and Womanizing

Nick Cannon has gained a reputation among critics for being arrogant and a womanizer:

  • Bragged about being with many women and having the “midas touch”
  • Seen as arrogant, cocky, and full of himself
  • Has 8 children with 5 different women – criticized for being irresponsible
  • Quickly moved from marriage with Mariah Carey to having children with other women

This behavior strikes many as immature and egotistical. It has also drawn criticism from those who feel he objectifies women.

Table of Main Controversies

2020Anti-Semitic comments on podcastViacomCBS fired him; forced to apologize
2017Attacked Planned Parenthood, abortionAngered women’s healthcare advocates
VariousHomophobic lyrics in rapsOffended LGBTQ community
2020“White people are savages” remarksAccused of racism; backlash on social media
VariousFeuds with Eminem, NBC, Orlando BrownSeen as immature and petty
VariousWomanizing, multiple children with different womenCriticized as reckless, arrogant

His Defenders

However, despite the extensive criticism and hatred, Nick Cannon does still have some defenders:

  • They argue the good outweighs the bad – he’s done charity work, advocated for marginalized groups, tried educating himself after mess ups.
  • Supporters say some of the old music and comments don’t reflect who he is now.
  • They feel the hatred is over-the-top. Everyone makes mistakes or has personal issues.
  • Defenders claim he apologizes when necessary and that he’s honest about his flaws.
  • Fans separate art from artist and just enjoy his music and comedy.

So while many strongly dislike Nick Cannon, he retains a core fanbase that appreciates his work.


In summary, Nick Cannon is a polarizing celebrity who faces a lot of hatred and backlash for several key reasons:

  • Repeated offensive and controversial comments, especially around race and anti-Semitism
  • Perceived hypocrisy and a huge ego that rubs people the wrong way
  • Immature feuds and attention-seeking provocations
  • Arrogance and womanizing behavior that some find irresponsible

However, Nick Cannon also has defenders who highlight his philanthropy, advocacy, and art. They argue he apologizes for mistakes and that the hatred goes too far.

Ultimately, Nick Cannon evokes strong reactions from both admirers and critics. While he has talent, his ego, mouth, and actions have also earned him an army of haters. But the passion on both sides shows his immense impact on pop culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Nick Cannon fired from America’s Got Talent?

Nick Cannon was fired from America’s Got Talent in 2017 after making disparaging remarks against NBC and the show on his podcast. He accused NBC of racism and threatened to quit unless they fired producers he disliked. This violated his contract so he was let go.

What anti-Semitic comments did Nick Cannon make?

In 2020, Nick Cannon said on his podcast that Black people are the “true Hebrews” and discussed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish control over banks and media. He claimed Black people could not be anti-Semitic. These comments were condemned as racist and anti-Semitic.

What feud does Nick Cannon have with Eminem?

Nick Cannon and Eminem have had an ongoing feud since 2009, originating from Cannon’s marriage to Mariah Carey. Cannon has released diss tracks against Eminem and mocked him in music videos. Eminem has also taken lyrical shots at Cannon in some songs.

Why do people think Nick Cannon is arrogant?

Nick Cannon is seen as arrogant due to his cocky persona, constant boasting about his success with women, lavish lifestyle flaunting, and ego-driven feuds. He also demands tolerance from others that he doesn’t always display himself. This rubs many people the wrong way.

What controversial comments has Nick Cannon made about Planned Parenthood?

In 2017, Nick Cannon claimed Planned Parenthood was committing a “real genocide” against Black Americans through abortion. This inflammatory remark was seen as an irresponsible attack on an organization providing legal healthcare services to women.

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